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Prasar Bharati Previous Question Papers | Free Download PDF Model Test


Prasar Bharati Previous Question Papers

Prasar Bharati Previous Question Papers: Prasar Bharati Previous Question Papers are available here. Applicants who are preparing for the prasar bharti recruitment exam and want to score well can take help from the previous year question papers available on this page. In the below section we are going to provide you a list of questions with answers and with their help you can prepare for your examination easily.

Prasar Bharati Previous Question Papers

The level of competition of the exam conducted for the recruitment in prasar bharti is comparatively high that’s why a huge number of candidates apply for these exams. And at the time of preparing all they need is the best study material and revising the previous year papers is one of the most adopted ideas by the candidates so far. Wiling applicants can get these question papers from this page which created to help them in some way. We hope the information we are providing will prove to be helpful for the applicants who want to achieve success in the exam conducted by prasar bharti, New Delhi.

Prasar bharti is today one of the leading government broadcast organization which recruits employees by conducting various exams in written form. You can get the whole details about   Prasar Bharati Previous Question Papers by going through this page which is specially designed for you by the team of privatejobshub.in

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Prasar Bharati Previous Question Papers

Here are some of the question which will definitely help you in preparing for the exam, the questions are:

Q1.  If   other    things    remain   unchanged,   the demand of a commodity is a function of   

(A)  Income of the consumers   
(B) Level of savings in a society
(C)  Price of that commodity     
(D) Taste of the consumer

Ans. (C)   Price of that commodity     

Q2. At the Second Round Table Conference, the Indian National Congress was represented by

(A)  Jawaharlal Nehru                     
(B) Mahatma Gandhi
(C)   Rajendra Prasad                      
( D)  Vallabhbhai  Patel

Ans. (B) Mahatma Gandhi

Q3. Selling costs are the expenses of a firm on

(A)  Sales promotion activities           
(B)   Means of transportation
(C)   Factors of production                   
(D) Government taxes

Ans. (A) Sales promotion activities        

Q4.   The most important feature of monopolistic competition is

(A)  Absence of selling costs                  
(B)   Homogeneous product
(C)   Price discrimination                          
(D)   Product differentiation

Ans. (D)    Product differentiation

Q5. Which committee was constituted for reforms in Tax structure?

(A)  Narasimham Committee              
(B)  Chelliah Committee
(C)  Gadgil Committee                           
(D)  Y.V. Reddy Committee

Ans. (B)    Chelliah Committee

Q6. . Blue Revolution is related to

(A)  Fish production                      
(B) Milk production
(C)  Oil production                         
(D) Food production

Ans. (A) Fish production

Q7. Who said “The  State exists  for individuals, individuals do not exist for the State"?

(A)  C.E.M. Joad                  
(B)   Barker
(C)  Laski                              
(D)  Machiavelli

Ans. (C)  Laski

Q8. 1942 Movement was called as

(A)  Civil Disobedience Movement    
(B)  Khilafat Movement
(C)  Quit India Movement                    
(D)  Passive Resistance (Satyagraha) Movement

Ans. (C) Quit India Movement

Q9. Who wrote the book 'Politics'?

(A)  Bodin                        
(B)  Rousseau
(C)  Mill                           
(D) Aristotle

Ans. (D) Aristotle

Q10. Who was appointed   to investigate   into the assassination of Mrs. Indira Gandhi?

(A) Juslice Kania                
(B) Justiec M.P.Thakkar
(C)  Justice Jain                  
(D)  Justice Vcnkataramaiah

Ans. (B) Justice M.P.Thakkar

Q11. Why did Aurangzeb become unpopular?

(A)  He was not religiously tolerant           
(B)  He was not a good administrator
(C)  He was not a scholar                           
(D)  He was not extravagant

Ans. (A) He was not religiously tolerant    
Q12. Whose theory has been called by Macpherson as 'developmental democracy’?

(A)  James Mill                            
(B)  John Stuart Mill
(C)  Bentham's democracy        
(D)  Locke's democracy

Ans. (B) John Stuart Mill

Q13. Black  soil  is    mainly      derived           from   the weathering of

(A)  Granites            
(B)   Basalts
(C)   Limestone       
(D)  Sandstones

Ans. (B)   Basalts

Q14. Fungi and insects have one of the following as   a common factor:

(A)   Chitin                                        
(B)   Cuticular covering
(C)  Water absorbing system       
(D) Reproductive system

Ans. (A)   Chitin    

Q15. Which of the following is the best nuclear fuel for the nuclear reactor?

(A)   Uranium - 236              
(B)  Thorium – 236
(C)   Plutonium – 239          
(D)   Neptunium - 239   
Ans.  (C)   Plutonium – 239   

Q16. Which of the following radiations forms a part of electromagnetic spectrum?

(A)  Alpha rays            
(B)  Beta rays
(C)  Cathode rays      
(D) Gamma rays     
Ans. (D) Gamma rays       

Q17.  Who heads the National Planning Commission of India?

(A)  The President             
(B)  The Prime Minister
(C)  The Finance Minister  
(D)  The Planning Minister 

Ans.   (B)  The Prime Minister

Q18. Hong Kong today, is part of

(A)  United Kingdom             
(B)  China  
(C)  Taiwan                                
(D)  Japan

Ans. (B) China        

Q19. Human hair is made up of

(A)   Protein                           
(B)  Protein and DNA
(C)  Protein and RNA            
(D)  DNA and RNA

Ans. (A)   Protein                
Q20. Which is the oldest and richest language of South India?

(A)  Telugu                        
(B)  Sanskrit
(C)  Tamil                          
(D)  Kannada

Ans. (C) Tamil    

Q21. One who officially gives expert legal advice to the Government of India is

(A)  The Attorney General                
(B)  The Auditor General
(C)  The Chief Justice of lndia           
(D)  Public Service Commission

Ans. (A) the Attorney General       

Q22. Which day is celebrated as International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit 'I'Tafficking?

(A)  31"' May                    
(B)  4th June
(C) 51h June                       
(D)  26th June      

Ans. (D) 26th June      

Q23. The "Earth Day" is celebrated on

(A)  22nd April            
(B)  21st April
(C)  14th April             
(D)  7th April

Ans. (A) 22nd April            

Q24. Who among  the  following  is  not cartoonist?

(A)  Sudhir Dar            
(B)   Laxman
(C)  Kutty                      
(D)  Ravi Shankar

Ans. (D) Ravi Shankar

Q25. Who is the Attorney General of India?

(A)  Ashwani Kumar                
(B)  Goolam E. Vahanvati
(C)  Shatrughan Singh              
(D) A.K. Shalla

Ans. (B) Goolam E. Vahanvati

The prasar bharti organization came into existence on 23rd November 1997 and it was the only public setup company at that time. And now it has a vast set up, candidates can apply for being recruited in it and can check the exam details to qualify easily.

Note: You can get more information about prasar bharti previous year question papers by being updated on our page and you can bookmark us by using cntrl+D.

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