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CMAT Previous Year Question Papers, Free PDF Download Solved Papers


CMAT Previous Year Papers

With the help of CMAT Previous Year Question Papers, candidates come to know about the type of questions asked in the Common Management Admission Test. CMAT is an entrance exam conducted in the month of January every year by All India Council for Technical Education. Most of the top management universities select the aspirants on the basis of CMAT merit list. Contenders can solve CMAT Previous year question papers for better preparation and this will raise their speed and accuracy.

Total 100 questions will be asked from Quantitative Techniques & Data Interpretation, Logical Reasoning, Language Comprehension and General Awareness sections. Candidates who score good rank in Common Management Admission Test will get admission in professional management courses at best universities. Some solved question answers and details about CMAT Previous Year Question Papers are given below by the team of www.privatejobshub.in.

CMAT Previous Year Papers

Some Topic Wise CMAT Solved Question Answers

We are providing some solved question answers from CMAT sample papers for the convenience of the aspirants. It will give you a direct hint about the nature of the questions which will appear in the upcoming exam. Take a look:
Logical Reasoning

Question-1: Look at this series: 7, 10, 8, 11, 9, 12,... What number should come next?
1.    7
2.    10
3.    12
4.    13
Answer: Option 2

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Question-2: Look at this series: 36, 34, 30, 28, 24,... What number should come next?
1.    20
2.    22
3.    23
4.    26

Answer: Option 2

Question-3: Look at this series: 22, 21, 23, 22, 24, 23, ... What number should come next?

1.    22
2.    24
3.    25
4.    26

Answer: Option 3

Question-4: Look at this series: 53, 53, 40, 40, 27, 27,... What number should come next?

1.    12
2.    14
3.    27
4.    53

Answer: Option 2

Question-5: Look at this series: 58, 52, 46, 40, 34,... What number should come next?
1.    26
2.    28
3.    30
4.    32

Answer: Option 2

Data Interpretation

A school has four sections A, B, C, D of Class IX students.

No. of Students
Section A
Section B
Section C
Section D
Students failed in both Exams
Students failed in half-yearly
but passed in Annual Exams
Students passed in half-yearly
but failed in Annual Exams
Students passed in both Exams

Question-1: If the number of students passing an examination be considered a criteria for comparison of difficulty level of two examinations, which of the following statements is true in this context?
1.    Half yearly examinations were more difficult.
2.    Annual examinations were more difficult.
3.    Both the examinations had almost the same difficulty level.
4.    The two examinations cannot be compared for difficulty level.

Answer: Option 3

Question-2: How many students are there in Class IX in the school?
1.    336
2.    189
3.    335
4.    430
Answer: Option 4

Question-3: Which section has the maximum pass percentage in at least one of the two examinations?
1.    A Section
2.    B Section
3.    C Section
4.    D Section

Answer: Option 4

Question-4: Which section has the maximum success rate in annual examination?
1.    A Section
2.    B Section
3.    C Section
4.    D Section

Answer: Option 1

Question-5: Which section has the minimum failure rate in half yearly examination?
1.    A section
2.    B section
3.    C section
4.    D section

Answer: Option 4
General Awareness

Question-1: Which country peacekeepers awarded UN medal in South Sudan?
1.    Bulgaria
2.    Iran
3.    India
4.    Africa

Answer: Option 3

Question-2: With which country India Signs Pact to Send Interns?
1.    Nepal
2.    Pakistan
3.    Iran
4.    Japan

Answer: Option 4

Question-3: Graduate Muslim Girls to get ___________ Shaadi Shagun from Modi Government.
1.    Rs 51,000
2.    Rs 25,000
3.    Rs 30,000
4.    Rs 72,000

Answer: Option 1

Question-4: India ranked _________ among 119 developing countries on the Global Hunger Index 2017.
1.    100
2.    98
3.    52
4.    84

Answer: Option 1

Question-5: The joint training exercise "Mitra Shakti 2017" has started between India and which country?
1.    Japan
2.    South Korea
3.    Sri Lanka
4.    Bhutan

Answer: Option 3

Language Comprehension

Male lions are rather reticent about expanding their energy in hunting more than three quarters of kills are made by lionesses are in front, tensely scanning ahead, the cubs lag playfully behind and the males bring up the rear, walking slowly, their massive heads nodding with each step as if they were bored with the whole matter. But slothfulness may have survival value. With lionesses busy hunting, the males function as guard for the cubs, protecting them particularly from hyenas.

Question-1: According to the passage male lions generally do not go for hunting because
1.    they do not like it.
2.    they want lioness to get training
3.    they wish to save their vigour for other things
4.    they are very lazy

Answer: Option 3

Question-2: Male lions protect their cubs
1.    from the members of their own species
2.    from hyenas only
3.    from hyenas as much as from other enemies
4.    more from hyenas than from other animals

Answer: Option D

Question-3: Lioness go for hunting
1.    all alone
2.    with their male partners only
3.    with their cubs and male partners
4.    with their cubs only

Answer: Option 3

Question-4: When the lionesses go in search for their prey, they are very
1.    serious
2.    cautious
3.    playful
4.    sluggish

Answer: Option 2

Interested candidates can download the CMAT previous year question papers PDF through the official website of the organization. The test will be of 3 hours, aspirants have to prepare well so they can attempt all the questions in a given time period during examination. You can take help from the CMAT solved papers and models which are easily available at the nearest books shop.

Final Words:

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