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How to Become a Robotics Engineer | Qualification, Challenges, Skills


How to Become a Robotics Engineer

Robotics is a breeding ground for inventiveness and advance from people. YOU might be at the beginning of your career in robotics, to get started with how to become robotics Engineer? You should be on familiar terms with this that robot cists are a sole type of engineer. The corridor to a career in robotics exposes you to various engineering disciplines. Different to other types of engineering, you have to be realistically practiced in a variety of technical areas, qualification, challenges skills... Here the Journey started.

How to Become a Robotics Engineer

Are you enthralled about Robots? Or you since from your Childhood you had played with Robots and from that time you had forecasted to make your future with in Robotic World? If you answer ‘YES’ to all of these questions, it could be time to discover a career in robotics

How to Become a Robotics Engineer

Do you know what type of person works in ROBOTICS ? 

Roboticists are a mishmash of opposites. As specialists, they are skilled in the excellent details of our specialism’s with Thinking (Investigative) and Doing (Realistic) categories. "Investigative" people generally like to solve problems by philosophy, reading and studying. On the other hand, "Realistic" people are highly practical - they like to get to the bottom of tribulations by "getting their hands soiled up to the root “.

Robotics is a robust balance between solid study and "fiddling about" (as I like to call it), i.e. working on physical things. “People who think to become Robotics engineers should have ability to think out of the box with their ability in themselves.”


To be Effective as specialists and generalists- As well as both handy and analytical- being a roboticists you need to have good set of supporting skills

System Thinking

You need to be good at mechanics, electronics, electrics, programming, sensing and even psychology and cognition to become robotics engineer. A good roboticist is intelligent to realize how all of these unusual systems work together and is at ease with the theory following all of them.

The Programming Mindset

‘Programming’ and ‘Simulation’ is a appealing crucial skill for robotics. It doesn't matter if you're concerned in low-level control systems (only using MATLAB to design controllers) or if you're a computer scientist designing high-level cognitive systems. You need not to learn all in order to become robotics engineer , just a good mindset with the knowledge of programming language.

Active Learining Defines The “New You”

There are several many topics within robotics that it is unattainable to learn all of them before you need the qualification, challenges, skills you need all of them for a project.  Indeed, you will see that people with a good degree and PHG holders has not smashed the topics of the profile. Well, being high-quality at Active Learning is an essential skill all the way through your whole career.


Well, there is not any core skills in robotics it’s just you need to have skills within yourself and yes... mathematics  some where you will see as it is difficult or challenging but  if you are keen interested n that then nobody can stop to become robotics engineer . Some topics like algebra, trigonometry and few many are a part of this profile as for your understanding kinetics and technical drawing is being done therefore these topics plays major role there.

Judgement And Decision Making

There would be much chance that will come in your life that you need to be judgmental, Being a Good roboticists means a continually making Engineering decisions. And at times, you need to take decisions like- Should you program with ROS or another system? 

Technology Design       

Being proficient at technology Design means Generating or adapting equipment and technology to serve user needs. New designing skills means one step to become robotics engineer an ability to get the work done is truly a mark of talented roboticist.


It might be persistence in trying to find the solution to a for the most part difficult problem, or diligence in trying to explain a complex topic to others. Good roboticists will also prop up their persistence with Dependability, proving them to be as knowledgeable and flexible as robotics requires them to survive while in becoming a robotics engineer.    


What my “CORE SUBJECTS “ should be ?

Mathematics:- You need not to be “John NASH “, it is just you should have good hands over basic mathematics to become robotics engineer which says a good grasp knowledge over’ Algebra and Geometry’  as these all are the subjects which needs to get deeply brush up.

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Physics (or another science) – you should have a good understanding of science in all the branches of engineering. Subjects like physics are important because many concepts get open in a vast nature, hence the topics like- ‘energy, electrical circuits, mechanics, and material science’ plays very important role into this, to become a robotics engineer.

Other Useful Sybjects
  • Computing and programming
  • Design and Technology
  •  The Body-Mechanical engineering
  • Manufacturing engineering
  • The nervous system-Electrical and Electronic engineering
  • Industrial engineering
  • The Brain – Computer Science

An example showing the qualification with the salary structure is underneath:-

Bachelor's degree minimum, but a master's degree recommended; Ph.D. also available
Job Skills
Creativity, math and science skills, team oriented
Median Salary (2015)*
$95,900 (for engineers not categorized, including robotics engineers)


Challenges come into this field is when randomly you need to design robots and autonomous systems with the I/O technology and that’s what robotic engineer will work by accepting all challenges to become a robot maker.

1. Better Batteries

The first challenge is what NAS roboticists are creating to this embedded hardware to help with this. They are working to add built-in self-diagnostic and monitoring APIs to Compact RIO and NI Single-Board RIO platforms.

2. Better Actuators

As far as batteries is concerned  , NI named as a national instrument do not make actuators even they have more than 30 years of experience actuator connectivity  also they focus on how to improve the interaction with and control of actuators challenge.

3. Industry-Grade Robotics Software

To make powerful software Robotcists need to design autonomous systems and that software should not be similar to any robot or to any task; it should be open algorithms and should be powerful enough to solve difficult problems.

4. Software In-Work
Creating innovative ideas with new ideas is in the genes of ROBOTICISTS by integrating robot – specific sensors and avoiding obstacles with kinetics algorithms as well as by visualizing its capabilities.

 Get Details: Jobs By Qualification

A good ADVICE for robotics learners..

In the journey of becoming robotics engineer you need to develop your knowledge in all of the other areas but that does not mean that we would be expert because in every moment of time we will be able to get more things and ought to learn more with the course of time. While to become robotics engineer; hence you need to stay focuses towards your career.

Some Great Advice from NASA robotics professionals on how to GET STARTED IN ROBOTICS.

There are really countless ways to acquire ongoing in robotics. The explanation things are to add-on your knowledge with hands-on activities and keep learning! ”

Well, for the convenience I have provided some colleges in India and abroad too which would lend a hand to make you polish in your career through creativity.

Have a look on below given links

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