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Problems You May Face In New College | Freshers Must Know About Them


Problems You May Face In New College

Problems You May Face In New College: When student passes his 12th class and plans to go to college, the first thing get appeared in his mind that whether he would be able to adjust in college or not. How his roommates would be and many more, so in this regards we would be discussing the points which Freshers Must Know About Them.
Problems You May Face In New College
As we all are aware that we cannot get the home environment in college or either at our hostel, and we talk about college then going to college for any fresher is a challenge in itself. Hence, we know that college means living away from parents, from close friends also it includes being broke, stressed and nobody to hear your complain, nobody to share yourself.

Problems You May Face In New College

Freshers Must Know About Them

Ragging Or Hazing

Although in college, ragging is banned as per the zero termination policy. Still we can see many ragging in colleges also in  hostels, and because of this many authorities get to worry that why and how incidents come into the picture and this gave a bad name  to college and by seeing this  fresher’s worry about and dream off that what senior would give them the task to annoy them.

Losing Touch With School Close Friends

We all know that the childhood life cannot be forgotten and also the friends we make at that time are the best friends. And when we move to college, many of our friends get parted from us and many few of them, we do not get able to see them again but just get in contact to them via social website.

Roommate Issues
Problems You May Face In New College
This is the most important thing which every college fresher face as what we like, may be the another person dislike  so in the end it is us who has to adjust or need to deal with the roommate, even when the roomie is your stuff without your permission or not you ought to adjust with that also or coming in noisily at 4 a.m. and waking you up from a sound sleep or having their study group over every single night , and when you say about them that this is annoying you so this make negative environment for both of the roomies. Indeed it gets very difficult to start the conversation which is worst part very fresher has to face.


Now we are away from our home and parents so we cannot get the home food , so in that when we see that out college food is not healthy , we sometimes ignore eating and this makes us go sick, and if you eat fatty and fried food, nobody will stop you neither no one will ask you to do exercise, it is you who ahs to remain healthy.

Not Much Money

College students are seen with empty hands reason behind because they are running with the issue of college career and whenever they have to go anywhere they ask money from their parents and it is their wish to give money as accordingly to the situation   try not to spend money on unnecessary things.

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We all remember that when it is raining our mom use to stay back home or either if we sniffle a bit she made us to stay back home from school, she let us watch television and make us to rest. In college when you are happy then happy with friends but when you are sick then you are sick all alone and you cannot skip the college because the attendance quota

Drugs And Partying

Many of the students dream to do everything when they reach college because they feel free and away from parents as they think that there is nobody to stop them so they try to experiment everything. Indeed many of the students experiment alcohol and drugs and later this get into their habit; also there are some few students who are being forced to take drugs so in this they take and get addicted to it.

Being Eternally Broke

We get broke sometimes because of the lack of money and funds, thus we have to think before we buy anything like a thin line and sometimes the situation come that we are not able to afford from a cheapest place too hence, College means surviving on mess food, living on a shoestring budget, street shopping and using public transport as there are lot o things which we have to (fresher) needs to follow as per the authority rules and regulations..

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