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Bharathiar University Syllabus 2018-19 BSC/BCom/BBA/BCA/MBA (UG/PG)


Bharathiar University Syllabus

Bharathiar University Syllabus 2018: Check Out latest syllabus of Bharathiar University from here!!! Bharathiar University Syllabus has been published for those contenders, who’re pursuing BSC/BCom/BBA/BCA/MBA and other courses from this university.

University is going to organize Bharathiar University Undergraduate and post graduate Exam for promoting candidates to the next level of aforesaid course. Candidates who are doing preparation for UG/PG exam with old syllabus are informed That Bharathiar University UG syllabus has updated now.

Is it required to start preparation through Bharathiar University PG Syllabus?

Yes, because through Bharathiar University Exam Syllabus, you can get complete details such as which topics are added in syllabus? Which topics are removed from old Bharathiar University 2018 Syllabus? What is the paper pattern? And marking scheme etc…

To attain more information regarding the Bharathiar University Syllabus 2018-19, you are suggested to go through underneath section of this page which is well created by the team of www.privatejobshub.in

Bharathiar University Syllabus

Bharathiar University MBA Syllabus

Bharathiar University 2018 Syllabus for M.B.A- Airline & Airport Management:

Management Principles and Practice
Management: Science, Theory and Practice
The Nature and Purpose of Planning
The Nature of Organizing and Entrepreneuring
Co-ordination functions in Organization
The System and Process of Controlling
Bharathiar University Distance Education MBA Syllabus-Organizational Behaviors
Organizational Behavior: History – evaluation
Emotions and Emotional Intelligence as a managerial tool
Stress - Nature, sources, Effects, influence of personality, managing stress
Organizational change
Organizational Behavior responses to Global and Cultural diversity
Managerial Economics
Managerial Economics - meaning, nature and scope
Supply meaning and determinants
Market structure – characteristics
National Income - Business cycle - inflation and deflation - balance of payments - Monetary and Fiscal Policies
Profit - Meaning and nature - Profit policies - Profit planning and forecasting - Cost volume profit analysis - Investment analysis
Bharathiar University Exam Syllabus-Financial and Management Accounting
Financial Accounting
Financial Statement Analysis
Fund Flow Statement
Cost Accounting
Marginal Costing
Quantitative Methods for Management
Linear, Non-Linear functions
Data Analysis
Probability – definitions – addition and multiplication Rules
Basic concept of index numbers
Hypothesis testing of Proportion and Mean
Corporate Communication
Communication basics
Understanding Corporate Communication
Corporate Communication in Brand Promotion
Report writing: Characterizing & business reports
Business Presentation: Written and oral presentation

Bharathiar University M.A. Syllabus 2018: Economics

Bharathiar University Syllabus 2018: Unit: I Methodology of Economics
Methods of Economic Analysis: Deductive Method - Testing of Economic Hypothesis through Statistical Methods – The Inductive Method – Integration of Two Methods – Nature of Economic Laws and Generalizations – Role of Assumption: Friedman‟s views – The Processe of Building Economic Models – Choice among Models Limitation and Uses of Economic Models.
Unit: II Consumption Theory
Law of Demand – Determinants of Demand – Theories of Demand: Neo Classical Theory, Indifference Curve Theory, Slutsky Theory, Hicks Theory – Revealed Preference Theory Elasticity of Demand.
Bharathiar University PG Syllabus: Unit: III Theory of Production and Cost
Production Function – Law of Variable Proportions – Law of Returns to Scale – Isoquants. Common Production Functions: Cobb-Douglas Production Function – CES Production Function. Production Equilibrium: Optimal Expansion Path, Technical Progress and Production – Types of Cost – Traditional Theory of Cost – Modern Theory of Cost – Economies of Scale.
Unit: IV Theory of Product Pricing I
Market and Market Structure – Perfect Competition – Features, Price and Output Determination – Monopoly – Source and Types – Price and Output Determination and Discrimination – Control and Regulation of Monopoly – Bilateral Monopoly.
Bharathiar University Exam Syllabus: Unit: V Theory of Product Pricing II
Monopolistic Competition – Features, Price and Output Determination – Chamberlin Equilibrium – Theory of Excess Capacity - Wastes in Monopolistic Competition. Oligopoly: Characteristics – Price and Output Determination – Collusive Oligopoly: Cartels – Price Leadership – Kinked Demand Curve and Price Rigidity. Duopoly – Price and Output Determination – Cournot – Edgeworth, Chamberlin and Stackelberg Models

Bharathiar University B.Com Syllabus

Bharathiar University Syllabus 2018: Unit – I
Meaning and Scope of Statistics – Characteristics and Limitations – Presentation of Data by Diagrammatic and Graphical Methods - Measures of Central Tendency – Mean, Median, Mode, Geometric Mean, Harmonic Mean.
Set Theory – Arithmetic and Geometric Series – Simple and Compound Interest – Effective rate of Interest –Sinking Fund – Annuity - Present Value – Discounting of Bills – True Discount – Banker’s Gain.
Unit - II
Measures of Dispersion and Skewness – Range, Quartile Deviation and Standard Deviation – Pearson’s and Bowley’s Measures of Skewness.
Matrix: Basic Concepts – Addition and Multiplication of Matrices – Inverse of a Matrix – Rank of Matrix - Solution of Simultaneous Linear Equations – Input-Output Analysis.
Bharathiar University UG Syllabus 2018: Unit - III
Simple Correlation – Pearson’s coefficient of Correlation – Interpretation of Co-efficient of Correlation – Concept of Regression Analysis – Coefficient of Concurrent Deviation.
Variables, Constants and Functions – Limits of Algebraic Functions – Simple Differentiation of Algebraic Functions – Meaning of Derivations – Evaluation of First and Second Order Derivatives – Maxima and Minima – Application to Business Problems.
Unit – IV
Index Numbers (Price Index Only) – Method of Construction – Wholesale and Cost of Living Indices, Weighted Index Numbers – LASPEYRES’ Method, PAASCHE’S Method, FISHER’S Ideal Index. (Excluding Tests of Adequacy of Index Number Formulae).
Elementary Integral Calculus – Determining Indefinite and Definite Integrals of simple Functions – Integration by Parts.
Bharathiar University Exam Syllabus 2018: Unit - V
Analysis of Time Series and Business Forecasting – Methods of Measuring Trend and Seasonal Changes (Including Problems) Methods of Sampling – Sampling and Non-Sampling Errors (Theoretical Aspects Only)
Linear Programming Problem – Formation – Solution by Graphical Method Solution by Simple Method

How To Get Bharathiar University Syllabus PDF?
  • In order to download Bharathiar University www.b-u.ac.in syllabus, candidates need to visit the official portal of the university that is www.b-u.ac.in
  • When the redirected successfully, you are needed to bring your cursor towards Syllabus” section and hit the link.
  • After that select the Bharathiar University 2018 Syllabus link according to the name of course and hit the link.
  • Now Bharathiar University UG Syllabus or Bharathiar University PG Syllabus of required subject will be displayed on your computer screen.
  • Download Bharathiar University BSC/BCom/MA/MBA Full Syllabus on your desktop.
  • Take print out of it and prepare accordingly.
Must Check: Bharathiar University UG Full Syllabus 2018

Direct Link To download The Bharathiar University Syllabus 2018:

For the easiness of candidates, we have provided direct links to download the Bharathiar University exam Syllabus. Candidates are suggested to hit the direct source and avail their Bharathiar University 2018

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Bharathiar University M. Phil/ PH.D Syllabus
Bharathiar University CPP/ COP Syllabus
Bharathiar University CCII Syllabus
Bharathiar University School Of Distance Education Syllabus
Bharathiar University BU-ICAI syllabus
Bharathiar University Department Syllabus
bharathiar university syllabus Of community college

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