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Top 5 Job Oriented Courses For 2017 | Courses Which Will Boom In 2017


Top 5 Job Oriented Courses 

Nowadays, with the heavy competition prevailing in the job market, many youngsters are very well aware of the fact that just a simple degree cannot help them gain a competitive edge. This is why they wish to pursue some Job Oriented Courses. Over next year’s total employment is expected to increase and if you have done a Job Oriented Courses then you can easily get a perfect job. If you are looking for Courses Which Will Boom In 2017 then go through this page, here you can find Top 5 Job Oriented Courses for 2017. Let us check out these 5 most job-friendly courses that will definitely help you to get a reputated job.

Students must choose courses wisely. One must always select courses that promise jobs. Jobs are restricted these days. However the competition for jobs is ever increasing! This has lead to unemployment of large number of qualified young men and women. . Successfully completing Job Oriented Courses from a acknowledged university is one of the simplest way to get promotion, increase your wages, or switch your job. Here, we are introducing to you some best courses (job opportunity wise). These courses enable individuals to boost their career.

Top 5 Job Oriented Courses For 2017

Courses Which Will Boom In 2017

Although there are numerous of job-oriented courses but here we are going to tell you about 5 most popular job-oriented courses. Let’s take a look at courses that are expected to be among the fastest-growing by 2017.

1. Web Designing

Web designing additionally refers to graphic designer where you have to create a good user interface for a website and added essential aspects of a webpage into a comparatively small space. Web designing is an immense opportunity for those who want to work independently. Web designing courses deals with varied elements of creating and maintaining a website. It consists of learning coding languages like Flash Flash, Fireworks and Photoshop, Dreamweaver, CSS, .Net, HTML, PHP, and JavaScript etc.

There are several private institutes that provide courses of Web designing. The fees vary from institute to institute. Most of these courses are only one year (professional web designing). After finishing it, candidates are awarded with a diploma certificate in web designing. There are also some short courses too (3- 6 months long). However it's better to do professional web designing (1 year long course). After completing the course, you may work independently or join a company as a Job PHP Developer, Web Designer, and Web Developer etc.

2. VFX and Animation

These courses deals with topics like visual effects, animation, 3D technology, graphics etc. Earlier, this course had few takers. However with the accumulated demand of VFX and Animation professionals, this course has become trendy once again. Animation artists and professionals are in a lot of demand within the film industries across the world. Nowadays, number of animation movies has accumulated.

Everyone loves such movies. Also, the importance of using good visual effects in movies has increased. Therefore graduates of this course can find jobs simply in such film industries. The regular payment package is additionally great for job seekers. If you've skills, work will find you automatically! This job isn't terribly easy. It requires lots of hard-work. Choose this course only if you're genuinely inquisitive about animation and arts.

3. Hardware and Networking courses

Most of the students are well attentive of the Hardware and Networking courses. Their advertisement keeps emerging on Newspaper and TV every now and then. As they assure, these courses guarantee jobs (if you complete the course from a reputed institute).

IT, computer hardware and networking courses are getting much fame among the students in India. The extensive use of computers, laptops, mobiles, desktops and internet in private and government organizations have formed huge demand for hardware and networking professionals. There are various Hardware and Networking courses as follows:
  • N+
  • Network Security
  • MNA
  • Cisco
  • Security+
  • Red Hat Certification
  • Diploma In Computer Hardware
  • Diploma In Networking
  • Certification in Hardware and Networking
  • Linux
After completing this course, you may simply get jobs in various IT industries as System administrator, Network administrator, System Engineer, Technical Engineer/Computer, Hardware Engineer, Network Engineer etc.

4. Hotel Management:

People who devoted to cook or serve other people are suitable for hospitality industry. Hotel management includes Hotel and restaurant management, Cruise ship hotel management, Hospital Administration and Catering, Hotel and Tourism associations, Airline Catering and Cabin services, Club management, Forest Lodges, Guest Houses etc.

Major Hotel Management Courses:
  • B.Sc in Hotel Management and Catering Technology
  • BA in Hotel Management
  • BA in Culinary Arts
  • Bachelor in Hotel Administration and Hospitality
  • Bachelor in Hotel Management
  • BBA in Hotel Management
  • Diploma in Hotel Management (DHM)
  • MSc in Hotel Management
  • MBA in Hotel Management
  • PG Diploma in Hotel Management and Catering Technology (PGDHMCT)
After finishing Hotel Management courses you can get job as General Managers, Resident Managers, Executive Housekeepers, Front Office Managers, and Convention Services Managers in various Top Companies like Ambassador Group of Hotels, Oberoi Group of Hotels, Peerless Group of Hotels, Casino Group of Hotels.

5. Mass communication

In the past few years we have observed an extraordinary growth in the world of communication. A degree in mass communication offers various opportunities in Journalism, Public relations and advertising, as a career.

A specialized course in mass communication opens doors for a career in films & TV, publishing, public relations, journalism, editing, direction, filmmaking etc. Courses offered under Mass communication are: BAJM, B.A. (Mass Communication), B.Sc (Journalism, Advertisement & Mass Communication). The job involves the aspirants to be skillful, active and also creative. Following are the various job profiles offered to graduates in mass communication:
  • Sound Engineer
  • Film Director
  • Public Relations Officer
  • Sound Mixer and Sound Recorder
  • Special Correspondent
  • TV Correspondent
  • Producer
  • Radio Jockey/ RJ
  • Screenwriter etc.
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Addition of these Graphic Designing, Foreign Languages, Business Management Courses, Fine art Courses, Law Courses and Medical are additional Job Oriented Courses. To conclude, there are many job-oriented courses in India. Finding one to perfectly suite your needs and requirements should not be difficult. While it will require a few months of hard work and an investment of time and money, once you successfully complete the course you will be ready to achieve your goals no matter what they are.

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