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JIPMER Sample Paper 2018 MBBS Practice Papers with Solution Online PDF


JIPMER sample paper

JIPMER Sample Paper 2018: Aspirants who are preparing for Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education & Research (JIPMER) MBBS exam and seeking for JIPMER Sample Paper are informed that JIPMER Online Practice Papers with Solution in PDF format is available here!

This JIPMER Sample Paper 2018 will help you in get an idea of topic-wise chapters and questions covered in JIPMER question paper. Therefore, below provided JIPMER Previous Year Question Papers you can improve your speed, accuracy and your preparation as well.

JIPMER Sample Paper 2018

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JIPMER MBBS Practice Question and Answers:

Question 1 The nuclear reaction in which a heavy nucleus splits into two nuclei of nearly equal mass is called

1.    Nuclear fusion
2.    Nuclear fission
3.    Nuclear reaction
4.    Fast breeding

Answer: 2

Question 2 Which unit we use to express Nuclear sizes ?

1.    Tesla
2.    Newton
3.    Fermi
4.    None of above

Answer: 3

Question 3 Mumps is a disease caused by

1.    Fungus
2.    Bacterium
3.    Virus
4.    None of these

Answer: 3

Question 4 Rain water helps to increase the ____ to some extent.

1.    Phosphorous contents
2.    Nitrogen contents
3.    Calcium contents
4.    Potash contents

Answer: 3

Question 5 Animals do not have enzyme systems which enable them to make use of the energy from:

1.    Fat
2.    Water
3.    Protein
4.    Carbohydrate

Answer: 1

Question 6 A clone is a colony of:

1.    Cells having similar shape
2.    Cells having different shapes
3.    Cells having similar genetic constitutions
4.    Cells having different genetic constitutions

Answer: 3

Question 7 In scorpion, poison is present in the

1.    Leg
2.    Hand
3.    Sting
4.    Mouth

Answer: 3

Question 8 Medulla oblongata is called

1.    Piamater
2.    Duramater
3.    Vital knot
4.    Pons verolii

Answer: 3

Question 9 What is the chemical name for ‘baking soda’?

1.    Sodium carbonate
2.    Sodium bicarbonate
3.    Sodium nitrite
4.    Sodium nitrate

Answer: 2

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Question 10 Which of the following gases is present under pressure in soft drinks ?

1.    Oxygen
2.    Nitrogen
3.    Carbon dioxide
4.    Nitrous oxide

Answer: 3

Question 11 Nor epinephrine increases

1.    Respiration
2.    Urine production
3.    Saliva production
4.    Blood pressure

Answer: 4

Question 12 Night blindness is cause by lack of which vitamin?

1.    Vitamin A
2.    Vitamin B
3.    Vitamin C
4.    Vitamin D

Answer: 1

Question 13 Monocot root differs from dicot root in having

1.    Open vascular bundles
2.    Scattered vascular bundles
3.    Well developed pith
4.    Radially arranged vascular bundles

Answer: 3

Question 14 which of the following is also called Jelly Fish?

1.    Hydra
2.    Aurelia
3.    Physelia
4.    Matrideam

Answer: 2

Question 15 which of the following disease is caused by Vitamin B3?

1.    Pellagra
2.    Night blindness
3.    Rickets
4.    Berry berry

Answer: 1

Question 16 The anode in a dry cell consists of:

1.    Copper
2.    Zinc
3.    Cadmium
4.    Graphite

Answer: 2

Question 17 Milk is a colloidal system in which:

1.    Water is dispersed in fat
2.    Fat is dispersed in water
3.    Fat and water are dispersed in each other
4.    Fat is dissolved

Answer: 2

Question 18 The number of moles of solute present in 1 kg of a solvent is called its

1.    Molality
2.    Molarity
3.    Normality
4.    Formality

Answer: 1

Question 19 The mass of one Avogadro number of helium atom is

1.    gram
2.    gram
3.    8.00 gram
4.    4 x 6.02 x 1023 gram

Answer: 2

Question 20 The items amenable to detection by soft x-rays are

1.    Contrabands
2.    Lead in bullets
3.    Narcotics
4.    Genuine coins from counterfeit coins

Answer: 4

How to prepare for JIPMER examination?

Candidates are advices to make their study plan as per their time table and solve the JIPMER MBBS Practice Papers on daily basis; this will boost your preparation and confidence which leads you to clear the exam effectively and efficiently.

JIPMER MBBS Previous Year Question Papers are also available on this page you can download PDF file of Chemistry, Physics, Zoology etc.

Candidates can also evaluate their exam level, and work on their weak points. Practice one JIPMER MBBS Practice Papers daily to get better result, Grab further details regarding JIPMER Sample Paper 2018 from the beneath section of  this page www.privatejobshub.in

Download JIPMER Sample Paper 2018

Aspirants can download the JIPMER previous year papers and latest Sample Paper 2018 from the table provided above you need to hit on the link as per your chose to get PDF file of MBBS Practice Papers with Solution Online.

Every year most of the questions are asked form the previous years papers so don’t forget to practice from these papers. We have also provided few frequently multiple choice questions so have a look.

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Important Note:

To clear the JIPMER entrance examination, candidates must practice through above provided JIPMER Sample Paper 2018. We advise you to start your preparation by today only as the level of exam is increasing year by year so you have to practice well to clear the exam.

If you have any doubt or query related to above post then as us in the below provided comment box our team will solve your query as soon as possible.

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