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RPSC Question Paper 2018-19 (Pre-Mains) Sr Teacher/RAS/Lecturer Old Papers


RPSC Question Paper

RPSC Question Paper 2018: Want to qualify RPSC Pre & Mains Exam in first attempt? Then, start you preparations with RPSC Question Paper!!! If, you’ve dream to get selected for RPSC Recruitment as Sr Teacher/RAS/Lecturer, then you must check RPSC Old Papers and prepare well.

By downloading RPSC Previous Paper, you can easily get all the questions that are asked in its recruitment exams. Candidates can also download RPSC Old Question Paper in pdf from here. To download RPSC Question Paper 2018 directly, please scroll down this page.

More Details about RPSC Exam Question Paper

RPSC Previous Questions Paper is helpful to practice in solving as much as questions. Applicants can easily qualify the exam due to the proper practice of RPSC Old Paper of all subjects.

To get complete details regarding RPSC Question Paper 2018-19, you need to go through the below section of this page which is prepared by team of www.privatejobshub.in. Take a look and download now RPSC Model Question Paper With Answer.

RPSC Question Paper

RPSC Teacher Question Paper

RPSC Previous Paper for Sr. Teacher
Gr II (Spl. Edu.)
RPSC Teacher Question Paper PDF

RPSC RAS Question Paper

RPSC Question Paper For RAS Exam
RPSC RAS Exam Question Paper PDF
RPSC RAS Mains Question Paper (Paper-IV)
RAS/RTS Comb. Comp. (MAINS) Exam (Paper-III)
RAS/RTS Comb. Comp. (MAINS) Exam  (Paper-II)
RAS/RTS Comb. Comp. (MAINS) Exam (Paper-I)

RPSC College Lecturer Question Paper

RPSC Online Question Paper
for College Lecturer
RPSC Old Paper PDF

RPSC Junior Accountant Old Question Paper

RPSC Question Paper
for Junior Accountant
RPSC Old Paper In PDF

RPSC Clerk Question Paper:

RPSC Previous Paper For Clerk
GR II Comb. Comp. Exam (Phase II)
RPSC Clerk Question Paper PDF
(Session 8)
(Session 7)
(Session 6)
(Session 5)
(Session 4)
(Session 3)
(Session 2)
(Session 1)

RPSC Solved Papers 2018:

Every year, Rajasthan Public Service Commission organizes various examinations to appoint eligible aspirants for the respective post and massive number of applicants appears to avail jobs in government department.

So contenders if you are going to appear in Rajasthan PSC exam this year can get Rajasthan Public Service Commission Question Paper through this page directly. We have prepared this page with RPSC Last Year Papers willing contenders can get RPSC Question Paper by pressing the below provided links.

Download Here: RPSC Syllabus

Way to Download the RPSC Solved Question Papers:
  • To download the RPSC Old Question Paper, candidates first visit the official site of Rajasthan Public Service Commission that is rpsc.rajasthan.gov.in
  • On home page of official site go to “Candidate Information” section and hit “Question Papers” link.
  • Then, on next page, RPSC Mains Question Paper / RPSC Pre Question Paperof various posts will be displayed on your computer screen.
  • Select and hit the appropriate links related to RPSC 1st Grade Question Paper / RPSC 2nd Grade Teacher Question Paper In Hindi.
  • Now, RPSC Question Papers with Answers will be displayed on your computer screen within second.
  • Download the RPSC Previous Year Question Paper on your desktop or take print out of it and start preparation accordingly.
Get Here: RPSC RAS Exam Pattern

RPSC Question And Answers:

Ques1. Where is the Indus Civilization city Lothal ?

1.    Gujarat
2.    Rajasthan
3.    Punjab
4.    Haryana

Ans: (1)

Ques2. Mohenjo Daro is situated in—

1.    Sindh Province of Pakistan
2.    Gujarat
3.    Punjab
4.    Afghanistan

Ans : (1)

Ques3. Which deity was not worshipped by the Vedic Aryans?

1.    Indra
2.    Marut
3.    Varun
4.    Pashupati

Ans : (4)

Ques4. The Vedanga consists of the—

1.    Kalp, Shiksha, Nirukta, Vyakaran, Chhanda, Jyotish
2.    Kalp, Shiksha, Brahman, Vyakaran, Chhanda, Jyotish
3.    Kalp, Shiksha, Nirukta, Aranyak, Chhanda, Jyotish
4.    Kalp, Upanishad, Nirukta, Vyakaran, Chhanda

Ans : (1)

Ques5. The earliest available work of the Sangam Tamils is—

1.    Pattinappalai
2.    Tirumurugarruppadai
3.    Maduraikanchi
4.    Tolkappiyam

Ans : (4)

Ques6. The Mahavir belonged to the clan—

1.    Kalams
2.    Bhaggas
3.    Lichhivis
4.    Bulis

Ans : (3)

Ques7. The Jain text which contains the biographies of the Tirthankaras is known as—

1.    Bhagwatisutra
2.    Uvasagadasao
3.    Adi Purana
4.    Kalpasutra

Ans : (4)

Ques8. The first Buddhist Sangeeti (conference) was held at—

1.    Vaishali
2.    Pataliputra
3.    Rajgriha
4.    Ujjain

Ans : (3)

Ques9. The propounder of the Madhyamika Philosophy was—

1.    Bhadrabahu
2.    Parshwanath
3.    Sheelbhadra
4.    Nagarjuna

Ans : (4)

Want help in Preparation? Get Tips: Practice Which Helps In Preparation

Ques10. The rules of Buddhist monistic life are laid down, primarily, in—

1.    Tripitaka
2.    Vinayapitaka
3.    Abhidhammapitaka
4.    Suttapitaka

Ans : (2)

Ques11. The battle between Alexander and Porus took place on the bank of river—

1.    Sutlej
2.    Ravi
3.    Jhelum
4.    Ganga

Ans : (C)

Ques12. The first Persian ruler who occupied part of Indian Territory was—

1.    Cyrus
2.    Darius I
3.    Cambyses
4.    Xerxes

Ans : (2)

Ques13. Alexander remained in India for—

1.    29 months
2.    39 months
3.    19 months
4.    10 months

Ans : (3)

Ques14. Gedrosia corresponds to modern—

1.    Baluchistan
2.    Lahore
3.    Multan
4.    Peshawar

Ans : (1)

Ques15. Which of the following statements is not true ?

1.    Formal accession of Asoka was very probably delayed
2.    The fifth rock edict proves the existence of Harems of Asoka’s brothers
3.    Asoka held the viceroyalty of Taxila and Ujjain in the reign of Bindusara
4.    Asoka was the younger brother of Bindusara

Ans : (4)

Ques16. The nirvasita (excluded) and anirvasita (not excluded) Shudras have been referred to—

1.    in the Nirukta of Yaska
2.    in the Ashtadhyayi of Panini
3.    in the Arthashastra of Kautilya
4.    None of the above

Ans : (4)

Ques17. The first translator of Mahabharata into Tamil was—

1.    Perundevanar
2.    Kamban
3.    Sundaramurthi
4.    Bharavi

Ans : (1)

Ques18.  Which one of the following inscriptions of Asoka refers to the grant of concession in land revenue to a village ?

1.    Lumbini Pillar edict
2.    Sarnath Pillar edict
3.    Girnar Rock edict
4.    Sanchi Pillar edict

Ans : (1)

Ques19. Who of the following was not a patron of Jainism ?

1.    Bimbisara
2.    Kharvela
3.    Kanishka
4.    Chandragupta Maurya

Ans : (1)

Ques20. Who was the ambassador in the Court of Bindusara ?

1.    Machiavelli
2.    Megasthenes
3.    Deimachus
4.    Antiochus I

Ans : (3)

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