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Gujarat Current Affairs 2017 Questions Answers, Latest News Updates Quiz


Gujarat Current Affairs

Gujarat Current Affairs 2017: Candidates, who wish to prepare for general awareness section and looking for Gujarat Current Affairs, can take a look on below tuned page which is well updated with latest info about Gujarat.
As we all know, general awareness section of every competitive exam will comprises of question based on Current Affairs. So, we are here to provide you latest news about Gujarat Current Affairs. Contenders are advised to go through the whole page before appearing in exam, as it will going to help you a lot as it covers latest news of Gujarat State, Gujarat Current Affairs, latest Quizzes and GK Questions.

This Page Includes:
  • Gujarat Latest News
  • Gujarat General Knowledge Questions And Answers
  • Gujarat Gk Quiz   
Gujarat Current Affairs
Participants can get each and every detail about Gujarat Current Affairs that are essential for banking exam, insurance, SSC, State Exam, UPSC and other competitive exams. So, go through the lower section of this page which is well maintained by the devoted team members of only for your easiness.  

Important Highlights of Gujarat Current Affairs 2017:
  • President Mukherjee’s three-day visit to Gujarat begins on Monday
  • Snooping row: Pradeep Sharma’s plea against Narendra Modi dismissed by HC
  • 83 Asiatic lions died in two years
  • Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit 2017: India's strength lies in demography, democracy and demand, says PM Narendra Modi
  • Hardik Patel leaves for Gujarat after being away for six months
  • PM Narendra Modi to address three-day National Conference in Kutch
  • Gujarat begins to cull birds after avian flu scare
  • CBI files chargesheet against Teesta Setalvad
  • President Pranab Mukherjee inaugurates two hospitals in Gujarat
  • Allow us to install gates at Narmada dam, you take credit: Modi to Centre
  • Over 3.5 lakh people sing National Anthem in Gujarat, set new world record
  • Gujarat proposes to make liquor law tougher, maximum jail term raised to 10 years

General Knowledge along with Current Affairs

Q1.Who made education compulsory while in reign?
A.    Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad-Vadodara
B.    Sawai Jai singh
C.    Birbal
D.   Akbar
Ans: A

Q2.Who started the Hari Om Ashram in Nadiad?
A.    Saint Pujya shri Mota
B.    Mahatma Gandhi
C.    Vivekanand
D.   Dayanand Saraswati
Ans: A

Q3.When was Gujarat formed?
A.    5 February 1948
B.    1 May 1960
C.    7 July 1972
D.   1 November 1956
Ans: B

Q4.Which Sea is to the west of this State?
A.    Yellow
B.    Arabian
C.    Timor
D.   Laptev
Ans: B

Q5.Which state is to the north of this State?
A.    Karnataka
B.    Orissa
C.    Rajasthan
D.   Tamil Nadu
Ans: C

Q6.Which state is to the east of this State?
A.    Kerala
B.    Madhya Pradesh
C.    Punjab
D.   Himachal Pradesh
Ans: B

Q7.Which river flows through Surat?
A.    Tapi
B.    Narmada
C.    Mahi
D.   Godavari
Ans: A

Q8.Which Indian prime minister was from this State?
A.    Charan Singh
B.    Lal Bahadur Shastri
C.    Inder Kumar Gujral
D.   Morarji Desai
Ans: D

Q9. Who was Gujarat’s first sultan?
A.    Nadir Shah
B.    Ahmed Shah
C.    Farid Khan
D.   Dilawar Khan
Ans: B

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Q10.Which is the capital of this State?
A.    Gandhinagar
B.    Ahmedabad
C.    Baroda
D.   Rajkot
Ans: B

Q11.Who was Gujarat’s chief minister in 2000?
A.    Chimanbhai Patel
B.    Madhavsinh Solanki
C.    Suresh Mehta
D.   Keshubhai Patel
Ans: D

Q12.What is the area of this State?
A.    99,124 sq. mi.
B.    12,306 sq. mi.
C.    75,685 sq. mi.
D.   24,875 sq. mi.
Ans: C

Q13.Who was the most brave and powerful king of the Solanki dynasty?
A.    Sidhdharaj Jaysinh
B.    Ahmed Shah
C.    Farid Khan
D.   Saint Pujya shri Mota
Ans: A

Q14.Koyali refinery is located in which among the following states?
A.    Gujarat
B.    Andhra Pradesh
C.    Assam
D.   Tamil Nadu
Ans: A

Q15.Which of the following towns is not a port town?
A.    Jamnagar
B.    Okha
C.    Porbandar
D.   Veraval
Ans: A

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Q16. Which industry is famous with city Surat
A.    Tourism
B.    Coal
C.    Oil & gas
D.   Textile
Ans: D
Q17. Gujarat formation day
A.    01 November
B.    01 January
C.    01 March
D.   01 May
Ans: D

Q18. Number of Assembly seats in Gujarat
A.    201
B.    216
C.    182
D.   174
Ans: C

Q19. From the following ports list which port is not associated with Gujarat
A.    Pipavav
B.    Udangudi port
C.    Porbandar
D.   Kandla
Ans: B

Q20. Total number of districts in Gujarat
A.    33
B.    26
C.    24
D.   28
Ans: A

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Some Other Important Questions:

Q1.Brass gets discoloured in air because of the presence of which of the following gases in air?
A.    Oxygen
B.    Hydrogen sulphide
C.    Carbon dioxide
D.   Nitrogen
Answer: Option B

Q2.Which of the following is a non metal that remains liquid at room temperature?
A.    Phosphorous
B.    Bromine
C.    Chlorine
D.   Helium
Answer: Option B

Q3.Chlorophyll is a naturally occurring chelate compound in which central metal is
A.    copper
B.    magnesium
C.    iron
D.   calcium
Answer: Option B

Q4. Which of the following is used in pencils?
A.    Graphite
B.    Silicon
C.    Charcoal
D.   Phosphorous
Answer: Option A

Q5. Which of the following metals forms an amalgam with other metals?
A.    Tin
B.    Mercury
C.    Lead
D.   Zinc
Answer: Option B

Q6. B. C. Roy Award is given in the field of
A.    Music
B.    Journalism
C.    Medicine
D.   Environment
Answer: Option C

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Q7. In which year was Pulitzer Prize established?
A.    1917
B.    1918
C.    1922
D.   1928
Answer: Option A

Q8. Gandhi Peace Prize for the year 2000 was awarded to the former President of South Africa along with
A.    Sathish Dawan
B.    Subramanian
C.    Grameen Bank of Bangladesh
D.   World Healt Organisation
Answer: Option C

Q9. Who has been awarded the first lifetime Achievement Award for his/her contribution in the field of Cinema?
A.    Ashok Kumar
B.    Hou Hsio-hsein
C.    Akiro Burosova
D.   Bernardo Burtolucci
Answer: Option A

Q10. The prestigious Ramon Magsaysay Award was conferred was conferred upon Ms. Kiran Bedi for her excellent contribution to which of the following fields?
A.    Literature
B.    Community Welfare
C.    Government Service
D.   Journalism
Answer: Option C


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  1. Capital of state is Gandhinagar ...

  2. who was the first Chief minister of gujrat?


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