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Air Hostess Salary In India | Average Salaries Per Month, Benefits & Perks


Air Hostess salary

Air Hostess Salary In India: Best career that has always been preferred in India is Air hostess. You will be amazed to know that this job carries an impressive Air Hostess salary with many benefits and perks. You can have a look on this page!

As you will go through this article, you will come to know about the salary in India or salary of air hostess. This job is very enjoyable for those who love to travel around the world. Here you can get Average Salaries Per Month of the Indian Air hostess.

Benefits that an air hostess enjoys other than salary!!

There is no doubt that an angel of the sky can grab better air hostess salary India if she is able to make the cut in the international circuit. As you will go through this article, you will get the package of air hostess as per their experience, corresponding cities.

Besides this, they also get the non monitory benefits like training, career development opportunities and pleasant work environment. For further details regarding Air Hostess Salary In India and international air hostess salary, you can stay connected with www.privatejobshub.in.

Air Hostess salary

Air Hostess Average salaries Per Month:

Job Category
Pay Scale
Flight Attendant
Rs 2 lakh – Rs 12 lakh (annually)
Senior Air hostess ( Domestic Public / Private Sector)*
Rs 50 K to Rs 75 K (monthly)
Ground Attendant (Aviation)
Rs 145,211 (monthly)
Cabin Crew
Rs 38 K – Rs 42 K (monthly)
Customer Service Agent
Rs 1.5 lakh – Rs 3.5 lakh (annually)

Air Hostess salary per month for various domestic airline companies in India:

Salary of an air hostess varies according to different factors like number of years experience they carry, presentable appearance, communication skills, positive attitude, etc. But still there is a lot of difference in salary for air hostess between an executive airliner and low cost airline company.

Here in this table we are going to provide Air India air hostess salary, Indigo Air Hostess salary, Indigo Airlines Air Hostess salary in various domestic airline companies in India. You may have a look!!!

Airline Company
Monthly Salary
SPICEJET air hostess salary
Rs 35500
Air Hostess salary in Air India
Rs 42750
VISTARA air hostess salary
Rs 30050
Salary Of Air Hostess in INDIGO
Rs 33750
Jet Airways air hostess salary
Rs 36455
GO AIR Air hostess salary
Rs 31175
Jagson Airlines
Rs 28450

Average Salaries of Freshers and Experienced Air Hostess:

The aviation industry is rapid growing and requires manpower. More and more people are selecting for a career in aviation as it seems promising to them. With lodging facility, pick and drop facility you get unpredictable salary package.

So, from every prospective it’s a remarkable job because it provides you unpredictable lifestyle. This job is worthwhile and offers attractive Indian air hostess salary, perks and many other benefits.

An Airhostess working in international airlines gets high salary as compared to domestic airlines. The initial monthly salary of an airhostess working in domestic airlines is Rs.25, 000 – Rs.40, 000, a senior air-hostess can get a pay of Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 75,000 a month while foreign airlines pay more than Rs. 2-3 lakhs for senior airhostess.

Salary of a fresher air-hostess could be even less than above uttered numerals but these would high, depending upon experience and performance. However, there are opportunities of promotion to the rank of Senior Hostess/Steward, Cabin Supervisors, Training Manager as well as to senior administrative positions. Experience is duly rewarded. Today, growing competition among airlines has made them more compromising in terms of salaries.

Perks and Benefits Offered To Air Hostess/Cabin Crew:

Besides this, air-hostess enjoys rewarding perks too. Air hostess job salary may vary according to the cities and the corresponding costs of living. Perks and Benefits for Air Hostess.
Apart from salary of air hostess in India, they are also provided with the following benefits that are given below:
  • Free or concessional air tickets for themselves and their families
  • Medical insurance
  • 13-17 off days per month
  • it Allowance
  • Added benefits of being a part of high profile parties
  • paid sick leave
  • several bonuses
  • post retirement benefits
  • The airlines also pay for their hotel stay, transport (from hotels to flight and vice-versa), and free beverages and on international flights, they can expect to do a fair bit of sight-seeing, shopping and so on.  
  • In addition, most of the airlines provide a kit allowance. It is a small monthly allowance which is meant for cleaning and mending your uniforms and grooming yourself.
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Duties of an Air hostess:
  • Welcoming passengers on board
  • Help them finding their seats
  • Arrangement of hand baggage
  • Making Important Announcements
  • Intimating passengers about safety procedures
An air hostess should have a good communication skills and she should be completely fit (proved medically).

Liberalization and privatization has resulted in the bright future air travel and as well of air hostess. Most airlines are looking to increase their fleet and thus demand for air hostesses is increasing day by day.

Air hostess get job opportunities in private, public and international airlines with remarkable salary package and perks.

Last Words:

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