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8 Things You Must Stop Doing This Diwali | Do's & Don'ts for Prosperous Diwali


8 Things You Must Stop Doing This Diwali

Diwali is well known for colorful lights, sweets and a festival of lights which is celebrated all over the country. Know which 8 Things You Must Stop Doing This Diwali, as Beside knowing that there are so many things that effects badly on our environment specially on Deepawali, check out here Do's & Don'ts for Prosperous Diwali. When it comes to Diwali, the common things one like to do is meeting up friends, relatives, burst firecrackers, have delicious dinner and booze the night out. Well, there are so many in-toxic ways to celebrate Diwali can be a lot more fun provided you give in to the festive spirit.

Though, Diwali comes only once every year, but think once about many other ways and read here which is exactly why you should go a little out of your way to make it memorable, but in healthy and safe way. This, Diwali Let’s light ‘Diyas’, candles, decorate full house, meet relatives/friends, stuff ourselves with food, SET OFF CRACKERS and that’s a happy end “Hogayidiwali”.

8 Things You Must Stop Doing This Diwali

This year, why don’t we try something different? Just check, here's a list of all activities that you can take a stand against, this Diwali to make a better Deepawali;

#Stop being selfish and Share / Donate More

8 Things You Must Stop Doing This Diwali

A good way to make your Diwali a happy one would be to brighten somebody else’s day. 
  • Distribute sweets/ clothes to needs, do some charity to help the needy.
  • Help others celebrate the festival. For some eating food three times a day can be a celebration.
  • Go ahead and do what you feel like to help others in any possible means you can.

#Say No to Firecrackers

8 Things You Must Stop Doing This Diwali
Yes, that’s more than essential, we all know bad effects that firecrackers have on our environment but still we continue. 
  • And also leading to harmful air and noise pollution and adding up to the cause of global warming.
  • Diwali is a festival of ‘lights’ and not ‘noise’ and ‘smoke’, therefore, try stay away from bursting firecrackers.

#Stop trying to make the city noisier and the air worse!

8 Things You Must Stop Doing This Diwali
  • Do you really need to burst 10,000 bomb ladi to feel the Diwali fever? Oh please, stop wasting money for this pollution making stuff.
  • Let’s light up some essential oils diyas, candles and also have a DJ system with high volume to your favorite tune and dance the night away.
#Don't pass on unwanted gifts to others who might not want them!

8 Things You Must Stop Doing This Diwali
  • We know you have to show your love through gifts; but why buy or pass on tacky gifts that even you don’t like?
  • Make a pretty handmade cards or paint posters, same stuff and decorate a set of DIY diyas.

#Stop fake smiling to people who don't matter!

8 Things You Must Stop Doing This Diwali

Cummon’ you don’t have to unnecessary smiling even to those who you know well!
  • Instead of meeting up people you even don’t like, simply stay at home and spend some time watching TV with your family!
  • If there is one thing that's even more tiring than driving in the Diwali traffic jam - it's the fake smiling!

#Stop trying to light up your house like the Eiffel Tower!

8 Things You Must Stop Doing This Diwali

There is no point of spending, actually wasting a month's salary on buying LED lights to light up every corner of your house.
  • If you're trying to make your house like the Eiffel Tower, then please drop this idea!
  • Instead of burning money on electricity, light diyas at the entrance of your house and a few strategically placed candles over house boundary or even on terrace. 

#Stop force feeding mithai!

8 Things You Must Stop Doing This Diwali

Ek aur, tujhey meri kasam no more!  “Arre bas ek hi, ek aur lo na” (and ek aur and ek aur…) Laddoos, chaklis, mathris are all good, But why so many? Find a creative yet polite excuse “I eat food cooked only in olive oil” or “Aaj mera Radhe ma aka vrat hai”. Put a stop to well-meaning relatives and an expanding waistline.

#Buy something usefull but not for Show-Off!

Yep! You must purchase a stuff or things that you can use later too and a item for show-off! Be smart and spend your hard earned cash on stupid things just for show off.
  • Try some timeless ensembles that you can accessories with some incredible offerings from Shaze! 
  • Chunky statement pieces with a hint of gold that can be customized, this jewellery can actually end up ‘up cycling’ your existing wardrobe. 

8 Things You Must Stop Doing This Diwali

Team, Privatejobshub.in, wish you all A Happy and A Safe Diwali! But guys don’t forget to share this message for prosperous Diwali with your friends! Take Care…

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