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Improve Your Writing Skills For Exam | 11 Techniques to Write Faster

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Improve Your Writing Skills For Exam

Improve Your Writing Skills For Exam: Writing is in our habit since from our childhood but still when it comes to write fast in exam we are not able to write quickly or faster, everybody finds out how to improve the writing skills in exam so here in this article we have come With 11 techniques to write faster .
Improve Your Writing Skills For Exam
Even if you are preparing for exam or either you are making article, note – making, everybody has hurry to make it done before the date or before the time and when it come to write faster then it gets very difficult so for this we have mentioned d steps and techniques which will be very helpful to make you speedy and to write faster:-

Improve Your Writing Skills For Exam

Practice Practice And Practice..!!

Practice makes  man perfect so ,the more you will practice the more hands will get open in writing  and  you should practice to write something as in this manner your hands will get open thus practice of writing is that technique in which  you can increase longhand speed, too, as well as shorthand speed.

Make An Outline

You should know when you are about to write or is about to answer any question, when you are writing something long and without thinking then in between it gets messy so remember to think about what you are writing and try to outline beforehand what you are writing like as the main headings as in this way you will get help from those outlines.

Stay Away From The Distractions

When you are writing the nothing should go in your mind, it would be better if you will dray away from the distractions because if you will be constantly interrupted then you would not be focused what to write, stop thinking what others are thinking for you, do what best fits in to you, and when you are practicing then for making your speed you can use some background music to make yourself active or may be the song that inspires you.

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Set A Timer

When you are doing practice or when you are writing any answer you can do one thing, you can set a timer as this would be stressful to complete the work in starting but once you get accomplished with this technique then it will be very easy for you achieve yourself with the good speedy speed of writing hence you would have a good idea that what question takes how much time and in this way you can set timer.

Take A Topic And Write

Improve Your Writing Skills For Exam
When you are writing or either doing practice then do not stuck in between  that what to write you can write anything because you are doing practice and thus in practice you can write anything like as your favorite topic , or the stuff which you like the most.

Don’t Be Afraid To Say What You Think

When you are writing anything or an answer then you must write something differently or either exact on exam as may be examiner or the readers might have gone bore by reading the same thing so when you are writing, write creatively. So when you are writing you should focus on the reader or either on the examiner.

Find The Peaceful When You Are Writing

We are mentioning this because when you are doing practice of writing then you must find the peaceful place to write and hence in this way your mind will get develop and the thoughts will come out fluently; experiment this and believe me you will find the difference.

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Loosen Your Grip While Writing

Improve Your Writing Skills For Exam
You will find many pens in market while will force your fingers and will squeeze around the barrel by creating the unnecessary strain over on the fingers and wrist whenever you are writing, one thing you can do is you can reduce the pressure you apply to write and in this way you will feel comfortable while writing.

Position Of Sitting While Writing

 Whenever you are writing or even if you are practicing then  the position of writing must be right  , you need not to lay down over on the desk as in this way you will add additional weight over on your arms and thus it will make you felt asleep.

Loosen Your Grip

Tight grips of pen will end up with messy writing whereas relaxing your grip and applying less downward pressure on the paper would make you to write faster and which will lead to with fluid writing.

Engage Your Arm

Use your arm for side movements of you arm like for up and down and should try to minimize the wrist movement as we are mentioning this because this will give rest to your arm.

A person who has strong writing skills in English or in any language with the good practice and determination is called a good writer as we all know that no one is born a good writer and to become a good writer leads with hard work and time also with the time and anybody can be a good writer but only through practice. And thus, as per experience, everybody has a different reason why  one want to improve their writing  Maybe  you  need to improve your writing for work  or either for your exam.
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