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CBSE Move On To Be Cashless Over 18000 Schools | from 1st January 2017


CBSE Move On To Be Cashless Over 18000 Schools

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Joseph Emmanuel, buzzed India with his announcement that over 18000 schools related to Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) will be move on to be cashless from 1st January 2017 on Saturday. Joseph Emmanuel, who is board secretary notified to the principal secretary of the board, from January approx 18000 schools which are belonging to CBSE will work on cashless mode. The Board of the Central Government is not mention anywhere about Notbandi but they said that schools will receive online fee from next month.

CBSE Move On To Be Cashless Over 18000 Schools

What was the reaction of other schools on this announcement?
  • “Starting January, over 18000 CBSE-affiliated schools to go cashless” this statement hit on so many minds and some take it well or some are against, so let’s see what did they say?
  • Other schools principal said that, it is great decision for school finance department because the burden of the departmental heads will be less due to this announcement. They praise the decision of the director of a school board.
  • Bdjate, who is the principal of Jain International School, said that this movement will support Modi Ji Notbandi act. With the help some reports we find that, most of the schools are ready to work on this announcement and some are already use online transaction in their school.

What This Decision Can Change?
  • As we all know that every decision changes a lot and “Change is the rule of nature” so there are so many changes in schools after this declaration, so please have a look downwards -
  • It is said by affiliated schools that department will be hand out salary to staff through bank transfers.
  • Complete payments of Schools will also pay in non-cash mode like various services, procurements, and wages to contractual workers and other transactions.
  • It will be also decided that authorities can persuade the use of top-up cards in canteens and parents will be asked to pay for uniforms and books through cashless modes.   

How This Statement Will Work?
  • School authorities have been aware to the parents about this new rule in Parent Teachers Meeting (PTM) and interact with then for getting their views.
  • It is also said to the parents to spread out this news and benefits of it also to their surroundings.
  • So many programmes such as workshops, seminars, competitions, essay writing, slogan writing and all organized by the school authorities to aware students and indoctrinate the habit of adopting cashless payments in their daily life.
  • It is announced that collection of fees for examination, affiliation and various activities will pay in form of e-payment facilities.
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After the statement of Prime Minister Narendra Modi every school prefers the method of non – cash method of fee payment. It is just try to boost his statement of cashless transaction. We should support this declaration and look at the advantages of cashless business deals.

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