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How To Improve your IQ | 7 Ways To Increase Intelligence Quotient Level Article


How To Improve your IQ

When we think to be smarter, the question arises sometimes that How to Improve the IQ? Many scientists are unable to solve this puzzle but are you aware off…? That what does the word intelligence is?  It is not being increasing the knowledge of facts  or a bit accumulated knowledge but yes a capacity to learn new information, What should be done in the Ways To Increase Intelligence Quotient because Your brain it out of season. We also know that memory is an essential component of intellectual functioning and that this too can be improved by some tricks.
How To Improve your IQ

7 Ways To Increase Intelligence Quotient Level

How can I Challenging my Brain?

There are enormously heaps of horrifying things written and promoted on how to "train your brain" to "get smarter". When I speak of "brain training games" One should go for memorization games in order to increase the speed and also this is the very finest way to increase intelligence quotient Level.  You should try to figure out some puzzles as those are great and enjoyable  indeed these brain games makes you more smarter and sharper with more proficient brain training.

Play Logical/ Strategically / Puzzle Games

How To Improve your IQ
Fluid intelligence"—the ability to draw connections between things, solve problems, and adapt to new situations what, these games have potential to do is give your brain some exercise. This is best trick in order how to Improve IQ Indeed these may make you think and put forth some mental effort which is a good thing. Fluid intelligence is a major part of every IQ test, and relates to your working memory also playing games online with your friends will really help you to improve IQ level. Puzzles and many more games are the best way to improve one’s IQ level.

IQ Test Quiz With Answers

How To Improve your IQ

Seek new Experiences :

Developing your brain is necessary for a healthy mind. For this there should be good environment which should show the development of brain and for this one should help them by learning new skills, playing chess or either you can play chess or can play brain boosting games. It is seen that continuous learning also help-s in this process like as you can learn a new language. Else the another thing you could do in this is Taking a long trip to somewhere entirely alien to you, or the another thing you can do is learning a new language, etc are some of the examples of seeking new experiences that refresh the brain to process everything new. 

Use Acronyms :

If you remember in your childhood or in the past times we were being asked to learn acronyms as that was the best way to make your mind come in a process though It still works hence, it is seen that our mind has a habit to do the same and repetitive things and once we come in this habit then our mind reduces the ability to stay aware and to capture or to memorize the things. You can also make use of this if you are trying to remember names at a forum.

Write or Read whenever Possible

Reading plays a very important role to boost our mind also to increase our Quotient; indeed it is seen that continuous reading increases the IQ of the child.  We should try to read and to see the science related stuff and to increase our memory process math subject plays a good role to open all points of our mind and physics too. If you would do this then you by yourself will observe that it will help you in understanding the world and you would become more logical and challenging, in this way you will be able to improve your IQ score. It makes you more logical in many terms.

Changing your Diet by eating Healthy

How To Improve your IQ
 “As per the study it is observed that if you are vegetarian then you will, for sure would have more IQ, Reason behind this is that protein diet; however protein has the ability to increase the brain. Thus, the lifestyle of the vegetarians ‘is related with strong mental level associated with logical functioning. This would help you to increase you to improve your IQ intelligence quotient level.

Pull on yourself towards Exercise
How To Improve your IQ
 Exercise, swimming or running increase you thinking level and makes you more active. Your brain needs exercise as well in order to make the mind on Track and also this is best way to improve your IQ Exercise twice a day for 45 minutes when you wake up and before you go to bed. You should preferably couple this with meditation after you exercise.

THE MORE ACTIVE your Brain would be, the more active you would feel.

Check yourself—   
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