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Did Demonetization Affect Employment? Know Where You Find a Job Right Now


Did Demonetization Affect Employment

Demonetization, a situation to which everyone is dealing today. Sometimes I think that “Did Demonetization Affect Employment”? I Wanted To Know That Where You Find a Job Right Now? In search of the answer to this question I have visited many employing sectors and met other people who are dealing with this situation. And then I got the answer that yes, it is affecting the employment in many ways.

Realty, housing finance loses out; banks, chemical firms could gain. 

Did Demonetization Affect Employment          
Today I want to share what I found,

Employment- Why someone wants to do a job? The simple answer is to earn money. And the demonetization is affecting the money, and due to which the nation is getting exaggerated.

As long as you keep getting up in the morning and as long as you keep getting up when you fall down, you’re always going to make at least one step forward.

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Which sector got affected?

                                      Did Demonetization Affect Employment
1.    People work on seasonal basis: like a labour who knows knitting, now he is unemployed because the man who was going to hire that labourer does not have money to pay.

2. Production workers: people whose work is all related to producing items. The production sector needs raw material and to buy the raw material the owner needs money, and due to lack of money the production falls.

3.   Transport business: many people works in transport like carrying goods from one place and then bringing them to another. But due to less sale and purchase of raw material and other goods they are also sitting empty hands.

4. Daily wage employees: the people who work on daily wages are also a bit tensed as now many people have lessen their work which leads to the unemployment of that persons.

5. People looking for jobs in production sector: there are many fresh candidates who want to achieve growth in production sector but now they are not getting chance due to less production and less need of employees.

6. Raw material owners: raw material owners are also tensed as due to less money people are not busying that much raw material for further work that’s why they are also facing the same problem.

“One thing I realized that every sector is dependent on another and if one is facing problem due to the demonetization problem then another is also facing the same.”

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On which sectors the effect does not seem that much?
Did Demonetization Affect Employment
Online workings: people who are running online business did not affect that much because online working does not need 500 or 100 notes. There work is as same as before. But yes their offline workings got affected like if they face any problem while working like any electrical issue or else then they also have to think that from where we arrange the 100 notes as 500 and 1000 notes are not applicable.

Banks: people doing jobs in banks are also a bit relieved as all the transactions are being done through banks.

Many government sectors: people working is government sector are still secure in terms of their employment as they know that the demonetization can affect their personal lives but not their professional life as their jobs are secure.

Who is getting benefits of demonetization?

Since most of the cash in circulation now will be converted to bank deposits, banks will be the biggest beneficiaries of the demonetization move. “We expect banks to benefit because of more deposits, especially low-cost deposits, though all banks will benefit from this, investors should focus on banks such as HDFC, ICICI that are strong on technology and can leverage the ongoing changes to their advantage.

Did Demonetization Affect Employment  
Now we have to think that where we can get a job?

In spite the fact that every sector is getting affected but then also the unemployed need job. They need to earn for their livelihood and for that they have to get a job. But the subject is that where are the jobs?

If we think about the beneficial side then the sectors where cash transactions are not place is that big sum, there only the person can get a satisfactory job.

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Searching Job In Demonetization Is Like Separating Wheat From Chaff.

In my personal opinion the job opportunities are available in the IT Sectors and in the government sectors.

So, if you are thinking of your career then go for the government sector services, it is the best possible way to have a secure life.

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