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GPAT Books | Best Preparation Books Graduate Pharmacy Aptitude Test pdf

GPAT Books

GPAT Books

If you are the one who want to pursue Master’s (M.Pharm) program then we assure your GPAT books that we are providing will surely going to be helpful in  Graduate Pharmacy Aptitude Test 2018. So, why to get late, as exam date is released and you don’t have enough time to waste it. To make your preparation best we have research the best GPAT books and made available for you. Go through GPAT books free download PDFs which are listed here for you so that you don’t need to waste money in purchasing various Graduate Pharmacy Aptitude Test Books.

Graduate Pharmacy Aptitude Test 2018 is a national level entrance exam which is conducted by AICTE. Every year GPAT is conducted to facilitate institutions to select suitable Pharmacy graduates for admission into the Master’s (M.Pharm) program. GPAT score is accepted by all AICTE-Approved Institutions/ University Departments/ Constituent Colleges/Affiliated Colleges so you need to work hard to qualify in GPAT 2018 examination. all the related updates of GPAT preparation books is provided here for Pharmacy graduates go ahead and clutch the required details that is furnished by the team members of www.privatejobshub.in.

GPAT Books

GPAT Books PDF Free Download

Name Of the Book
The Pearson Guide to GPAT And Other Competitive Examinations

Concepts in Clinical Pharmacokinetics

The Pearson Guide To GPAT and other Entrance Examination in Pharmacy

Principles of Organic Medicinal Chemistry

GPAT- A Companion by Prof. Nazma Inamdar
Pandeymonium- Piyush Pandey
Trease and Evans’ Pharmacognosy- William Charles Evans
Genetics Meets Metabolomics- Karsten Suhre
Comprehensive Pharmacy Review- Leon Shargel, Alan H. Mutnick, Larry N. Swanson
Introduction to Spectroscopy- Donald L. Pavia, Gary M. Lampman, George S. Kriz

7 Best Books for GPAT Exam Preparation 2018
  • The Pearson Guide to GPAT & other Pharmacy entrance exam
  • Essential of Medical Pharmacology book
  • GPAT book: A companion
  • Pharmacognosy book
  • The Theory and Practice of Industrial Pharmacy book: Lachman / Liebermans
  • Rang & Dale’s Pharmacology book: International Edition
  • Synopsis for GPAT 

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Best Preparation Books Graduate Pharmacy Aptitude Test

Books Name
Chemical Characterization Of Particles For Preformulation
Pharmacy Practice By Tylor
The International Pharmacopoeia
Pharmaceutical Preformulation & Formulation 
Pharmaceutical Suspensions
The Science And Practice Of Pharmacy - Remington
The Golden Book Of Chemistry Experiments 
Patent Act
Cosmetics Additives  - An Industrial Guide
Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms Tablets Vol-3rd
Chemistry For Pharmacy Student 
SILVERSTEIN Spectrometric Identification Of Organic Compound
Drugs Delivery Systems - Kewal K. Jain
Pharmacology Principle By Miles, Kenneth & William
The Complete Drug Reference - Martindale
Medical Physiology By Guyton & Hall
Transporters As Targets For Drugs
Organic Chemistry MORRISON & BOYD  
Pharmaceutical Analysis By David G. Watson
British Pharmacopoeia - 2009
Handbook Of Manufacturing Pharmaceutical Formulations
The Japanese Pharmacopoeia
Pharmacology Of Neurotrnasmitter Release
Pharmacy Act
Fundamentals Of Medicinal Chemistry- THOMAS  
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Handbook
Lippincott - Modern Pharmacology With Clinical Application
Goodman & Gilman's The Pharmacological Basis Of Therapeutics
Pharmacology By Rang And Dale
VOGEL's Practical Organic Chemistry  
Handbook Of Cosmetic Science & Technology
Nanoparticulate Drug Delivery Systems
Drugs Delivery - Nanoparticles Formulation & Characterization
Handbook Of Basic Tables For Chemical Analysis

GATE Model Papers

Graduate Pharmacy Aptitude Test Questions and Answers

Question 1: Quinoline alkaloids are biosynthesized via which one of the following pathways?

(A) Shikimic acid - tyrosine
(B) Shikimic acid - tryptophan
(C) Shikimic acid - cathinone
(D) Shikimic acid - phenylalanine

Answer: B

Question 2: Khellin is an active constituent of which one of the following plants?

(A) Prunus serona
(B) Tribulus terrestis
(C) Ammi visnaga
(D) Vanilla planifolia

Answer: C

Question 3: Which one of the following compounds is useful for the stimulation of cell Division and release of lateral bud dormancy?

(A) Zeatin
(B) 2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid
(C) Indoleacetic acid
(D) Picloram

Answer: A

Question 4: A powdered drug has the following microscopic characters: Anther cells, arenchyma, pollen grains, phloem fibers, volatile oil cells and stone cells. The powder is obtained from which of the followings?

(A) Clove bud powder
(B) Clove bud powder with stalk
(C) Mother Clove
(D) None of the above

Answer: B

Question 5: Which of the following ergot alkaloids is water soluble and shows blue fluorescence?

(A) Ergosine
(B) Ergotamine
(C) Ergocristine
(D) Ergometrine

Answer: D

Question 6: Goldbeater's skin test is used to detect the presence of which one of the following classes of compounds?

(A) Tannins
(B) Steroids
(C) Glycerides
(D) Resins

Answer: A

Question 7: Phenylethylisoquinoline is the precursor of which of the following alkaloids?

(A) Colchicine
(B) Papaverine
 (C) Emetine
(D) Cephaline

Answer: A

Question 8: Arrange the following fatty acids in decreasing order of their unsaturation (highest to lowest): [P] Stearic [Q] Oleic acid [R] Linolenic acid [S] Linoleic acid

(A) P>Q>R>S
(B) S>R>P>Q
(C) R>S>Q>P
(D) Q>P>R>S

Answer: C

Question 9: Each of the following options lists a phytoconstituent, its phytochemical grouping, pharmacological activity and corresponding semisynthetic analogue. Find a MISMATCHING option.

(A) Podophyllotoxin, lignan, anticancer, etoposide
(B) Sennoside, anthraquinone, laxative, sinigrin
(C) Atropine, alkaloid, anticholinergic, homatropine
(D) THC. terpenophenolic, psychoactive, nabilone

Answer: B

Question 10: Which of the following mechanisms is NOT related to platelet aggregation inhibitory action?

(A) ADP receptor antagonism
(B) Glycoprotein IIb/IIIa receptor antagonism
(C) Phosphodiesterase inhibition
(D) Prostacvclin inhibition

Answer: C

Final and Important Note:

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