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Aakash ANTHE Sample Paper (Class 8th/9th/10th) Model Papers PDF Download


ANTHE Sample Paper

Aakash ANTHE Sample Paper: In order to understand the ANTHE Exam Pattern and types of questions will be asked in ANTHE 2018 applicants may refer to ANTHE Sample Paper. Download the ANTHE Model Papers PDF for Class 8th, 9th, 10th from this page.

AAKASH ANTHE Sample Paper contains questions that can help students to understand the difficulty level of ANTHE 2018. Practicing with ANTHE Previous Year Question Paper will also help the applicants to understand the question type, number of question etc.

For more details regarding ANTHE Question Papers 2018, you need to go through the below section of this page which is well provided by team of www.privatejobshub.in. WWW ANTHE IN Sample Paper will provide all details that are relevant for students preparing for ANTHE 2018 Exam.

ANTHE Sample Paper

Sample Paper Of ANTHE
ANTHE Sample Paper PDF
Aakash ANTHE Sample Paper
ANTHE 2018 Sample Paper Answer Key
ANTHE Junior Sample Paper
ANTHE Senior Sample Paper

ANTHE Sample Paper With Answers

Question 1: Supersonic plane fly with the speed
1.    less than the speed of sound
2.    of sound
3.    greater than the speed of sound
4.    of light
Answer: 3

Question 2: Rainbow is due to
1.    absorption of sunlight in minute water droplets
2.    diffusion of sunlight through water droplets
3.    ionisation of water deposits
4.    refraction and reflection of sunlight by water droplets
Answer: 4

Question 3: Solar eclipse will take place when
1.    the sun is between the moon and the earth
2.    the earth is between the moon and the sun
3.    the moon is between the sun and the earth
4.    the moon does not lie on the line joining the sun and the earth
Answer: 3

Question 4: Isotopes of an element contain
1.    the same number of protons but different number of neutrons
2.    the same number of neutrons but different number of protons
3.    equal number of protons and electrons
4.    equal number of nucleons
 Answer: 1

Question 5: Sir C.V. Raman was awarded Nobel Prize for his work connected with which of the following phenomenon of radiation?
1.    Scattering
2.    Diffraction
3.    Interference
4.    Polarization
Answer: 1

Question 6: In which of the following industries is mica as a raw material?
1.    Cement
2.    Glass and Pottery
3.    Iron and Steel
4.    Electrical
Answer: 4

Question 7:  The metallurgical process in which a metal is obtained in a fused state is called
1.    smelting
2.    roasting
3.    calcinations
4.    froth floatation
Answer: 1

Question 8:  The main use of salt in the diet is to
1.    make the taste of food better
2.    produce in small amounts the hydrochloric acid required for the digestion of food
3.    ease the process of cooking
4.    increase the solubility of food particles in water

Answer: 2

Question 9: The luster of a metal is due to
1.    its high density
2.    its high polishing
3.    its chemical inertness
4.    presence of free electrons
Answer: 4

Question 10: The most malleable metal is
1.    platinum
2.    silver
3.    iron
4.    gold
Answer: 4

Question 11: The oil used in the froth floatation process is
1.    coconut oil
2.    olive oil
3.    kerosene oil
4.    pine oil
Answer: 4

Question 12: The items amenable to detection by soft x-rays are
1.    contrabands
2.    lead in bullets
3.    narcotics
4.    genuine coins from counterfeit coins
Answer: 4

Question 13: The mass number of a nucleus is
1.    always less than its atomic number
2.    the sum of the number of protons and neutrons present in the nucleus
3.    always more than the atomic weight
4.    a fraction
Answer: 2

Question 14: Ozone hole refers to
1.    hole in ozone layer
2.    decrease in the ozone layer in troposphere
3.    decrease in thickness of ozone layer in stratosphere
4.    increase in the thickness of ozone layer in troposphere
Answer: 3

Question 15: Pollination is best defined as
1.    transfer of pollen from anther to stigma
2.    germination of pollen grains
3.    growth of pollen tube in ovule
4.    visiting flowers by insects
Answer: 1

Question 16: Movement of cell against concentration gradient is called
1.    osmosis
2.    active transport
3.    diffusion
4.    passive transport
Answer: 2

Question 17: A train passes a station platform in 36 seconds and a man standing on the platform in 20 seconds. If the speed of the train is 54 km/hr, what is the length of the platform?
1.    120 m
2.    240 m
3.    300 m
4.    None of these
Answer: 1

Question 18: In a class of 60 where boys are twice that of girls, Ramya ranked 17th from the top. If there are 9 boys ahead of Ramya, how many girls are after her in the rank ?
1.    26
2.    12
3.    10
4.    33
Answer: 2

Question 19: How many 5’s are there in the following sequence of numbers which are immediately preceded by 7 ?
8 9 5 3 2 5 3 8 5 5 6 8 7 3 3 5 7 7 5 3 6 5 3 3 5 7 3 8
1.    One
2.    Two
3.    Three
4.    Four
Answer: 1

Question 20: Babloo ranked 16th from the top and 29th from the bottom among those who passed an examination. 6 boys did not participate in the competition and 5 failed in the examination. How many boys were there in that class?
1.    44
2.    40
3.    50
4.    55
Answer: 4

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