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HP University Syllabus 2018 PDF (BA/BCA/B.Tech/MCA/MBA) Exam Syllabus


HP University Syllabus

HP University Syllabus 2018: Pursuing BA/BCA/B.Tech/MCA/MBA from HP University. Check out HP University Syllabus of upcoming semester exams from here. Candidates who are going to appear in HP University Exam for under Graduate and Post Graduate Programme may get HP University Exam Syllabus from this page. Here on this page you can also get complete BA, BCA, B.Tech, MCA and MBA Syllabus & exam pattern. Candidates can also download the Syllabus in PDF format from official site through online process.

HP University Syllabus

Syllabus for B.A. and B.A. Hons Economics Part I

Microeconomics and Indian Economy
  • Nature and scope of economics
  • Theory of production
  • Market forms
  • Basic features, Problems and Planning in India
Mathematical Methods for Economics
  • Functions: Sets, relations and functions
  • Matrices
  • Derivatives
  • Integration

Economic Theory
  • Factor Pricing and Distribution: Theories; Determination of wages, interest and profit.
  • General Equilibrium: Concepts of Partial and general equilibrium; Equilibrium of exchange; Edgeworth box diagram.
  • Linear Models; Elementary input-output analysis; Introduction to linear programming and simple applications
  • Welfare Economics: Pareto optimality; limitations of the Pareto criterion; Compensation Principle (Kaldor-Hicks, Scitovsky criteria); Social Welfare function; Competitive equilibrium and Pareto optimality; Market failures.
Syllabus for BCA I Semester
  • Set theory, quadratic equations, sequence & series, binomial theorems, exponential and logarithms series, determinants, matrices, vector algebra
  • Rectangular co-ordinates, length of a line segment, section ratio, area of a triangle, equations of a straight line circles, conic section, parabola, ellipse and hyperbola
  • Trigonometric functions, trigonometrical ratios of negative and associated angles, trigonometrical ratios of compound angles, multiple and sub multiple angles.
  • Functions, limits and continuity, Derivative of functions, Maxima & Minima, Infinite integrals and definite integrals, Solution of ordinary differential equation of Ist order and Ist degree.

Fundamentals of Computer & Information Technology
  • Introduction of Computers
  • Input devices
  • Computer Software
  • Data communication and computer network
Digital Electronics
  • Fundamentals of semiconductor physics
  • Logic gates, AND, OR, NOT Gates and their Truth Tables
  • Combinational & Sequential circuits, Half adder & Full adder, BCD adder, Full Subtractor, Flip-flops-RS, D, JK, T & Master-Slave flipflops, Shift registers, Multiplexer, Encoder, Decoder
  • A/D and D/A converters: D/A conversions
Programming in C
  • Introductory Concepts
  • Operators and expressions
  • Control Statements
  • Pointers

PC Packages
  • DOS commands
  • Common Office 2003 Elements, Introduction to Office 2003
  • Spreadsheets, Definition, Benefits, Features & Uses of MS Excel 2003
  • Presentations, Definition, Benefits, Features & Uses of PowerPoint
Communicative English
  • Grammar and Reading Skills
  • Skills in Writing
  • Secretarial Skills
  • Presentation and Discussion Skills
Business Practices & Management
  • Concepts of Business, Commerce and Industry, Business Environment
  • Organization structure
  • Management
  • Organizing
Syllabus for MBA I Semester

Management And Organizational Behavior
  • Meaning, Nature and Scope of Management
  • Planning and Decision Making
  • Organizations – Meaning, Principles, Types of Organizations
  • Foundations of Individual Behavior
  • Group Dynamics
Business Statistics
  • Management Science
  • Graphical and Tabular representation
  • Frequency distribution and their Analysis
  • Estimation – Point Estimation and Internal Estimation
  • Time Series
Managerial Economics
  • The economic background to management
  • The Scope and Methods of Managerial Economics
  • Demand Analysis
  • Pricing

Business Environment
  • System Approach to Management
  • State and Markets, Changing Government
  • Economic Policy, Industrial, Fiscal and Monetary Policies, Business Support Systems and Financial Structure of Indian Economy
  • Business and Politics in India, Centre-State Relationships
  • Multinational Corporations, Public Sector and Privatization
Business of Values
  • Concept of Values
  • Leadership and Human Values
  • Indian Insights into TQM
  • Techniques for improving inner capacity
  • Dominant Indian Values and Organizational Effectiveness
Accounting For Managers
  • Accounting and its functions
  • Trial Balance and Preparation of Final Accounts
  • Depreciation, Concepts, Methods of Changing Depreciation
  • Ratio Analysis
  • Fund Flow Statement

How to download BA BCA B.Tech MCA MBA Exam Syllabus?
  • Candidates first go to official site of organization that is www.hpuniv.nic.in
  • On home page of official site go to “Syllabus” section and hit the link.
  • Now select the course name and hit the link related to stream.
  • Now syllabus of required subject will be displayed on your computer screen.
  • Download it on your desktop and take print out of it and prepare accordingly.
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