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Study In India vs Study Abroad | Which Is Better? MBA, MBBS, Engg, Law


Study In India vs Study Abroad

If we talk about education system in India we can say it’s good! Here’s a exclusive discussion on Study In India vs Study Abroad, let’s read and find out Which Is Better? Whether it’s a course in MBA, MBBS, Engg or Law, go further and research about study in India or Abroad, which one is better! Though Education/ learning is an actual foundation of one’s success, but in present world there are so many things like culture and mindset of different races affecting badly in educational field.

Study In India vs Study Abroad
And to be more specific, there is a difference between taking up education in the western countries or learning and taking degree in India only. In fact, India still somehow lacks behind as in education system also, education is based on forward and backward class and this actually ruins a quality education.

Education System;

The development and progress of course depends on the education of a country and the one which has the best education systems is the actually developed nation of the world. The biggest reason for lack in aspect of education system in India is that actually doesn’t give us the courage to face real life situations.

Good education is every person’s right and secondary; education is what teaches the facts and realistic things in the most possible ways and not the theories only. The main features of a good education system are:
  • Free Education Till Middle Level
  • High Emphasis On Practical
  • Encouragement Of Creativity
  • Developing Good Education Policy Every Year
  • Implementation Of Education Policy
  • Proper Budget For Education
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So, these above listed are most important to make an education system a good one. It is the nature of human being that they precisely understand what they practiced as compared to the theory they read.

Foreign Education System over Indian Education System

The education system of India emphasizes on theory while in foreign countries like England, America, Australia etc, there are separate practical classes even for the students of grade one. They teach students to perform what they are learning from books. In India, most of the budget is spend on making weapons and tools, making infrastructure good but still not doing it so properly, but country’s authority should understand that India will be nothing without education. So the emphasis should be on the development of good education system.

Study in India vs. Study Abroad | Which Is Better?
  • The Indian education system in comparison with the foreign education system has many faults. Very first is that in India there’s no free education in mostly parts of India. Though, children under age of 10 from poor families / below poverty line cannot get the necessary education and they are forced to work. In many developed countries of the world, education is free to some level, this encourages people to education their children.
  • Here’s a note on ‘Why Foreign Education System is better Than Indian Education System?’….  Well, the foreign education is much better than Indian education, this is because India is still behind the race of caste and education.

No one thought that why there is no Bill Gates in India… and actually why our Indian students prefer to study abroad and youth of our country prefer to settle in abroad for bright future. Well, you must know answers!

If you too facing a problem and in a confusion that, where to study, in India only or in Abroad? Then read here few benefits that you may only have at great pace if you prefer to study in abroad…

It’s like Living a Dream; Yes! The studying abroad is no longer a dream as distance doesn’t matter. And this is also affordable; people can have plenty of education loans and scholarships even at international level of higher education.

Scholarships; These are Scholarships are available, opened at whole wide world of possibilities and you can have one to go for study abroad!

A Global Outlook; This means there’s a huge job possibilities available, When you study abroad. When you study abroad and work as an employee in even a very small firm then generally you understand their culture and lifestyle. Even while working you get some or the other work to do!

Career Benefits; candidates who complete a degree in abroad in any academic scores are offered with a chance to secure a relevant job in that particular country.

Quality of Education; obvious, institutions there offers excellent courses.
So, definitely it is cleared that why, education in foreign or study abroad is actually a better option. Guys, for any query or to contact, please post your comments below ……

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