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TNPSC Current Affairs 2018 TNPSC Portal Daily Current Affairs in Tamil PDF

TNPSC Current Affairs

TNPSC Current Affairs

For TNPSC Recruitments it is necessary you should know TNPSC Current Affairs because TNPSC portal current affairs in Tamil 2018 will surely going to help you to qualify recruitment exam. Not only for students who want to crack exam TNPSC current affairs in Tamil is useful but also for the individual who want to make their knowledge vast and want daily updates. So, all types of readers can take benefits from TNPSC daily current affairs in Tamil. You can go through TNPSC portal current affairs in Tamil PDF 2018 to get TNPSC Daily Current Affairs.

Also, we have listed top 20 and latest general knowledge questions which will surely going to help you in your upcoming TNPSC exams. All the provided questions includes all the updates related to national, international and other important agendas which you should know before appearing in TNPSC Exam 2018. TNPSC Portal Current Affairs in Tamil are also provided by the team of www.privatejobshub.in you can go through it and have all the daily updates of Tamil Nadu.

TNPSC Current Affairs in Tamil 2018
  • அதிமுக அரசின் ஆயுளை நிர்ணயிக்க மு..ஸ்டாலினால் முடியாது... அமைச்சர் காட்டம்
  • ஜெ. கை ரேகை பதிவு செய்த டாக்டர் பாலாஜிக்கு பதவி உயர்வு... தடை கேட்ட வழக்கில் நாளை தீர்ப்பு!
  • சிவாஜி மணி மண்டப விழா பேச்சு: கமல்ஹாசனுக்கு இரவில் திடீரென போன் போட்ட ரஜினிகாந்த்!
  • சென்னைவாசிகளே... இரவில் மழைபெய்யலாம்- எச்சரிக்கும் வானிலை மையம்
  • ஜெயலலிதா பெயருக்கு களங்கம் உருவாக்கும் ஆட்சியாக உள்ளது.. கருணாஸ் சரமாரி குற்றச்சாட்டு
  • திருச்சியில் ஒரே குடும்பத்தை சேர்ந்த 4 பேர் தற்கொலை
  • தினகரனை கைது செய்தால் சட்டப்படி எதிர்கொள்வோம்... திகுதிகு வெற்றிவேல்
  • சசிகலாவை லீவில் வெளியேவிட ஆட்சேபித்து ஈபிஎஸ் அணி அதிரடி மனு
  • தமிழகத்தில் 5.95 கோடி வாக்காளர்கள்... வரைவு வாக்காளர் பட்டியலை வெளியீடு
  • குற்றம் செய்ததால் தான் டிடிவி தினகரன் மீது வழக்குப்பதிவு.. அமைச்சர் சிவி சண்முகம் விளக்கம்
  • உள்ளாட்சி தேர்தல்: திமுகவின் நீதிமன்ற அவமதிப்பு வழக்கு... திங்களன்று விசாரிக்கிறது உயர்நீதிமன்றம்
  • நாமக்கல் அருகே சோகம்... டெங்கு பாதித்த 6 மாத குழந்தையுடன் தாய் தற்கொலை!
Current Affairs For TNPSC Exam
  • President Ram Nath Kovind appointed Governors in five states viz. Arunachal Pradesh, Bihar, Tamil Nadu, Assam and Meghalaya.
  • Tamil Nadu has reported its first case of Zika virus in a 27-year-old man from a village in Krishnagiri district. RT-PCR test conducted on patient’s blood, urine and throat samples were found to be positive for Zika.
  • Tamil Nadu, Himachal Pradesh and Tripura chosen for Krishi Karman Awards, 2015-16.
  • Indian Navy de-inducts TU142M Long Range Maritime Patrol aircraft.
  • Tamil Nadu wins Vijay Hazare Trophy.
  • Madras HC orders TN Government to enact law to remove Seemai Karuvelam trees.
  • Government announces expansion of rotavirus vaccine in 5 states.
  • Edappadi K Palaniswamy sworn-in as Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.
  • Tamil Nadu Assembly unanimously passes Jallikattu Bill.
  • Union Government clears Tamil Nadu’s Ordinance on Jallikattu.
  • SC refuses to pass judgment on Jallikattu before Pongal.
  • India, Sri Lanka agrees to exchange views to find permanent solution to fishermen issues.
  • Madras High Court bans unauthorised Sharia courts in Tamil Nadu.
  • Renowned journalist Cho S Ramaswamy passes away.

Question 1: As per the recent (February 2012) data released by NPAsource.com, a portal that tracks NPA assets of banks’ retail real estate exposure, which among the following state of India tops the list with highest number of substandard properties?

[A]Tamil Nadu
[B]Uttar Pradesh

Answer: Tamil Nadu

Question 2: Which among the following company has been selected as a vendor for the Government of Tamil Nadu project of free distribution of laptops to students of government and state aided schools and colleges across the state?

[C]Patni Computers
[D]IBM India

Answer: HCL

Question 3: The DANIDA-TNAHCP initiative of Tamil nadu is related to which among the following sectors?
Answer: Health
Question 4: The “oor panchayats” of Tamil Nadu can be placed in which among the following categories?

[A]Lok Adalats
[B]Public Hearing meetings
[C]Kangaroo Courts
[D]Alternate Dispute Settlement Centres

Answer: Kangaroo Courts

Question 5: In how many zones, the Greater Chennai Police Commissionerate has been divided in Tamil Nadu?


Answer: Four

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Question 6: The Mahatma Gandhi Community Colleges have been opened in Tamil Nadu in which among the following?

[A]Small Revenue Villages
[B]Districts with lowest Education Ratio
[C]Districts with highest population of SCs & STs
[D]Prisons for vocational training of prisoners

Answer: Prisons

Question 7: The earliest name of Chennai is Chennaipattinam, which referred to the town around the Fort St George in 1639-40. The place was acquired by the British from ___?

[A]Damarla Venkatadri Nayakudu
[B]Peda Venkata Rayalu
[C]Padma Velama Nayak
[D]Chennappa Nayakudu
Answer: Chennappa Nayakudu

Question 8: In which year, name Chennai from Madras was officially changed ?

[A] 1993
[B] 1995
[C] 1997
[D] 1998

Answer: 1995

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Question 9: In which year, Madras State was renamed as Tamilnadu?

[A] 1960
[B] 1963
[C] 1969
[D] 1972

Answer: 1969

Question 10: What is the name of seat of Corporation of Chennai?

[A]Chelmsford Building
[B]Ripon Building
[C]Cornwallis Building
[D]Dalhousie Building

Answer: Ripon Building

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Question 11: The “Armoured Vehicles and Ammunition Depot of India” is located in which among the following districts of Tamil Nadu?

[A]Thiruvallur district
[B]Thoothukudi District
[C]Thanjavur District
[D]Karur District

Answer: Thiruvallur district

Question 12: Who led the French forces during the “Siege of Madras”?

[A]Georges Duval de Leyrit
[B]Charles Godeheu
[C]Antoine Boyellau
[D]Thomas Arthur, Lally
Answer: Thomas Arthur, Lally

Question 13: The Battle of Wandiwash was a part of which among the following wars?

[A]First Carnatic War
[B]Second Carnatic War
[C]Third Carnatic War
[D]First Anglo Mysore War

Answer: Third Carnatic War

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Question 14: As per the provisions of Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle that ended the Battle of Madras, Madras was returned to the British in exchange for which among the following territories?

[A]Cape Breton Island
[B]Barrier towns

Answer: Louisburg

Question 15: Which among the following rivers originates in Chembarambakkam Lake in Tamil Nadu?

[A]Cooum River
[B]Adyar River
[C]Aintharuviar River
[D]Chittar River

Answer: Adyar River

Question 16: Who among the following was the first Indian to sit as a judge of the Madras High Court?

[A] P. V. Rajamannar
[B] T. Muthuswamy Iyer
[C] Sir S. Subramania Iyer
[D] V. T. Krishnamachari

Answer: T. Muthuswamy Iyer

Question 17: Who among the following built the Parthasarathy Temple ?

[A]Narasimhavarman I
[B]Mahendravarman II
[C]Mahendravarman I

Answer: Narasimhavarman I

Question 18: Sri Ramanuja was a proponent of which among the following subschools of Vedanta?


Answer: Vishishtdvaita

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Question 19: In which year “Matscience” was established in Tamil Nadu?

[A] 1956
[B] 1960
[C] 1962
[D] 1968

Answer: 1962

Question 20: Chennai is also known as “Detroit of Asia”. In which among the following states, Detriot is located in United States?


Answer: Michigan

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About Tamil Nadu

Capital  of Tamil nadu
Formed in
26th January 1950
Tamil, Tulu,Telugu, Kannada.
Known as
2nd largest state economy
Eastern limit: Point Calimere
Western limit: Mudumalai
Wildlife Sanctuary
Northern limit: Pulicat lake
Southern limit: Kanyakumari
(Cape Comorin)
Physiographic regions:
eastern coastal region
western hilly region
Major physical (land) divisions:
Kurinji or mountainous region
Mullai or forest region
Palai or arid region
Marudham or the fertile plains
Neidhal or coastal region.
Eastern and Western Ghats meet inTamil Nadu and run along its eastern
& western boundaries.
Natural vegetation
Tropical moist deciduous in the North-West
Tropical dry deciduous and thorny
vegetation to the east and the south
Presence of montane subtropical
and temperate region nearer to the Ghats
Major rivers
Kaveri flows from Kodagu (Karnataka)
to the Bay of Bengal through Tamil NaduVaigai flows from Varusanadu Hills
(Tamil Nadu) to Palk StraitPalar
flowing from Nandi Hill(Karnataka) to the Bay of Bengal
through Tamil NaduThamiraparani flows from
Pothigai Hills (Tamil Nadu) to Gulf of Mannar
Major regional
Pongal, Adi perukku, Karthigai, Kanthuri, Kavadi, Mahamagam
Major art forms
Bharatanatyam, Kolattam, Karagattam, Chakkai Attam
Jallikattu – Bull fight on 2nd day of Pongal
Cotton, commercial vehicles,
safety matches, sugar, paper, cement
Bauxite & ferrous minerals,
lime stone, gypsum
Rice, sugar cane, cotton, coconut,
cashew, tea, rubber, coffee
Geographical indications
Oddanchatram vegetables, Salem fabric,
Kancheepuram silk, Bhavani jamakkalam,
Madhurai sungudi, Coimbatore wet grinder,
Thanjavur paintings, Thanjavur art plate,
Thanjavur doll, Thanjavur veena,
temple jewellery of Nagercoil, E.I. leather,
Kovai cora cotton, Arani silk,
Swamimalai bronze icons,
Eathomozhy tall coconut, Nilgiri logo,
Virupakshi hill banana, Sirumalai hill banana,
Madhurai malli, Pattamadai mat,
Nachiarkoil lamp, Chettinad cotton,
Toda embroidery, Dindigul lock,
Palani panchamirtham
State animal
Nilgiri tahr
State bird
Emerald dove
State flower
Glory lily
historical sites
Rama Setu, Varaha cave temple,
Samanar Malai, Ripon building,
Armamalai cave, Tiruchirapalli Rock Fort,
Descent of the Ganges in Mahabalipuram
World Heritage Sites
Chola temples
Brihadisvara Temple at Thanjavur
Temple of Gangaikonda Cholapuram
Airavatesvara Temple at Darasuram
Group of monuments at Mahabalipuram
Nilgiri mountain railway
Major Ramsar sites
Point Calimere Wildlife
and Bird Sanctuary
The Western Ghats & Sri Lanka
Endemic bird areas
The Western Ghats
Bird sanctuaries
Pulicat Lake Bird Sanctuary,
Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary,
Karikili Bird Sanctuary,
Karaivetti Bird Sanctuary,
Udhayamarthandapuram Bird Sanctuary,
Vaduvoor Bird Sanctuary,
Chitrangudi Bird Sanctuary,
Koonthankulam Bird Sanctuary,
Vellode Bird Sanctuary,
National parks
Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary & National Park,
Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary & National Park,
Mukurthi National Park, Guindy National Park,
Gulf of Mannar Marine National Park
Biosphere reserve
Gulf of Mannar Marine National Park,
Nilgiris Biosphere Reserve,
Agasthiyarmalai Biosphere Reserve
Wildlife sanctuaries
Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary & National Park,
Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary & National Park,
Point Calimere Wildlife Sanctuary,
Srivilliputhur Grizzled Squirrel Wildlife Sanctuary,
Vallanadu Black Buck Sanctuary,
Kanyakumari Wildlife Sanctuary,
Kalakad Sanctuary, Mundanthurai Sanctuary,
Cauvery North Sanctuary,
Gangaikondan Sanctuary,
Kodaikanal Sanctuary, Point Calimere Sanctuary
Tiger reserve
Kalakad Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve,
Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary & National Park,
Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary & National Park,
Sathyamangalam Tiger Reserve

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