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Top 10 Best Jobs In India | Opportunities For Fresher & Experienced


Top 10 Best Jobs In India

Young generations who have recently pass-outs and looking for a job opportunity must below listed Top 10 Best Jobs In India. There’s large number of Opportunities for Fresher and Experienced and they can start earning immediately after their higher secondary. Yes! Go well through it and get a well-built info on 5 Jobs Which Requires Daring.  As we all know that choosing a right career is a big deal for all of us. It actually requires a lot of discussion to think about a single filed and then deciding what you will do to make a living.

Top 10 Best Jobs In India

Top 10 Best Jobs In India

Management Freshers Management salary starts from 6-10 lakhs, having a degree of MBA or PGDM is certainly equal to having a Job in hand. The package which an average management professional as a fresher achieve is generally depends on individual skills, academic skills and his college.

IT - Software Industry IT sector is also booming in India, IT and Software professional are required all over the globe. It gives lots of jobs opportunities from outside the country and a professional having IT background  earns up to 6 lacs per annum for freshers), 7-10 lacs for experienced bit professional.

CA CA is chartered accountants who look any organization financial transaction database and maintaining their Book of accounts. Irrespective of the size of the organization, every organization has at least one CA to look their finance department and transactions. There are lots of jobs for CA even as freshers, on an average a CA can upto 5 lacs as a fresher. 

Consultancy Firms Consultants are also working and earning well in India. It’s all depends upon the number of clients, which is proportionally related to the earning of a consultants. The more the number of clients, more is the scope of their earning. Consultants are demanding in many fields, as in getting new job / employment opportunities, admission to various colleges and so on. Consultants are also professional and are divided into many different sectors like HR, supply chain, marketing, education etc.

Doctors Medical professional are also earning good in India. India is second largest populated country of the world after china. Therefore the country needs medical professional in large number to take care the health of the citizens of the country. Doctors are also specialized in specific sectors.

Banking Jobs in banking sectors are increasing exponential and lots of foreign banks are also emerging into Indian financial market. Lacks of Indian are getting jobs in various banks every year.

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Lawyers Choosing LAW as a profession is also a good option to earn and an average lawyer as a fresher can earn upto 4 lac.

Aviation industry on the 8th spot we should like to place aviation industry. The industry is booming in the past years and provides more than enough of job opportunities for the young talented mind of the country. 

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Marketing / Advertising Since, most of the organizations tends to sell its products more and more at fullest and wants to attract more and more customer base. Working in marketing related field of any good organization also gives you ample opportunities to earn. Smart marketing professionals always earn good incentives.

Real Estate Working in Real estate also gives lots of opportunities to earn and making a good career. Even though, this is a profession that was well thought-out b bit bad earlier, it is gaining more and more popularity these days.

Choose your career according to you… as you know better yourself… Go Ahead, Good Luck!!

Jobs by Category

Selecting a job is personal and there is no perfect method to decide the best job overall. Best jobs are those that give good, challenge us, are a best match for our talents and knowledge, are not too demanding, provide room to advance and provide a satisfying work-life balance. These above listed jobs are in coming years can be among those top job which will offer salaries in lakh and also will be best for permanent career for Fresher & Experienced. From the above mentioned list you may select the best job according to your suitability.  So, chose wisely… Good luck!


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