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UPSC CMS Previous Years Question Papers | Last 5 Year Paper Download PDF


UPSC CMS Previous Years Question Papers     

UPSC CMS Previous Years Question Papers : Those applicants are preparing for UPSC Combined Medical Service Examination, must check UPSC CMS Previous Years Question Papers from the beneath section of this page. Currently, Union Public Service Commission has published a latest notification for hiring eligible candidates to fill up vacancies of various vacant Posts. From this page, you can download UPSC CMS Previous Paper of Last 5 Years in PDF format.  For the better preparation of candidates, we have also shared UPSC CMS Questions with all Answers. So, have a look below…

Here on this page of www.privatejobshub.in, we are representing some Questions of UPSC CMS previous year papers with their answers.  These questions will provide you a great help to get idea about the paper format. Candidates can also download UPSC CMS Solved Sample Papers of year 2010, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 in PDF file with the help of direct link mention on this page.

UPSC CMS Previous Years Question Papers     

UPSC CMS Exam Sample Papers 2016

CMS previous year paper I questions
CMS previous year paper II questions

UPSC CMS Exam Question Papers 2015

Combined Medical Services paper I questions
Combined Medical Services paper II questions

UPSC Combined Medical Services Question Papers 2014

UPSC CMS previous year paper I questions
UPSC CMS previous year paper II questions

UPSC CMS Exam pattern 2017:
  • Combined Medical Services exam is divided into 2 papers i.e. paper I & II
  • Each paper is of 250 marks.
  • Each paper should be completed in 2 hours.
CMS Paper I Pattern

Paper I
General Ability
30 Questions
2 hours
General Medicine
70 Questions
20 Questions

CMS Paper II Pattern

Paper II 
40 questions
2 hours
Gynecology & Obstetrics
40 questions
Preventive & Social Medicine
40 questions

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UPSC Combined Medical Services Questions / Answers:

Ques1: A balloon is filled at 27°C and latm pressure by 500 m’ lie. At -3°C and 0.5 atm pressure, the volume of lie will be

1.    700 m3
2.    900 m3
3.    1000 m3
4.    500 m3.

Answer: 2

Ques2: A rod AB is l m long. The temperature of its one end A is maintained at 100’C and other end Bat 10°C, the temperature at a distance of 60 cm from point B is

1.    64°C
2.    36°C
3.    46°C
4.    72°C

Answer: 1

Ques3: IC electricity deposits
1.    8 g of Ag
2.    electrochemical equivalent of Ag
3.    half of electrochemical equivalent of Ag
4.    96500 g of Ag

Answer: 2

Ques4: In the capacitor of capacitance C, charge Q and energy W is stored. If charge is increased upto 2Q, the energy stored will be

1.    W/4
2.    W/2
3.    2W
4.    4W

Answer: 4

Ques5: The moment of inertia of a circular loop of radius R. at a distance of R / 2 around a rotating axis parallel to horizontal diameter of loop is

1.    MR2
2.    1/2 MR2
3.    2MR2
4.    3/4 MR2

Answer: 4

Ques6: If the earth stops moving around its polar axis then what will be effect on body placed at south axis?

1.    Remain same
2.    increase
3.    Decrease but not zero
4.    Decrease zero

Answer: 1

Ques7: SI unit of permittivity is

1.    C2m2N2
2.    C2m-2N-1
3.    C2m2N-1
4.    C-1m2N-2

Answer: 2

Ques8: Which one of the following enzymes is present in animals like cow, buffaloes etc., to digest compounds like paper, cloth etc?

1.    Ureaze
2.    Cellulase
3.    Silicones
4.    Sucrose

Answer: 2

Ques9: Which one of the following would have a permanent dipole moment?
1.    BF3
2.    SiF4
3.    SF4
4.    XeF4

Answer: 3

Ques10: Dunston’s test is used for identification of

1.    glycerol
2.    acetone
3.    glycol
4.    ethanol

Answer: 1

Ques11: Freon used as refrigerant is

1.    CF2=CF2
2.    CH2F2
3.    CCl2F2
4.    CF4

Answer: 3

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Ques12: In a face centred cubic lattice, a unit cell is shared equally by how many unit cells?

1.    8
2.    4
3.    2
4.    6

Answer: 4

Ques13: The source of taq polymerase used in PCR is a

1.    Thermophilic Fungus
2.    Mesophilic Fungus
3.    Thermophilc Bacterium
4.    Halophilic bacterium

Answer: 3

Ques14: Which one of the following oxides is expected to exhibit paramagnetic behaviour?

1.    CO2
2.    S02
3.    CI02
4.    Si02

Answer: 3

Ques15: Which of the following organisms completely lack cell wall, they are the smallest living cells known and can survive without oxygen?

1.    Mycoplasma
2.    Euglenoids
3.    Slime moulds
4.    All of these

Answer: 1

Ques16: IUCN stands for

1.    Indian Union for Conservation of Nature
2.    International Union for Conservation of Nuture
3.    Indian Union for Chemical Nomenclature
4.    International Union for Conservation of Nutrients

Answer: 2

Ques17: Which of the following induces parturition?

1.    Vasopressin
2.    Oxytocin
3.    GH
4.    TSH

Answer: 2

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Ques18: Haemoglobin is

1.    An oxygen carrier in human blood
2.    A protein used as food supplement
3.    An oxygen scavenger in root nodules
4.    A plant protein with high lysine content

Answer: 1

Ques19: Which of the following DNA sequences qualifies to he designated as a palindrome?

1.    5′- GACCAG – 3′ in one strand
2.    3′- GACCAG – 5′ in one strand
3.    5′- GACGAG – 3’3′- CIGGIC – 5′
4.    5′- AGCGCT’- 3’3′- TCGCGA – 5′

Answer: 4

Ques20: The beginning of understanding genetic transformation in bacteria was made by

1.    Frederick Griffith
2.    Hershey and Chase
3.    Watson and Crick
4.    TH Morgan

Answer: 1

Tips to Crack UPSC CMS Exam:

UPSC CMS Question Papers will be set in English, so you can improve English by:
  • Reading newspaper daily
  • Read daily English books and novel
  • Try to learn new words daily
Candidates who are really want to score good marks in UPSC CMS exam; they must go through the above section of this page, which is prepared by the team members of www.privatejobshub.in. For getting more details about UPSC CMS Previous Year Question Papers, candidates are advised to subscribe our free email service and get updates directly in your mailbox.

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