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Jobs Which Are For Commerce Students Only | Commerce Graduate Must Check


Jobs Which Are For Commerce Students Only

The employment opportunities in commerce fields are lucrative. The door of both private and public association is open for commerce graduates. They may work in this organization as Manager, Junior Accountant, Auditors, Specialist, Management Executive, Consultant, Account Executive, CA, Book Keeper, Entrepreneur etc. Pursuing a degree in business and commerce can open many career opportunities for individuals interested in sales, advertising, marketing and finance. There are various jobs which are for Commerce Students Only. So, Commerce Graduate candidates can read this page and check suitable job.

List of Jobs Which Are For Commerce Students Only:
  • Chartered Financial Analyst
  • Financial Manager
  • Securities Sales Agent
  • Chartered Accountant
  • Company Secretary
  • Investment Bankers

Jobs Which Are For Commerce Students Only

Chartered Financial Analyst:
Jobs Which Are For Commerce Students Only
Chartered Financial Analysts utilize their skills in the middle areas of financial and hedge fund research, portfolio management, investment consulting, investment banking, investment management, international finance and research. Career opportunities for CFAs with IT skills (trained in high-end packages like SAP, Oracle application and Baan) have increase manifold.CFA regarded as the key position by financial professionals.

Financial Manager:
Jobs Which Are For Commerce Students Only
Financial managers are a general career for persons acquiring a degree in business and commerce. They are dependable for the resources of a company, agency or organization. Depending on the exact duties of their jobs, financial managers may have different titles, such as business administrator or chief financial officer.

They may also work as credit managers and support clients for loans or credit accounts. Job duties can comprise generating financial reports and overseeing budget operations. Some financial managers also collect information concerning profits, expenditures and income projections.

Securities Sales Agent:
Jobs Which Are For Commerce Students Only
Securities sales agents may also be identified as brokers, financial consultants, stockbrokers or fixed income managers. These professionals handle transactions on behalf of their clients and may operate as representatives of individual investors or corporations. They also advise their clients on ideal investments and receive commissions by handling securities exchange transactions.

In addition to holding at least a bachelor's degree in business, commerce or a related area, the BLS notes that investment advisers and brokers must register with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), which contains taking the General Securities Registered Representative Examination.

Chartered Accountant:
Jobs Which Are For Commerce Students Only
Charted accountants specialize in the fields of accounting, including public management and  government accounting. Job duties of a Chartered Accountant differ deeply within specific positions. Many duties are shared between CAs that include preparing financial reports and documents, maintaining investments records, reviewing potential financial risk as well as providing professional opinions in regards to the fiscal decisions of the firm.

Company Secretary:
Jobs Which Are For Commerce Students Only
The job of the CS (Company Secretary) needs the individual to deal with various aspects of management in relation to the company as an entity.  As a qualified secretary of the company, there are various jobs obtainable in public as well as private sectors, financial institutions and banks.  On an average basis, a company secretary can get a salary between 3.00-6.00 Lakhs per annum. The salary is subjected to increase if the qualified CS has opted to work for a big company or has gained the proper experience in the field.

Investment Bankers:
Jobs Which Are For Commerce Students Only
The career of an Investment banker involves dealing with clients to raise equity and debt capital for the benefit of the company. Investment bankers are equipped with the specialized knowledge of providing financial and corporate deals for the company.  As the investment banker progresses in his/her field, he/she can further become an analyst, associate, vice-president, director and lastly the managing director of the company.  The investment banker is expected to generate a salary of around 5-9 lakh per annum. The salary is dependent on the type of the company one is working for.

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