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GUJCET Sample Papers 2017 With Solutions, Previous Year Question Papers


GUJCET Sample Papers

GUJCET Sample Papers 2017: Prepare from the given GUJCET Previous Year Question Papers!!! GUJCET Sample Papers is made available for the students who are going to take part in Gujarat Common Entrance Test. If you are preparing for the examination and looking for GUJCET Sample Papers With Solutions, then can get it from here. Here we are providing the selected Previous Year Question with solutions for insight of current year paper.  We suggest to all the students to view or download the PDF of GUJCET Model Papers to prepare for upcoming exam.
GUJCET Sample Papers
GUJCET Previous Year papers allow the candidates to attain better practice and understanding of concepts and also help to check their preparation level. It is very essential for students to go through Previous Year Question Papers for getting good score in exam.

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GUJCET Sample Papers

GUJCET Previous Year Questions With Answers

Q1- The pressure that has to be applied to the ends of a steel wire of length 10 cm to keep its length constant when its temperature is raised by 100°C is:  (For steel Young’s modulus is 2 × 1011 N m−2and coefficient of thermal expansion is 1.1 × 10−5K−1)
 (1) 2.2 × 107 Pa
(2) 2.2 × 106 Pa
(3) 2.2 × 108 Pa
 (4) 2.2 × 109 Pa
ANS (3)

Q2- A particle moves with simple harmonic motion in a straight line. In first τ s, after starting from rest it travels a distance a, and in next τ s it travels 2a, in same direction, then:
 (1) Amplitude of motion is 4a
 (2) Time period of oscillations is 6τ
 (3) Amplitude of motion is 3a
(4) Time period of oscillations is 8τ
ANS (2)

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Q3- During the propagation of electromagnetic waves in a medium:
 (1) Electric energy density is equal to the magnetic energy density.
 (2) Both electric and magnetic energy densities are zero.
 (3) Electric energy density is double of the magnetic energy density.
 (4) Electric energy density is half of the magnetic density.
ANS (1)

Q4- The amplitude of a damped oscillator decreases to 0.9 times its original magnitude in 5s. In another 10s it will decrease to α times its original magnitude, where α equals:
 (1) 0.7
 (2) 0.81
(3) 0.729
(4) 0.6
ANS (3)

Q5- Movement of tongue muscle is controlled by
(1) facial nerve
(2) trigeminal nerve
(3) hypoglossal nerve
(4) vagus nerve
ANS (3)

Q6- Which one of the following bacterium is used for production of transgenic plants ?
 (1) Escherichia coli
(2) Bacillus thuringiensis
 (3) Staphylococcus aureus
(4) Agrobacterium tumefaciens
ANS (4)

Q7- What is the minimum energy required to launch a satellite of mass m from the surface of a planet of mass M and radius R in a circular orbit at an altitude of 2R?
 (1) 5GmM/6R
(2) 2GmM/3R
(3) GmM/2R
(4) GmM/3R
ANS (1)

Q8- The cause of cretinism is
 (1) Hypothyroidism
(2) Hypoparathyroidism
 (3) Hyperthyroidism
 (4) Hyperparathyroidism
ANS (1)

Q9- Which one of the following bases is not present in DNA?
 (1) Cytosine
(2) Thymine
 (3) Quinoline
 (4) Adenine
ANS (3)

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Q10- The major organic compound formed by the reaction of 1, 1, 1 − trichloroethane with silver powder is:
 (1) 2 − Butyne
(2) 2 − Butene
(3) Acetylene
(4) Ethene
ANS (1)

Q11- The metal that cannot be obtained by electrolysis of an aqueous solution of its salts is:
 (1) Cu
(2) Cr
(3) Ag
(4) Ca
ANS (4)

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Q12- Which one of the following properties is not shown by NO?
 (1) It combines with oxygen to form nitrogen dioxide
 (2) It′s bond order is 2.5
 (3) It is diamagnetic in gaseous state
 (4) It is a neutral oxide
ANS (3)

Q13- On heating an aliphatic primary amine with chloroform and ethanolic potassium hydroxide, the organic compound formed is:
 (1) an alkyl cyanide
(2) an alkyl isocyanide
 (3) an alkanol
(4) an alkanediol
ANS (2)

Q14- The ratio of masses of oxygen and nitrogen in a particular gaseous mixture is 1: 4. The ratio of number of their molecule is:
 (1) 1: 8
(2) 3: 16
(3) 1: 4
 (4) 7: 32
ANS (4)

Q15- Strain energy is the
 (1) Energy Stored In A Body When Strained Within Elastic Limits
 (2) Energy Stored In A Body When Strained Upto The Breaking Of A Specimen
 (3) Maximum Strain Energy Which Can Be Stored In A Body
(4) Proof Resilience per unit volume of a material
ANS (1)
Q16- The amount of CSF in the cranial cavity
 (1) 500 ml
 (2) 140 ml
 (3) 1 litre
 (4) 1.5 ml
ANS (2)

Q17- The formula of Celestine is:
(1) SrSO4
(2) SrCO3
 (3) SrO
(4) SrCl2
 ANS (2)

Q18- The number of alkenyl groups possible from C4H7- are:
(1) 7
(2) 5
 (3) 3
(4) 8
ANS (4)

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Q19- The formula of Celestine is:
(1) SrSO4
(2) SrCO3
 (3) SrO
(4) SrCl2
ANS (1)

Q20- When a horse pulls a wagon, the force that causes the horse to move forward is the force:
1) The ground exerts on him
2) He exerts on the ground
3) The wagon exerts on him
4) He exerts on the wagon
ANS (1)

I hope that questions given in GUJCET Sample Papers 2017 are really beneficial for you for the preparation of GUJCET exam. We always try to give you best stuff to get good score in the exam. So, keep visiting privatejobshub.in regularly for getting more information related to this.

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