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Explained! GIF Full Form In All Formats In All Mobile/Desktop Applications FB/Whatsapp


GIF Full Form

GIF or Graphics Interchange Format is a bitmap image format. It was developed by the Steve Wilhite, who is the US-based software writer. When he developed GIF, he was working at the bulletin board service (BBS) provider Compuserve Company. You can know about the GIF Full Form In All Formats as it is explained here. It can be run in All Mobile, Desktop Applications, FB and Whatsapp. Because of the large support and flexibility it is used in all over the world.   

It was developed on June 15, 1987 and since its uses are spread worldwide. The format supports up to 8 bits per pixel for each image and it also supports animations. For decreasing the file size of the GIF images except of changing is the visual quality, it is compressed by using the compression technique such as Lempel–Ziv–Welch (LZW) lossless data compression. Check this page of www.privatejobshub.in to get other details about GIF.

GIF Full form In All Formats

Full form of GIF is Graphics Interchange Format. Graphics Interchange Format uses 8 bit format that supports 256 colours. Because of the quality, small size and ability to easily carried, it is used in all over the world. Graphics Interchange Format supports animation and is generally used in presentations for the purpose of animations. This format can be easily downloaded in comparison to the other format files.

Versions of GIF:
  • First version of Graphics Interchange Format is GIF87a, which was developed in 1987.
  • Next one is the extended version of first, which is formally called GIF89a. This format is used till today.

Why we use GIF??
  • It is used for sharp-edged line art like logos with a limited number of colors.
  • This takes benefits of the format's lossless compression that favors flat areas of uniform color as well as distinct edges.
  • Graphics Interchange Formats are also used to store low-color sprite data for games.
  • Graphics Interchange Formats are also used for small animations and low-resolution film clips.

GIF Images

How to make GIF on FB/ Whatsapp?
  • It’s not difficult to make a GIF on Mobile, Desktop Applications, FB and Whatsapp. You just need to go through instructions that are following below to make a GIF on social networking site.
  • You should download a GIPHY app on your mobile phone or computer by which you can make or share a GIF on social networking site.
  • Now you should upload picture as you like and after that press the upload button.
  • After that arrange all images properly in proper order as you want by dragging and dropping.
  • After that you should press adjust options, and manage the speed of your GIF.
  • Your GIF File is ready without any fault.

GIF File format
  • A GIF file defines a fixed-sized graphical area occupied by zero or more "images". Some GIF are made of single images while some are of more images. The file is divided into segments, each introduced by a 1-byte sentinel:
  • An image (introduced by 0x2C, a comma ',')
  • An extension block (introduced by 0x21, an exclamation point '!')
  • The trailer (a single byte of value 0x3B, a semi-colon ';'), which is the last byte of the file.

 GIF Full Form

 GIF Full Form

What is the difference between JPEG, GIF and PNG?

Mostly when we think about images, few formats strike in our mind such as PEG, PNG, GIF, BMP and EPS etc so commonly we use JPEG(Joint Photographic Experts Group), PNG (Portable Network Graphics format) and GIF (Graphics Interchange Format)formats while using images. Some time it’s difficult to choose what format is suitable for you as each format has different file size, compression and quality. You can know the different between the few commonly used format by going through below given table.

JPEG Images are used for photographic, natural artwork and realistic work.
One of the main benefit of Graphics Interchange Format is that it is used for short animations and low resolution film clips.
Portable Network Graphics format is created to be a better form of non-patent graphics interchange format (GIF).
It stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group.
It supports the transparency background and animation.
It is beneficial as there is no loss of image in compression format.
One drawback in JPEG images id that it does not support transparency and animation. It is mainly used for the web.
Along with transparency in images, you can keep any change the color of background or photo on it.
It is advanced as compare to the GIF. There are many options of transparency in PNG like Support PNG-24 and PNG-32 Transparency.

Some Other GIF Full Form Abbreviation:

Know the Full Forms 
Various Full Form Of GIF In Computer
Graphics Interchange Format (File Extensions)
Guaranteed Investment Fund (Stock Exchange)
General Image Format (Ocean Science)
German Israeli Foundation (Non-Profit Organizations)
Geospatial Innovation Facility (NASA)
Growth and Innovation Framework (General)
Genetically Igineered Foto (Computing)
Global Impact Factor (Journals)
Graphical Interchange Format (File Extensions)
Good Integral Function (Mathematics)
Global Innovation Fund (Funds)

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GIF can be easily seen by anyone without wasting long time in downloading. Graphics Interchange Format allows a short animated film that is played in the loops. It take less time in uploading as well as in downloading. If you have any query related to information given here, please ask us in comment box that is given below. We will try to solve your queries as soon as possible. You may subscribe to our freemail service for getting information about other topics. 

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