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CBSE Schools To Install Lockers For Keeping Books to Cut Bag Load


CBSE Schools To Install Lockers

Being a school boy or girl even you too had suffered a lot with back pain, heavy bags full of books, notebooks. But there’s good news for all, as soon CBSE Schools To Install Lockers. Yes, Central Board of Secondary Education introducing this system To Install Lockers for Keeping Books to Cut Bag Load. Read, it is really helpful for your siblings or kids, go further and explore more.

CBSE Schools To Install Lockers
We all remember how our school days were? Lots of fun, enjoyment and yes most important our heavy school bags with a lot of books. Sometimes it happens that the weight of school bag was much more than our weight. But now this long lasting problem has going to be solved. CBSE Schools are going to Install Lockers for Keeping Books and to Cut Bag Load.

Today the education level is becoming so high and so the weight of books is. And now loading a heavy bag daily is becoming a health concern for parents as their children have to carry too much load every day. Books are important and it is a fundamental factor of gaining education. But the weight of books is becoming a problem so to resolve it The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is going to Install Lockers in schools to help the students in getting rid of carrying heavy books daily.

There are more than 18000 schools which are recognized to CBSE. it is India’s largest board of education and now it is planning to ensconce lockers in every school. Moreover it is going to become a vital rule for every Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) recognized school to settle up lockers in their infrastructures.

Here's what senior official said:

Moreover, a senior official in recent HT reports said, "A number of students and parents have raised this issue and despite us having issued many advisories and directions, a lot still needs to be done. If schools have a locker inside the premises, students will be able to keep books that are not required (at home) in the school itself. The investment by the schools will also be a long-term one and which is why we are planning to link it to affiliation."

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Furthermore, the government is also considering bringing out NCERT books in two volumes to reduce the burden, sources said.

Senior officials of CBSE said that many guardians have complaints regarding the burden of books of their children and were concerns regarding the health issues. Keeping all these things in mind the association has decided to set up the locker facility. So that it will not be mandatory for candidates to carry their heavy books daily. The investment by the schools will also be a long-term that is why they may take it as a burden or will not follow it that is why the association links this with affiliation.

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This time it is not the first chance of government to take any step regarding this burden issue. Last year also authorities have ordered the Central Board of Secondary Education recognized schools that they will not give any homework to 1st or 2nd class students. This move was taken because children were having spine at decisive stage of growth carrying heavy bags may suffer various health issues such as fatigue, back pain, muscle and shoulder pain, and many more.

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