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How To Crack BITSAT 2017 In 2 Months, Prepare BITSAT Exam Without Coaching


How To Crack BITSAT

Want to Prepare for BITSAT Exam without any coaching ? Let' s Know How To Crack BITSAT 2017 In 2 Months . Dear candidates, if you're thinking the way How To Crack BITSAT exam without coaching, then you have only need to do just hard plus smart work with full concentration. There is no coaching center which will give you a 100% guarantee that you can clear BITSAT Exam as it’s all depends on what quantity efforts, caliber you put on in your preparation. Here on this page we are providing the way concerning How To Crack BITSAT in 2 Months. Candidates must follow these Tips & Tricks to clear BITSAT Exam easily and score good marks.
How To Crack BITSAT
Coaching classes simply guide you to achieve their aim however all effort is yours. You can also take the help and guidance from on-line with self study material. Candidates firstly prepare your mind, it's essential and necessary and begins study now onwards and gives suitable hours of the day then only you can get an average score in BITSAT exam.

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How To Crack BITSAT

Preparation Tips to Crack BITSAT Exam

Here are some useful tips for candidates preparing for their BITSAT Exam, irrespective of the course for which they wish to join:
How To Crack BITSAT

Know The Exact Pattern And Syllabus Of Exam:

There is no need for studying 8-10 hours unless you are weak at all the sections of exam. BITSAT Exam will involve topics about Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics/Biology, Reasoning and English Language. Look at the pattern of exam and find out your weak points. In the starting you'll find most sections tough but with time you'd be able to become better at some sections. But you'll have to practice correct pattern of questions.

Some of the topics which require more concentration include:

Physics: Work and energy, Newton’s laws, current electricity, heat and thermodynamics, Magnetism and magnetic effect of electric current.

Chemistry: Physical Chemistry and quantitative analysis, organic and inorganic part.

Mathematics: Conic Section with ellipse, hyperbola, parabola and rectangular parabola, Trigonometry, Vectors, 3D and Integral Calculus.

General Intelligence & Reasoning: This section of the paper is wrap-up topics to analyze candidate’s mental ability and decision power skills. So, to attain good marks during this section, you have to need practice all concepts of General Intelligence & Reasoning.

English Language: To get success in this exam you require having good command over English Language. Increase your vocabulary, should try to enhance their grammatical concepts to attain well.

Practice From Here to Gain Good Marks

Keep Practicing With Sample Papers

Applicants can prepare for BITSAT Exam by studying the relevant subjects and keep practicing with the sample papers or mock test papers continuously. All of us know that practice makes man perfect  so solve previous year papers is best method for preparing exam. It will help you to improve time management and you also go through which type of questions that are going to appear in exam.

Make a Scheduled Time Table Routine

Make a time table and stick to it. The time table must include more timing for the studying or preparing of the examination. Allocate equal time to each subject approx. 2-3 hour for each subject and then at last solve problem as you can.

Make Your Own Notes

When you have decided to study on your own, Prepare your notes after completing each topic/chapter and also take help from notes of others who have already clear BITSAT Exam. Bookmark difficult questions for revision.

Study without Stress

Don’t give too much stress for studying and keep regular breaks or rest timings in between the time table. Start practicing your exam accomplish on time so put the stop watch behind while solving the previous year papers.

Increase Your Speed and Avoid Spending Time In Difficult Problems

Increase your speed of attempting and solving a problem. Don’t give the much time to difficult one; just skip it for last so your time will saved.

Stuff that helps you in preparation of exams

Revise topics and review yourself!

Revise topics well, especially those you did not cover for your IIT JEE exam. As you are best judge of your own performance, continuously review yourself and rate yourself out of 10 for each topic.

Polish your calculation skills

BITSAT also examine your calculation skills to some level. So, better when you practice questions attempt to solve questions on your own and reach the final answer rather than reading solutions. When you answer questions on your own and do calculations, it will not only get better your calculations skills but also help you in framing your ideas to get final answer in a defined time frame.

Learn Some Tricks

Sometimes in objective questioning options gives various hints for answering start analyzing it, by this your time will be saved. The large Formulas should be remembered by some tricks or with some unique key to minds, so it will save time during exam while recalling formulas.

Prepare For Computerized Test:

As BITSAT is not a pen paper based exam rather it’s an online exam, so some practice tests will help you get used to it. You can subscribe to online BITSAT test series and take these tests seriously maintain an examination room type environment. Avoid taking breaks during these mock tests. The more you practice online tests, more are your chances to clear BITSAT.

Various coaching centers spread across numerous city whose job is to teach candidates for BITSAT entrance exam, wherever quite 1,00,000 or more students study and prepare for BITSAT entrance exam but several students feel confused whereas decision on going to coaching because of lack of commitment towards his or her preparation. If you want to crack BITSAT entrance exam in which about 13 million students seem for few thousand seats then need proper guidance and tips of preparation at home.

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In the above section of this page, you can get the useful tips / strategy disclosed by our team member privatejobshub.in. When you are habitual of this strategy you will sure score good marks in BITSAT exam. These habits will help you to stay on the top.


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