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CEED Previous Year Question Papers 2012/2013/2014/2015/2016/2017 PDF


CEED Previous Year Question Papers

CEED Previous Year Question Papers: Contenders may start their preparation for Common Entrance Examination for Design with the help of CEED Previous Year Question Papers provide on this page.
Candidates, who are looking for CEED Last Year Question Paper, may get all paper from this page with solutions. Individuals may download PDF of CEED Previous Year Question Paper 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 2016 and 2017through this page.

This Page Includes:
  • CEED Sample Papers
  • CEED Last Year Question Papers
  • CEED Question Papers with Answers
  • CEED Question Papers with Solutions   
Candidates need to go through this page for getting entire questions asked for CEED Examination. Every paper contains two parts A & B. Part A is Computer Based and Part B is Pen and Paper Based Exam. From the below section you may get CEED Solved Papers Question with answer which will help you to get success in exam. For more details regarding CEED Previous Year Question Papers check the below section of this page which is created by team of privatejobshub.in

CEED Previous Year Question Papers PDF

CEED 2016 Question Paper
CEED 2015 Question Paper
CEED 2014 Question Paper
CEED 2013 Question Paper
CEED 2012 Question Paper
CEED 2011 Question Paper
CEED 2010 Question Paper

CEED Exam Pattern:
For Part A:

Question Type
Objective type Questions
Numerical Answer Type (NAT)
10 Questions
Multiple Select Questions (MSQ)
10 Questions
Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)
30 Questions
Total Marks
100 Marks

For Part B:

Pen and Paper Based
2 hours
Question Type
Drawing Based Questions
Mandatory Question 1- Memory Drawing
Perspective Drawing of mentioned products with 2 human figures
Mandatory Question 2- Sketching of Ideas
5 ideas for a mind reading device
Mandatory Question 3- Story writing
Creative story writing using 3 words given
Optional Designing
Product Design, Visual Communication, Interaction design and Animation
Total Marks
100 Marks

Complete Details: CEED Syllabus

CEED Previous Year Question Papers

Q1. The Bharat Bill Payment System(BBPS) is a centralised system created by the -
a)    National Payments Corporation
b)    State Bank of India
c)    ICICI Bank
d)    Axis Bank
Ans: a)

Q2. Which of the following countries recently introduce Right to Information (RTI) Act ?
a)    Nepal
b)    Sri Lanka
c)    Bhutan
d)    Singapore
Ans: b)

Q3. Who among the following was the winner of best actress in 62nd Hindi Filmfare Awards 2017?
a)    Alia Bhatt
b)    Kangna Ranawat
c)    Sonam Kapoor
d)    Katrina Kaif
Ans: a)

Q4. Who among the following was the winner of best actor in 62nd Hindi Filmfare Awards 2017 ?
a)    Shahid Kapoor
b)    Amir Khan
c)    Manoj Bajpayee
d)    Ranbeer Singh
Ans: b)

Q5. Which one of the following movies get the 62nd Hindi Filmfare Awards 2017 ?
a)    Udta Punjab
b)    Sultan
c)    Pink
d)    Dangal
Ans: d)

Q6. Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed al Nahyan was the chief guest of 68th Republic Day celebration. He was the Crown Prince of -
a)    UAE
b)    Katar
c)    Saudi Arabia
d)    Bahrain
Ans: a)

Q7. The annual index of Transparency International issued for 2016 placed India in the __________ position with Brazil and China.
a)    30th
b)    20th
c)    40th
d)    35th
Ans: c)

Q8. Who was the head of The Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management (FRBM) Committee?
a)    Rathin Roy
b)    Sumit Bose
c)    Arvind Subramanian
d)    N. K. Singh
Ans: d)

Q9. National Youth Festival with the theme Youth for Digital India held at -
a)    Ambala
b)    Rohtak
c)    Noida
d)    Gurugram
Ans: b)

Q10. Name the Chola ruler who sent an embassy of 72 merchants to China in AD 1077?
a)    Rajendra-I
b)    Rajaraja-II
c)    Kulottunga-I
d)    Kulottunga-II
Ans: c)

Q11- Identify the terms used in photography

a. Depth of field
b. ISO
c. Jiggering
d. Dodging

Ans- a, b, d

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Q12- Which of the following materials are used to make a Tetra Pak?

a. Paper
b. Aluminum
c. Plastic
d. Teflon

Ans- a, b, c

Q13- Which among the following are weights in a font family?

a. Hairline
b. Bold
c. Feather
d. Grey

Ans- a, b

Q14- Which of the following films have been directed by Steven Spielberg?

a) Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
b) Saving Private Ryan
c) Schindler’s List
d) Munich

Ans- a, b, c, d

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Q15- Which is the following vehicle(s) has a rear engine.
a) Tata Nano
b) Maruti Ertiga
c) Skoda Octavia
d) Tata Indica

Ans- a

Q16- A solid cube, 8 inches x 8 inches x 8 inches is painted red on all the faces. The cube is then sliced into smaller equal sized cubes of 1 inch x 1 inch x 1 inch. How many of these small cubes will have exactly two red faces?

Ans- 72

Q17- Given below is two statements, based on which some conclusions have been drawn. If the statements are true, which of the conclusion(s) can be said to be true?

Statement 1: All mammals are fish.
Statement 2: All fish are dolphins.

a) Some of the fish are mammals
b) None of the dolphins are mammals
c) Some of the mammals are dolphins
d) All mammals are dolphins

Ans- a,c,d

Q18- If the state of Uttar Pradesh is divided into four states, how many states would India have?

a) 33
b) 32
c) 31
d) 34

Ans- b

Q19- Identify the odd one out

a) Verdana
b) Tahoma
c) Cambria
d) Calibri

Ans- c

Q20- In which context is the term “Pica” system used?

a) Plastic Moulding
b) Image editing
c) Typography
d) Sculpture

Ans- c

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