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How To Increase Learning Power | 10 Steps To Enhance Learning Ability


How To Increase Learning Power

How To Increase Learning Power : Learning is a part of our life, we cannot stop learning at any point or at any age and a strong memory depends on what we eat because all it effects on your brain. Here in this article we would be guiding and suggesting by helping you with 10 Steps to Enhance Learning Ability.
How To Increase Learning Power
Even if you are student at school or a college student or working professional you can stay with the sharp mental brain Because as we have discussed above that there is no particular age to learn, age is just a number, it is us who has to keep out mind set accordingly and our mind with body will go in that direction indeed, most of our learning depends our teachers or qualifications to achieve high levels of personal performance and achievement.

How To Increase Learning Power

Be clear about what it is you want to learn

How To Increase Learning Power
Abstraction comes in the journey or at the time when you are learning or maybe you are losing the power to keep the things in your mind and in this way you are unable to achieve the learning goals, But we are not talking about that kind of learning, it is seen that when learning is planned and set then there is a much better chance of improving performance.

Preparation Phase

When you are going to learn any chapter or anything in your professionalism then find a good space or make a peaceful mindset by removing all disturbances, if you have a computer and at the time of learning, your computer is on then we must request you to pit off your computer.

Blank Out Your Mind And Body Of Concerns. 

At the time of learning, you must blank your mind from all the distractions or either to freshen up your mind you can do one thing, you can take shower and then make yourself prepare for the study.

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Learning Phase

Get all your learning material and start reading, learning etc. take a deep breath and without paying attention to any other things beside you, Read EVERY line, and every important piece of information.  And believe us...!! You will not forget any single thing.

Retaining Phase

Once you are done with the learning then it is the time of retention, get up and take a quick jog or a fast walk, or anything which make your mind fresh or either active in order to remember the information. As our brain likes and welcome some big and large thing to remember rather than dull and boring one.


Once you are done with retainment process of learning the relax yourself and repeat all procedure and do this for 1 to 2 hour, by taking every 15 minutes break. Organize everything and make a time table or schedule the things and repeat the same thing on a daily note

Create A Personal Learning Contract

You should give commitment to yourself that personal learning is a contract and a commitment to all the monitoring progress. So when you are learning, be punctual and make a personal learning contract that you will get up once you are done with your learning things.

Get A Good Night's Sleep

If you have taken proper sleep then your brain will function properly and this will enhance your memory and would help you to "practice" and improve your performance in the time of challenging skills. 

Play Brain Games

How To Increase Learning Power
Try to play brain game as this will help you to boost your memory and would sharp your brain however in this way your brain will function with appropriate stimulus, you can neutralize this degeneration.

How To Increase Learning Power
Exercise is the main and basic thing to work at optimum capacity by stimulating nerve cells and make them protective for damage. Exercise make you more active and your nerves cells runs more actively and this makes you to more active and the learning power gets increased.

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