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Indian Geography Quiz | Online Practice Test, Question Answers Download


Indian Geography Quiz

Indian Geography Quiz: Candidates who are searching for Indian Geography Quiz are infromed that here we are providing Indian Geography Quiz Geography is one of the main topic in General Knowledge section so we are providing you Indian Geography questons which are frequently asked in past competitive exams. These Online Practice Tests will help you to know how well you are prepared for your upcoming exam. This Online Practice Test is useful for preparing any competitive exam and to score good marks. The detailed answer key in PDF format will be provided once you will complete your test.

It is advised to read all the important instructions before attempting Online Practice Test. The final result will appear after completion of test.

Indian Geography Quiz

Question 1 The Smallest (in area) Union Territories is?

a)    Dadra and Nagar Haveli
b)    Daman and Diu
c)    Lakshadweep
d)    Chandigarh

Answer: c)

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Question 2 The Sundarbans or the ‘Mangrove’ forests are found in

a)    Western Ghats
b)    Konkan Coast
c)    Deltaic West Bengal
d)    Kutch Peninsula

Answer: c)

Question 3 Which of the term associated with the ''piece of sub-continental land that is surrounded by water''?

a)    Strait
b)    Island
c)    Gulf
d)    Peninsula

Answer: b)

Question 4 Hirakud Dam been built on which river ?

a)    Periyar
b)    Mahanadi
c)    Godavari
d)    Cauvery

Answer: a)

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Question 5 Loktak Lake is situated in?

a)    Rajasthan
b)    Manipur
c)    Uttaranchal
d)    Kerala

Answer: b)

Question 6 Peninsular longest river of India is :

a)    Mahanadi
b)    Narmada
c)    Cauvery
d)    Mahanadi

Answer: b)

Question 7 The term associated with a body of land surrounded by water on three sides is:

a)    Peninsula
b)    Gulf
c)    Strait
d)    Island

Answer: a)

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Question 8 Which of the following pairs is wrongly matched ?

a)    Koyana Project - Maharashtra
b)    Sharavathy Project- Kamataka
c)    Balimela Project - Orissa
d)    Sabarigiri Project - Gujarat

Answer: d)

Question 9 Which of the following pairs is wrongly matched ?

a)    Koyana Project - Maharashtra
b)    Sharavathy Project- Kamataka
c)    Balimela Project - Orissa
d)    Sabarigiri Project - Gujarat

Answer: c)

Question 10 Territories does NOT have a border with Mizoram is ?

a)    Assam
b)    Tripura
c)    Myanma
d)    Nagaland
Answer: d)

Question 11 On which river bank ghuwati is situated?

a)    Brahmaputra 
b)    Yammuna
c)    Godavari
d)    Ganga

Answer: a)

Question 12 On which river bank city of Nasik is situated?

a)    Koshi 
b)    Krishna 
c)    Godavari

Answer: c)

Question 13 Nanga Parbat peak located in state:

a)    Himachal Pradesh 
b)    Sikkim
c)    Uttarakhand  
d)    Jammu and Kashmir

Answer: d)

Question 14 Thattekad Bird Sanctuary located in?

a)    Karnataka
b)    Kerala
c)    Andhra Pradesh
d)    Tamil Nadu 

Answer: b)

Question 15 The border of india-pakistan is known as?

a)    Curzon Line
b)    Durand line
c)    Radcliffe line
d)    Mason-Dixon line
e)    McMahon Line

Answer: c)

Question 16 McMahon Line put in effect in year?

a)    1950
b)    1919
c)    1934
d)    1914
e)    1922

Answer: b)

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Question 17 Tehri Dam receives water from which of the following rivers?

a)    Alaknanda
b)    Bhagirathi
c)    Gandak
d)    Ghaghra

Answer:  b)

Question 18 what is the standard time of India?

a)    4 ½ hours behind of GMT
b)    5 ½ hours behind of GMT
c)    5 ½ hours ahead of GMT
d)    4 hours ahead of GMT

Answer: a)

Question 19 Nathpa Jhakri Power Project located in?

a)    Himachal Pradesh
b)    Andhra Pradesh
c)    Arunachal Pradesh
d)    Uttaranchal

Answer: a)

Question 20 Which city is known as 'Blue City'?

a)    Kanpur
b)    Jaipur
c)    Jodhpur
d)    Dehradun

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Answer: c)

We hope the given Indian Geography Quiz will help you to score good marks. Our team of www.privatejobshub.in is preparing more new quiz so, keep visit our page and grab latest information. You are free to comment mail or write us about your questions and query. We are availabe 24*7 for any kind of help!

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