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Assam CEE Sample Papers 2017 FREE! Download Model Question Paper, PDF


Assam CEE Sample Papers

Assam CEE Sample Papers 2017: Want to Crack Assam Combined Entrance Examination??? Then prepare with the easiest way through Assam CEE Sample Papers!!! Candidates can download Assam CEE Model Question Paper in the form of pdf for free through this page. Candidates can get the sample paper for their required subjects according to the previous years from the below section of this page.
Assam CEE Sample Papers
Get Year Wise & Subject Wise Assam CEE Sample Papers PDF: Download PDF

Aspirants who wish to get admission to MBBS, BDS, BAMS, BHMS, BE and B.Tech etc courses in Dibrugarh University, they are required to qualify CEE examination. So, aspirants who are preparing for this exam, they must check the Assam CEE Sample Papers and Model Question Paper to get the idea of questions and exam pattern. Complete details regarding the same are mentioned on this page by the team members of privatejobshub.in

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Assam CEE Sample Papers

Assam CEE Model Question Paper

1. Which of the following is known as pond silk?
A.    Spirogyra
B.    Ulothrix
C.    Nostoc
D.   Anabaena
Ans. A

2. Which of the following is incorrectly matched?
A.    Rabbit—Microelcithal, isolecithal
B.    Frog—Mesolecithal, centrolecithal
C.    Human—Mesolecithal, ceritrolecithal
D.   Birds—Macrolecithal, telolecithal
Ans. C

3. In a copulating pair of Pheretima posthuma which of the two processes take place?
A.    Internal fertilization and reciprocal fertilization
B.    Cross fertilization and reciprocal fertilization
C.    Reciprocal fertilization and internal fertilization
D.   External fertilization and internal fertilization
Ans. B

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4. Vapour pressure of pure ‘A’ is 70 mm of Hg at 25 C. It forms an ideal solution with ‘B’ in which mole fraction of A is 0.8. lIthe vapour pressure of the solution is 84 mm of hg at 25°C. the vapour pressure of pure ‘B’ at 25°C is
A.    28mm
B.    56mm
C.    70mm
D.   140mm
Ans. D

5. A bank offers 5% compound interest calculated on half-yearly basis. A customer deposits Rs. 1600 each on 1st January and 1st July of a year. At the end of the year, the amount he would have gained by way of interest is:
A.    Rs. 120   
B.    Rs. 121
C.    Rs. 122
D.   Rs. 123
Ans. B

6. Radiocarbon is produced in the atmosphere as a result of
A.    collision between fast neutrons and nitrogen nuclei present in the atmosphere
B.    action of ultraviolet light from the sun on atmospheric oxygen
C.    action of solar radiations particularly cosmic rays on carbon dioxide present in the atmosphere
D.   lightning discharge in atmosphere
Ans. A

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7. Three unbiased coins are tossed. What is the probability of getting at most two heads?
A.    3/ 4
B.    1/4
C.    3/ 8
D.   7/ 8
Ans. D

8. There are 20 naturally occurring amino acids. The maximum number of idpcptdes that can 1w obtained is
A.    8000
B.    6470
C.    7465
D.   5360
Ans. A

9. Siphon will fail to work if
A.    the densities of the liquid in the two vessels are equal
B.    the level of the liquid in the two vessels are at the same height
C.    both its limbs are of unequal length
D.   the temperature of the liquids in the two vessels are the same
Ans. B

10. The ore that is concentrated by froth floatation process is
A.    zineite
B.    cinnabar
C.    bauxite
D.   malachite
Ans. B


11. An antibody is a:
A.    white corpuscle which attack invading bacteria
B.    molecule that specifically Inactivate an antigen
C.    component of the blood
D.   secrection of mammalian erythrocyte
Ans. B

12. Sound waves in air are
A.    transverse
B.    longitudinal
C.    electromagnetic  
D.   polarised
Ans. B

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13. Tickets numbered 1 to 20 are mixed up and then a ticket is drawn at random. What is the probability that the ticket drawn has a number which is a multiple of 3 or 5?
A.    1/ 2
B.    2/ 5
C.    8/ 15
D.   9/ 20
Ans.  D

14. Of the following properties of a wave, the one that is independent of the other is its
A.    amplitude 
B.    velocity
C.    wavelength
D.   frequency
Ans. A

15. A bivalent metal has in equivalent mass of 32. The molecular mass of the metal nitrate is
A.    182
B.    168
C.    192
D.   188
Ans. D

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16. Rate of physical adsorption increases with
A.    decrease in surface area
B.    decrease in temperatUre
C.    decrease in pressure
D.   increase in temperature
Ans. B

17. Two ships are sailing in the sea on the two sides of a lighthouse. The angle of elevation of the top of the lighthouse is observed from the ships are 30º and 45º respectively. If the lighthouse is 100 m high, the distance between the two ships is:
A.    173 m     
B.    200 m
C.    273 m
D.   300 m
Ans. C

18. An organic compound on heating with CuO produces CO2 but no water. The organk compound may be
A.    carbon tetrachioride
B.    chiorolorm
C.    methane
D.   ethyl iodide
Ans. A

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19. The angle of elevation of a ladder leaning against a wall is 60º and the foot of the ladder is 4.6 m away from the wall. The length of the ladder is:
A.    2.3 m      
B.    4.6 m
C.    7.8 m      
D.   9.2 m
Ans. D

20. The angle of elevation of the sun, when the length of the shadow of a tree 3 times the height of the tree, is:
A.    30º
B.    45º
C.    60º
D.   90º
Ans. A

21. Suitable impurities are added to a semiconductor depending on its use. This is done in order to
A.    increase its life
B.    enable it to withstand higher voltages
C.    increase its electrical conductivity
D.   increase its electrical resistivity
Ans. C

Candidates can prepare with above mentioned question answer and can also download the PDF for future use. Hope this information will be beneficial for you and can help you in your preparation for Assam Combined Entrance Examination.

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