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Cognizant Interview Experience | CTS HR Interview Experience For Freshers


Cognizant Interview Experience

Cognizant technology solutions -CTS is the global leader in business and technology services by providing employee’s satisfaction and here I am sharing my Cognizant Interview Experience. Cognizant is worldwide and one of the fastest growing companies in India. This may be very helpful CTS HR Interview Experience For Freshers. Moreover the company CTS HR interview experience for freshers would help you all which got conducted in this year-

Cognizant Interview Experience

Cognizant Interview Experience

Hi Readers! Greetings from my side to all! My Name is ESHA JAITELY

Being interviewed by the experienced people is itself a big achievement because cognizant not only provide salary but also deliver satisfaction to the working employees and also gives opportunity accordingly to their performance and that was the interesting experience so far! The position I was interviewing was “software testing position” I applied through one of the consultancy, During this time period I was already in the process of talking to multiple recruiters, so instead of cancelling all my interview appointments (which I really wanted to do), I decided to just go with it, A recruiter from cognizant reached out to me on February 12, 2016. I sent him my resume, we had a brief chat.

Complete Information: Cognizant Recruitment 


February 22, 2016a recruiter from Cognizant AT CONSULTANCY reached out to me, asking if I would be interested to interview for a “Software testing” Alright, why not BIENG A FRESHER if I am getting a good opportunity then why not grab it. The first two phone screen interviews were relatively easy, which I passed without much effort. During both phone interviews I was asked basic JavaScript, Node.js and React questions, nothing on data structures or algorithms.


March 8, 2016I arrived at cognizant for my site technical interview and others too. After waiting for some time in the lobby, I was escorted to one of the conference rooms where HR was sitting she greeted me nicely and the first question she put is:-

CTS HR- Tell me about yourself?

ME- I told in brief about myself.

CTS HR- ok tell me what is difference between hard work and smart work?

ME- Hard Work: Too much Effort + Without Sense + Use more time.
Smart Work: Less Effort + With Sense + Use Less time.     
CTS HR- What makes you angry?

ME- It is human tendency to get angry and it all depends on how you control it. All five fingers of a hand are not same likewise one cannot expect everybody to be the same. But personally, I get angry when anybody acts inhumanely.

CTS HR- would you lie for the company?

ME- Definitely not it spoils company reputation of course lie can bring a short term benefit or relief to the company. But definitely not a solution, so I try to find a solution for the problem or convince the customer instead of lying.

CTS HR- why do you want to work with our Company, I understand that you are fresher and you need a start up, but why only us?

ME- Sir as I m a fresher so you can mould me in any shape according to your requirement r this job is best and also suits with my knowledge. And this is the platform where I can prove myself and use my technical knowledge to support organization growth.

 CTS HR- Are you willing to relocate or to relocate?

ME- I'm perfectly fine with relocation because I believe that it provides you with an opportunity to learn new culture and to meet new people.
HR- On a scale of one to ten – rate me as a interviewer.

ME- Thank you for giving me such a great opportunity. This question you are asking me is awesome, this show your humility because most of the HR will not ask this kind of question to freshers because they taught that freshers are not qualified to rate us. 

I think this is the “secret of your success”. This attitude will help to grow you to the higher position. Your polite behavior and standard of question you asking me and your support this all make me to become a great fan of you. For me you are 100% suitable to be a good HR.

CTS HR- Ohm...! Thank you well; do you have any questions for me?

ME- What are my growth opportunities over in this company if I will get appointed?

After this, Hr told the company’s growth areas and asked me to Waite for the technical round.


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                                          TECHNICAL ROUND

Around 4:30 pm in evening CTS HR came and took me towards a beautiful place from lobby to the next story, literally cognizant has a beautiful office and everyone, extremely friendly and a pleasure to talk to. The second round had four interviewers in the room. It was an open-ended discussion about me, my accomplishments, and my projects. To be honest, I was caught a little off-guard with this interview format, so my presentation was probably all over the place which interviewers asked me from my college projects and internships presentations. Then-

INTERVIEWER- Why is C++ called so?  

ME- It’s an upgraded version of C and "++" represents increment operator in C...so its like a plus one version of C.

What is a diode? What is the symbol of diode? Explain the working of diode? When it is in FB and RB? Explain the various types of diode? 

ME- A Diode is the simplest two-terminal unilateral semiconductor device.  It allows current to flow only in one direction and blocks the current that flows in the opposite direction. The two terminals of the diode are called as anode and cathode. The characteristics of a diode closely match to that of a switch. An ideal switch when open does not conduct current in either directions and in closed state conducts in both directions. And also I replied everything very easily because this was the subject of our last semester in college.     

INTERVIEWER- OK—you can Waite outside, I will get back to you Esha    

ME- ok thank you so much sir, for your time!    

At the end CTS HR came and congratulated me and other aspirants whosover got selected, I was over dwelled with my happiness.

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Key to success:

The Interview Experience for Freshers I had with cognizant was beautiful and successful, Guys keep this in mind that cognizant is a mass Recruiter Just a key to success is your confidence and good communication skills, that's it. And rest is you luck. No one is going to stop you to achieve anything unless you want it to...


Here are interview Experience For Freshers tips that will help in preparing for your interview in an effective way.
  • Do your homework concerning to employer and the industry therefore you’re prepared for the question, what do you know about this company?
  • Bring a pleasant portfolio with copies of your resume.
  • Be on time for the interview. On time means that 5 to 10 minutes early
  • During the interview try relax and keep as calm potential. Keep in mind that your communication says the maximum amount concerning you as your answers to the queries.
  • When discussing your career accomplishments match them to what the company is looking for.
  • Believe in yourself, trust me, you can crack every interview very easily.

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