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NEET Previous Year Question Papers | (2018, 2017, 2016, 2015) PDF Download


NEET Previous Year Question Papers

Download CBSE NEET Previous Year Question Papers PDF of 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015 from here!!! Candidates preparing for National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test - NEET (UG), 2018 may improve their preparation with the help of NEET Previous Year Papers.

Central Board Of Secondary Education organizes the NEET Examination with the motive to provide candidates admission to MBBS/BDS Courses in India in Medical/Dental Colleges. This time the NEET Examination is going to be held on 06-05-2018 (SUNDAY) 10:00 am (IST).

NEET Previous Year Question Papers With Answers Download!!!

With the help of NEET Previous Year Papers Download candidates can get an indication regarding the level of Entrance Examination they are going to face. Further the NEET UG Previous Year Question Papers Download will also help entrants in getting knowledge about the exam pattern.

Considering the same fact, we the team members of www.privatejobshub.in have created this page and have given all the important details regarding NEET Previous Year Papers or we can say Previous Year Solved Question Papers Of NEET. Here we have also links for NEET Previous Year Question Papers Download in PDF format.

NEET Previous Years Question Papers Free Download Links

Here in the below section we have given some direct links to download NEET Previous Year Papers With Solutions PDF. Candidates may hit on these links and avail the NEET Previous Year Solved Question Papers.

NEET Previous Year Papers With Solutions:

NEET Previous Year Papers (Year)
Download PDF
NEET 2017

NEET 2016 (Phase 1)

NEET 2016 (Phase 2)

NEET 2015

NEET 2014

NEET 2013

Here along with the NEET Previous Year Question Papers Pdf links we have also stated some important NEET Previous Question With Answers.

NEET Previous Year Question Papers

QUESTION.1The corporate headquarter of which among the following organizations is known as “One Earth”?

1. Powergrid Corporation of India Ltd
2. Tata Consultancy Services
3. Suzlon Energy
4. Wipro

Answer: Option 3  
QUESTION.2Who among the following is the current (June 2014) Prime Minister of Bhutan?

1. Jigme Thinley
2. Kinzang Dorji
 3. Yeshey Zimba
 4. Tshering Tobgay

Answer: Option 4

QUESTION.3A governor in state of India is appointed for a period not exceeding __?

1. Three Years
2. Four Years
3. Five Years
4. Six Years

Answer: Option 3

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QUESTION.4According to the Environmental Performance Index, which is the world’s largest greenest country?

1. Australia
 2. Luxembourg
 3. Switzerland
 4. Singapore

Answer: Option 3

QUESTION.5Mammon Hussain is the current (June 2014) president of __?

1. Pakistan
 2. Bangladesh
 3. Malaysia
4. Iraq

Answer: Option 1

QUESTION.6World’s first complete granite temple is located in which among the following states of India?

1. Karnataka
2. Bihar
 3. Tamil Nadu
4. Andhra Pradesh

Answer: Option 3

QUESTION.7- Now a days, Google and other Internet / email services rely on a form of encryption abbreviated as TLS. Which among the following is the correct full form of TLS?

1. Transport Layer Security
2. Thread Level Security
3. Transmission Line Security
4. Tunnelling Layer Security

Answer: Option 1

QUESTION.8Who among the following has become the first Indian to receive Harvard Medal?

 1. A P J Kalam
2. Anand Mahindra
3. Ratan Tata
4. Mukesh Ambani

Answer: Option 2

QUESTION.9Recently, India has replaced which one of the following countries to become the second largest exporter of textiles in the world?

1. Italy
2. Bangladesh
 3. Indonesia
4. Malaysia

Answer: Option 1

QUESTION.10- In terms of Geographical area, which among the following is correct rank of newly formed Telangana state among all states of India?

1.  10th
2.  12th
 3.  15th
4.  16th

Answer: Option 2

QUESTION.11- “Gariphema” which has been declared the India’s first ‘tobacco-free village” is located in which state?

1. Assam
2. Arunachal Pradesh
3. Nagaland
4. Tripura

Answer: Option 3

QUESTION.12- Which among the following is generally known as United Nations refugee agency?


Answer: Option 1

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QUESTION.13- On average, what percentage of the Earth’s atmosphere by volume consists of carbon dioxide?

1. About 4 percent
2. About 0.4 percent
3. About 0.04 percent
4. About 0.004 percent

Answer: Option 3

QUESTION.14- The Wadden Sea Agreement has been concluded for the protection of __:

1. Albatross
 2. Seals
3. Sharks
4. Whales

Answer: Option 2

QUESTION.15- Which among the following birds has the largest wingspan?

1. Arctic Tern
2. Lapwing
 3. Albatross
 4. The Black Vulture

Answer: Option 3

QUESTION.16- Who among the following appoints Pro-tem speaker in Lok Sabha?

 1. Prime Minister
 2. President
 3. Outgoing speaker of Lok Sabha
4. Lok Sabha secretary

Answer: Option 2

QUESTION.17- Which among the following major ports in India is a corporate port?

1. Kochi
 2. Ennore
3. Tuticorin
4. Kandla

Answer: Option 2

QUESTION.18- Article 370, which is one of the temporary, transitional and special provisions in the constitution of India, is enshrined in which among the following parts of Indian Constitution?

1. Part XV
2. Part XVII
3. Part XXI
4. Part XXII

Answer: Option 3

QUESTION.19- As per the law, a member who has been elected from two Lok Sabha constituencies has to vacate one of the seats within ___ days of the declaration of result. Fill the blank with correct option?

1. Fourteen
 2. Fifteen
 3. Thirty
 4. Twenty

Answer: Option 1

QUESTION.20- Which among the following is largest rubber producing state of India?

 1. Karnataka
 2. Kerala
3. Tamil Nadu
4. Maharashtra

Answer: Option 2  

NEET Question paper Benefits:
  • The NEET Question Paper helps in getting an idea about level of questions to be asked in examination
  • After solving the NEET Previous Question Paper once can also get an idea about time taken in solving questions
  • NEET Previous Year Papers will also let candidates know about the exam pattern.
  • NEET Previous Year Papers Pdf will also help candidates an idea about the strategy to use to answer a question.
  • Practicing NEET Previous Year Papers also help contenders in boosting up their confidence level
Final Note:

With the help of these NEET Entrance Exam Previous Year Question Papers it will become easier for candidates to understand the level of examination. Dear candidates if you have any query regarding the details given here on this page then you may mention your comments in below given comment box.

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