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SBI PO vs. IBPS PO! Which is better? Finest Differences to help you Choose



Are you looking for Comparison between SBI PO vs. IBPS PO! Which is better? We are here to solve your confusion. As we know banking sector is in itself is the largest recruiting sector in the recent years. And large number of aspirants dreamed to be at any prestigious position such as PO in any government bank. Those aspirants, who are confused in SBI PO vs. IBPS PO!, like which one to choose for better career, must go through this page as we have provided the Finest Differences that help you Choose between SBI PO and IBPS PO based on various parameters. These factors include salary, job description, career growth, perks and benefits and work environment etc.

Making the best choice among the recruiting bodies, SBI or IBPS and after recruitment process in the banking sector the two most required are either SBI PO or IBPS PO. Both these recruitment examinations are conducted every year and a large number of candidates participate in these exams. These exams are conducted in order to get selected for an executive post in any public sector bank. Candidates are advised to look at the details of both of these jobs so that candidate can attain an idea of what they may face ahead once they secure the job of a banker in any PSB.


Team of privatejobshub.in has provided complete details regarding the career scope as a PO in SBI or any IBPS bank. Interested candidates must comprehend complete page in accordance with choosing better one by comparing different factors.

Distinguished factors to Choose/Better: SBI PO vs. IBPS PO

Brief Intro
SBI is the nationalized and largest commercial bank of the country which approaches towards recruiting the skilled and employed aspirants in the officer cadre across all the branches of country. Getting a job in SBI is a dream comes true kind of state for any individual as this bank offers decent salary package, promotion policy and the social status and other.
IBPS is leading institute in banking sector which organizes various recruitment exams throughout the year. Aspirants selected through IBPS exams gets placed in any participating public sector banks of the country excluding SBI.

Job Profile
Working as probationary officer in State Bank OF India is like you will always finding a long queue all the time in front of you in a proper note. You have to get into the groove and pass receipts, payments, cheques, fund transfers, authorize account opening, fixed deposit etc.
Getting selection as PO through IBPS exam will either let you to manage any general banking department or the credit department of the bank.
Earnings And Grant
Beside basic salary SBI PO gets everything starting from housing, furniture, medical, conveyance, book grant, briefcase grant etc.  That is why; the salary in SBI is more than any other PSB.
Earnings and grants offered by any PSB are obviously less than the salary received by SBI Officer. Rather than that you get a decent salary to live a decent life. However, you get mostly similar allowances in all the banks.
Promotion Policy
Promotion policies of SBI are best and very attractive as within two years of your service, you can get promoted to the next scale if you pass the departmental examination.
Normally all the banks are having same promotion policy since they confirm to the rule of the government regarding promotions and transfers.
One who wishes to grow fast with this sector must go for departmental examinations which held from time to time.
One must be fully prepared with working in any area of country. As SBI is having large no. of branches, so can be posted anywhere that includes remote villages as well.
You may be posted anywhere in India as mostly every public sector bank has the most number of branches in a particular region of the country.
Work Pressure
With expressive salary, this profile comes up with a heavy work load as you are responsible for the profit of your branch. However, you achieve additional incentives for good work as well.
One of the advantages of doing work in any PSB except SBI, as here, work load is less as compared to work stress of any SBI officer.

Social Status
Being an officer in country’s largest commercial bank will grant you a vast social status compared to any officer in other commercial bank of the country.
You will be getting lot of respect and value of being an officer of a public sector bank, you are socially well placed.

Check Whether You are Eligible or not?

Statistical data of SALARY to make Comparison in Detail: SBI PO vs. IBPS PO

Salary Structure
 Amount (SBI PO)
Amount (IBPS PO)
Basic Pay
INR 27620 
INR 23700
Annual Increment
INR 980 for 7 years
INR 980 for 7 years
Dearness Allowance (DA)
39.80% of the Basic Pay (Revised Quarterly)
39.80% of the Basic Pay (Revised Quarterly)
City Compensatory Allowance
@4%, 3% or 0% (Depends on the place of posting)
@4%, 3% or 0% (Depends on the place of posting)
Special Allowance
@ rate of  7.75%
7.75% of the Basic Pay
House Rent Allowance
Depends on place of posting
9%, 8% or 7% (Depends on the place of posting)
Total Salary
INR 45,000 per month (It may vary as per the HRA)
INR 37,360 -38,700 per month

Check Revised Pay Structure (In Detail Way):

Probationary Officer Perks offered by IBPS and SBI Banks

Leased Rental Accommodation:

A Probationary Officer is granted with the housing facilities under HRA policies of bank. Under this policy direct cash payment is not provided, rather bank transfer required fund for accommodation to the House Owner.
  • In SBI: Leased accommodation range from INR 8,000/- in ‘C’ category Centers to INR 29,500/- in Mumbai Centre.
  • In IBPS Banks: Official Bank Accommodation/Bank Quarter are provided as leased accommodation.
 Travelling Benefits:
  • In SBI: A PO also receives travelling concessions and allowances if they are visiting to the places within India. Employees can even get benefit of the bank guest houses available at various places across India.
  • In IBPS Banks: Employees can purchase vehicles from Bank’s side instead of petrol bills and can also stay at Banks’ Guest Houses while visiting various places across India.
Medical Benefits:
  • In SBI: SBI offers 100% Medical Facilities to the employees and 75% to their family members.
  • In IBPS Banks: The employees working within IBPS Banks are paid INR 8000 per annum for Medical Aid facility.
Have a look on these Links:
 Leave Policies:
  • Leave Policies include 33 days of privilege leave and 12 days of casual leave annually along with sick leave and maternity leave.
  • Women and single men with children or aged parents have the provision to take vacation leave of up to 2 years.
Other Benefits:
  • Pension schemes are so attractive that every employee can spend his rest of life with happiness.
  • PO’s are benefitted with the Housing Loan, Car Loan & Personal Loans on concessionary rate of interest.
  • Bank employees can also be transferred to its respective foreign branches and can get a chance to work in foreign countries.
  • Bank offers scholarships to the meritorious children of all the Bank Employees.
SBI Compensation Scheme:

Probationary Officers are offered highest entry level compensation packages in the banking industry.

The total compensation for PO = Min: INR 7.55 Lacs per annum and Max: INR 12.93 lacs per annum.

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By summarizing all we just conclude that Both IBPS PO and SBI PO are better jobs in their own respect. Basically analyzing best one from both jobs depends upon the person’s expectation from that job. So, if you thinking of to be placed all life as a reputed banker, go for SBI. But if you are going to leave the job or you don’t want much stress, IBPS PO is your bet. Aspirants are advised to make better choice as both are rewarding career choices.

Best of Luck All!!!!!

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