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Chhattisgarh Current Affairs 2017 Latest News CG Current Affairs, GK Quiz


Chhattisgarh Current Affairs

Chhattisgarh Current Affairs 2017: Chhattisgarh Current Affairs available here!!!! An applicant who are preparing for any competitive examination first thing which is important for them is Current affairs. Here on this page we are giving Latest News regarding CG Current Affairs and GK Quiz. Candidates need to read all questions which is given below which is helpful for them for preparing better. As we know that competition is increasing day by day so candidates need to compete with huge amount of contenders to score high rank in that examination. Candidates can download or go through online mode

This Page Includes:
  • Current Highlights /News of Chhattisgarh Current Affairs
  • Chhattisgarh Gk Quiz Questions & Answers
Chhattisgarh Current Affairs
As we know that when we have to give any competitive examination first thing which strike in our mind that is material related to it. And now days this is very common in candidates is that whenever they need something related to exam firstly they start surfing online to get   best study material which is very helpful to beat any competitive exam. Candidates should update with latest news about what is happening in this creative world then only you can crack these competitive exams.

Chhattisgarh Current Affairs

Our web portal of is giving you the entire information related to Chhattisgarh Current Affairs with all the possible descriptions. Aspirants, If you are preparing for Chhattisgarh competitive exams then Current Affairs provided on this page helps you a lot to aware with latest happenings in CG.

Latest Highlights of Chhattisgarh Current Affairs
  • PM Narendra Modi launches Saur Sujala Yojana in Chhattisgarh
  • Justice Deepak Gupta sworn-in as Chief Justice of Chhattisgarh High Court
  • Lok Sabha passes The Constitution (Scheduled Castes) Order (Amendment) Bill, 2016
  • PM Narendra Modi launches National Rurban Mission in Chhattisgarh
  • 600 MW thermal units at Dhabra in Chhattisgarh is commissioned by BHEL.
  • Judicial probe into sterlisation tragedy order is released by Chhattisgarh Government.
  • A new order is released by CG for high-level inquiry in Sukma Maoist attack
  • 9 new Districts are added in number of Districts in Chhattisgarh now Total Number of Districts in the State to 27.
  • An agreement is signed by Union Government and ADB on improving road connectivity in Chhattisgarh
  • Dantewada Administration Ordered Inquiry into Security Forces' Brutalities
  • Renewable Power Development in the State award is given to Chhattisgarh Government.
  • Chhattisgarh inks MoU with Indian Railways to form Joint Venture Company
  • Union Cabinet approves raising of 17 Indian Reserve Battalions
  • Union Government announces central assistance of Rs. 6,794 crore to three drought-hit states
  • CCEA gives nod for inclusion of Uttarakhand, Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh in National Dairy Plan-I
  • Government Chhattisgarh ordered high-level inquiry in Sukma Maoist attack
  • Chhattisgarh Government set up a Livelihood College in Dantewada
  • Four MoUs signed for Rs. 24,000 crore infrastructure development investment in Chhattisgarh
  • Union Government approves various highway projects worth Rs 8,600 crore
  • Union Cabinet renamed the Mana Airport at Raipur as the Swami Vivekananda Airport
  • Guru Ghasidas National Park in Chhattisgarh to be declared as Tiger Reserve
  • Coal block allocations from 1993 to 2010 illegal, done arbitrarily’: Supreme Court
  • Union Environment Ministry constitutes Four-Member team for Conservation of Loktak Lake
  • HCC becomes first firm to get debt recast under RBI’s S4A Scheme
  • Indian Women’s hockey team wins 2016 Asian Champions Trophy

Latest CG, GK Quiz Questions & Answers

Q-1) Brass gets discoloured in air because of the presence of which of the following gases in air?
1.            Oxygen
2.            Hydrogen sulphide
3.            Carbon dioxide
4.            Nitrogen
Ans) Hydrogen sulphide

Q-2) Which of the following is a non metal that remains liquid at room temperature?
A.       Phosphorous
B.       Bromine
C.       Chlorine
D.       Helium
Ans) Bromine

Q-3) Chlorophyll is a naturally occurring chelate compound in which central metal is
1.    copper
2.    magnesium
3.    iron
4.    calcium
Ans) Magnesium

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Q-4) Who invented the BALLPOINT PEN?
1.    Biro Brothers
2.    Waterman Brothers
3.    Bicc Brothers
4.    Write Brothers

Ans. Biro Brothers

Q-5)In which decade was the first solid state integrated circuit demonstrated?
1.    1950s
2.    1960s
3.    1970s
4.    1980s
Ans. 1950s

Q-6) What J. B. Dunlop invented?
1.    Pneumatic rubber tire
2.    Automobile wheel rim
3.    Rubber boot
4.    Model airplanes
Ans. Pneumatic rubber tire

Q-7) Which scientist discovered the radioactive element radium?
1.    Isaac Newton
2.    Albert Einstein
3.    Benjamin Franklin
4.    Marie Curie
Ans. Marie Curie

Q-8)When was barb wire patented?
1.    1874
2.    1840
3.    1895
4.    1900
Ans. 1874

Q-9What is the name of the CalTech seismologist who invented the scale used to measure the magnitude of earthquakes?
1.    Charles Richter
2.    Hiram Walker
3.    Giuseppe Mercalli
4.    Joshua Rumble
Ans. Charles Richter

Q-10)This statesman, politican, scholar, inventor, and one of early presidents of USA invented the swivel chair, the spherical sundial, the moldboard plow, and the cipher wheel.
1.    George Washington
2.    Alexander Hamilton
3.    John Adams
4.    Thomas Jefferson
 Ans. Thomas Jefferson

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Q-11) Which of the following is used in pencils?
1.    Graphite
2.    Silicon
3.    Charcoal
4.    Phosphorous
Ans. Graphite

Q-12) Which of the following metals forms an amalgam with other metals?
1.    Tin
2.    Mercury
3.    Lead
4.    Zinc
Ans) Mercury

Q-13) Which word does NOT belong with the others?
1.    parsley
2.    basil
3.    dill
4.    mayonnaise
Ans) mayonnaise

Q-14) Which word does NOT belong with the others?
1.    rye
2.    sourdough
3.    pumpernickel
4.    loaf
Ans. rye

Q-15) Chemical formula for water is
1.    NaAlO2
2.    H2O
3.    Al2O3
4.    CaSiO3
Ans. H2O

Q16. First Director General of Police in Chhattisgarh is:
1.    Arun Kumar
2.    S. M. Shukla
3.    Satyanand Misra
4.    U. K. Sayal
Ans. S. M. Shukla

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Q-17) The Railway wagon (luggage) repairing centre is:
1.    In Raigarh
2.    In Raipur
3.    In Raisain
4.    In Sajapur
Ans. In Raipur

Q-18)The Cashew Research Centre been established:
1.    In Bastar
2.    In Dewas
3.    In Sajapur
4.    In Shivpuri
Ans. In Bastar

Q-19) Gold and Quartize found in:
1.    Durg
2.    Rajnandgaon
3.    Sajapur
4.    Sivini
Ans. Rajnandgaon

Q-20) The first woman in the Council of Ministers in the state is:
1.    Smt. Geeta Devi Singh
2.    Smt. Phulo Devi Netam
3.    Smt. Pratibha Shah
4.    Smt. Shyama Dhruv
Ans. Smt. Phulo Devi Netam


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