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Maharashtra Board Syllabus 2017 Class 10th/12th (HSC/SSC) Exam Syllabus


Maharashtra Board Syllabus

Maharashtra Board Syllabus 2017: candidates who are in search of the Maharashtra Board Syllabus are at right cosign, here you will get all the details regarding the Maharashtra Board 10th syllabus and the Maharashtra Board 12th Syllabus.
The students who are in Class 10th/12th must need the course outline as the examinations are near now. So this page will definitely help the 10th students in getting their Maharashtra Board HSC Syllabus and the 12th students in getting the Maharashtra Board SSC Syllabus. Rests of the details regarding the Maharashtra Board exam syllabus are mentioned below so scroll down the page…

This page includes:
  • Maharashtra Board syllabus class 10
  • Maharashtra Board syllabus class 12
Maharashtra Board Syllabus
Complete information regarding Maharashtra Board Syllabus steps to download, and rest details regarding the Maharashtra Board Syllabus are mentioned in the below segment of this page of privatejobshub.in

Maharashtra Board Syllabus


Compulsory Subjects
  • English
  • Environment Education
  • Health and Physical Education

Modern Foreign Languages
  • German
  • French
  • Russian
  • Japanese
(For Commerce)
  • Geology
  • Political Science
  • Home Management

(For Arts and Science)
  • Mathematics and Statistics

Modern Indian Languages
  • Marathi
  • Hindi
  • Gujarati
  • Urdu
  • Kannada
  • Tamil
  • Telugu
  • Malayalam
  • Sindhi
  • Bengali
  • Punjabi

Classical Languages
  • Sanskrit
  • Pali
  • Ardhamagadhi
  • Persian
  • Arabic
  • Avesta-Pahlavi

(B) Elective Subjects
  • A Modern Indian Language
  • A Modern Foreign Language
  • A Classical Language
  • Marathi Literature
  • Hindi (Applied)
  • English Literature
  • History
  • Geography
  • Mathematics and Statistics
(For Std. XI only)
Child Development
(For Std. XI only)
Food Science
(For Std. XII only)
  • Textiles
  • Sociology
  • Logic
  • Philosophy
  • Psychology
  • Economics
  • Book-keeping and Accountancy
  • Organization of Commerce and Management
  • Secretarial Practice
  • Co-operation
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Drawing
  • Design and Colour
  • Pictorial Composition
  • History of Art and Appreciation

  • History and Development of Indian Music
  • Vocal Light Music
  • Vocal Classical Music
  • Instrumental Music
  • Percussion Instruments
  • Agriculture Science & Technology
  • Animal Science & Technology
  • Defence Studies
  • Education
  • Occupational Orientation
  • Library and Information Science
  • Stenography : English, Marathi
  • Information Technology (Science)
  • Information Technology (Arts)
  • Information Technology (Commerce)
  • General Knowledge (for Military schools)


  • Marathi   
  • Hindi   
  • Urdu   
  • Gujarati   
  • Kannad  
  • Tamil   
  • Telugu   
  • Malayalam   
  • Sindhi  
  • Bengali   
  • Punjabi   
  • English  
  • Modern Indian Languages
  • Hindi   
  • Hindi (Composite) 
  • Marathi   
  • Marathi (Composite) 
  • Urdu   
  • Urdu (Composite)   
  • Gujarati   
  • Gujarati (Composite)   
  • Kannad  
  • Kannad(Composite)   
  • Tamil   
  • Tamil (Composite)   
  • Telugu   
  • Telugu (Composite)   
  • Malayalam   
  • Malayalam (Composite)   
  • Sindhi  
  • Sindhi (Composite)  
  • Punjabi   
  • Punjabi (Composite)  
  • Bengali   
  • Bengali (Composite)   
  • Classical Languages 
  • Sanskrit   
  • Sanskrit (Composite)   
  • Pali   
  • Pali (Composite) 
  • Ardhamagadhi  
  • Ardhamagadhi (Composite)  
  • Persian   
  • Persian (Composite) 
  • Arabic  
  • Arabic (Composite)
  • Avest 
  • Pahalavi 
  • Modern Foregin Languages
  • French   
  • French (Composite)   
  • German   
  • German (Composite)
  • Russian   
  • Russian (Composite)   

  • English   
  • Hindi 

(Option  subjects of work experience)
(Any one of the following)
  • Introduction  Basic Technology (V-)  
  • Elements of Mechanical Engineering (V-)   
  • Elements of Electrical and Electronics Technology (V-)   

(Any One of the following)
  • Scouting/Guiding (P)  
  • MCC (For Std IX only)   
  • NCC/SeCadet Corps (P) 
  • Defence Studies (P)   
  • Civil Defence and Road Safety (P)   
  • Social Service (P)   
  • Vocational Guidance (R) 
  • History + Political Science   
  • Geography + Economics  
  • Algebra and Geometry   
  • General Mathematics

Health and Physical Education   


(Anyone from Group or Group B or Group C of the following subjects)

Group A

Group A
  • Electrical Appliances (J)   
  • Bakery Products (J)   
  • Food Preservation (J)   
  • Maintenance and Elementary Repairs of water pump (J)   
  • Milk and Milk Products (J)   
  • Integrated Nutrient Management for Sustainable
  • Agriculture (J) Tie and Dye (only for Std IX) (J)   
  • B - Batic Work (only for Std X) (J)
  • Screen Printing (J)  
  • Hand Embroidery (J)   
  • Stitching with Sewing Machine and
  • Its Repairing & Maintenance (K)   
  • Dolls and Soft ys Making (K)      
  • Paper Work, Card Board and Book-Binding (M)   
  • Beautification (M)  
  • Clay Mould Work (N)   
  • Cane and Bamboo Work (N)   

  • Prepare of Articles Useful for School (K)   
  • Preparation of Soaps and Detergents (K)   
  • Preparation of Decorative Pieces by Utilisation of
  • Waste Materials (K)   
  • Fundamentals of Electronics (K)  
  • Cultivation of Vegetables (Only for Std IX)
  • Gardening for Decoration (Only for Std X) (K)   
  • Preparation of Name-Plates and Badges (K)  
  • Bio-Gas and Its Use (L)   
  • Plumber (L)  
  • Creative Applied Art (L)  
  • Crochet Work and Knitting (L)   
  • Household Laundry (L)  
  • Cookery (L)   
  • Typewriting (English and Marathi) (M-M)   
  • Elements of Agriculture and Crop Production (M)   
  • Green House (R)              
Group B
  • Drawing and Painting (M)  
  • Indian Music (Vocal and Instrumental) (M)   
  • Elements of Commerce (L)  
  • Elements of Book Keeping (L)  
  • Fisheries (M)   
  • Vocational Guidance (R) 
Group C
New work Experience Activity 

How to get the Maharashtra Board Syllabus?
  • Visit the official website of the organization i.e. mahahsscboard.maharashtra.gov.in
  • Hit on the syllabus tab appeared on the top of the page
  • Select the standard (SSC/HSC)
  • On the next page you will get links regarding different subjects and languages
  • Hit on the link that you need
  • Download the Maharashtra Board Syllabus PDF that will appear on the next screen
  • Take a print out of it and save it for future use.
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