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IBPS PO Interview Experience 2017 | Share Your Latest Experience With Us


IBPS PO Interview Experience

IBPS PO Interview Experience 2017: Candidates if you are going to appear in the IBPS PO Interview round then IBPS PO Interview Experience will prove productive to you.
Take a look at qualified candidates in his/her own words. Dear candidates if you have attending the IBPS PO Interview Please share your latest interview experience With Us.

This Page Includes:
  • Institute of Banking Personnel Selection Interview Experience
  • Things Candidates really need to know
IBPS PO Interview Experience
As a fresher, job hunters often experience a lot of anxiety before going to attend an interview. Interview situation could be a little complicated and a candidate might lose the confidence. So friends here we are presenting to you IBPS PO Interview Experience of selected candidates which will definitely help you to grab an opportunity.

IBPS PO Interview Experience

Name: Stephy
Venue: Delhi
Date: 13/02/2017
Slot: 1 pm
Me: May I come in?

M2: Yes come in

Me: Good Afternoon Sir 

M2: Asked to sit

Me: I said thank you and sat down. (With a smile)

M2: Introduce yourself.

Me: I’m Stephy Philip; I’ve completed my academics from St. Mary’s Academy and just now completed my graduation from Kurukshetra University, I‘ve done B.com from there. My hobby is to novels and poems. My short term goal is get a job and become independent. My long term goal is to form a better career.
M1: You have done B.com. In 2016 after that what you were doing?

Me: Answered, I was preparing for Bank Exam

M1: You must be knowing accounts so tell me What are two things In Balance sheet 

Me: I answered with smile (as I know the answer) Asset and Liabilities

M1: Where Loss Is Written In Balance sheet?

Me: On the left hand side

M1: Tell me about liquid assets

Me: Gave them the brief answer with formula

M1: Tell me something about Cash Flow Statement

Me: Gave them answer but was unsure about it (they acted in a positive way)

M1: What do you know about Profit & Loss Statement?

Me: I do not know much about that but yah profit and loss statement depicts all the profit and losses made by the organization in the financial year. 

M2: Tell me about Debit and Credit 

Me: Answered them with a smile but quite nervous as they didn’t give any response to the previous answer

M2: Tell me what is the meaning of Current Assets?

Me: Gave the answer confidently

M2: They showed me a Journal entry and asked me to rectify it 

Me: It was a tricky one but somehow I managed to answer it correctly

M1: What is share? How many types of share are there?

Me: Answered them with a smile

M1: Who is the Chairman of SEBI

Me: Sorry sir but I don’t know the answer

M2: Answered

M3: What is NPA?

Me: Answered, but not confident (They responded in a positive way)

M3: Tell me about SARFAESI Act

Me: Muted for few seconds as I was confused and nervous, but told them what I Know

M4: Tell some of the remarkable achievements of our Prime Minister

Me: Answered with smile

M4: Tell me about Yuva Yojana 

Me: (I thought such an easy question) gave them answer flawlessly

M4: Who is the Chief Justice of Supreme Court?

Me: Don’t have any clue (they answered)

M4: Who is the President of India?

Me: Answered

Things You Should Know:

Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) Propose thousands of vacancies every year. We are known that competition is very difficult because many students are bid for bank jobs so it’s very unfavorable to get the job in bank sector.

So Candidates who are going to attend the IBPS PO Interview and really want to crack this round then you have to Show your self confidence in front of the interviewer, do not argue with them and don’t be hesitate. Be optimist while giving you point of view regarding any topic or issue and Establish eye contact with each of the member of the panel.

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Note: Candidates are advised that if you have attending the IBPS PO Interview Please share your interview experience With Us through the comment box provided below. We hope with the help of this page it will become easier for you all to know all the details about the interview questions. If you want to keep this page safe for futuristic purpose then you can bookmark it by using CTRL+D.

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