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How to Prepare for Math’s Exam | Mathematics Short Tricks for Bank/SSC


How to Prepare for Math’s Exam

Questions from mathematics subject are usually being asked in any competitive exam like Bank/ SSC/ IBPS etc. And students face so many difficulties while preparing for the same. Some contenders don’t even know how to prepare for Math’s exam or how to complete their syllabus in given time period.

For their easiness, we are providing some Mathematics Short Tricks for Bank/ SSC/ IBPS exams. And by going through them, you can make your preparation stronger and able to complete the exam on given time interval.

Useful Tips for Math’s Exam:

Shortcut tricks and tips will help you to remember all the basic formulas and theorems. Moreover you can calculate some difficult equations without using the calculator. So, check out the below section which is well created by the team of www.privatejobshub.in and follow the preparation tips for Math’s Exam.

How to Prepare for Math’s Exam

Practice, Practice & More Practice-

It is unfeasible to study maths appropriately by just interpretation and analyzing. To study mathematics subject you have to revolve your sleeves and essentially decipher some tribulations. Every difficulty has its own distinctiveness and it’s vital to have solved it in copious ways prior to tackle the assessment.

Master the Key Concepts-

It is a great deal and gratifying in the long-run to concentrate on indulgent the procedure and reason that is drawn in. This will facilitate you to comprehend how you should move toward with such troubles in the future. Remember, Mathematics is a chronological subject so it’s significant to have a dense perception of the concepts that emphasize a numerical subject before touching work on other.

Prepare Well

Understand and Clear your Doubts-

It’s common for everyone to get stuck on any particular question/ chapter. And students usually let it go or move on to the next one but it’s not good for anyone. You need to focus on your doubts and try to solve the problems. Once you will be able to do so then you will not face a common problem in future.

Go Through These Important Links

Review Errors-

It is imperative to work all the way through the procedure for each result, when you are working with these troubles. If you made a mistake, then you should analysis them and recognize what your analytical skills have told you. Considerate how you approached the crisis and where you went wrong is a great way of becoming stronger.

Generate a Mathematical glossary-

Mathematics has precise term with numerous vocabularies. We recommend you to generate explanation with all the expressions and definitions you necessitate to discern. You should embrace their meanings, some key points and even some taster answers so you can consult them at any time.

Join a study group-

Diverse populace sees concepts in special ways. Rather than that you have complexity perceptive may come with no trouble to a study collaborator. If every person in the cluster is perplexed regarding something, then they need to ask the teacher for help. You could congregate once or twice a week with the person.

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Short and Easy tricks to make mathematics easy:

We know mathematics has extremely large number of formulas and it is not simple to keep in mind forever. So you can memorize them by practicing questions. Nowanswer some questions each day and then practice the used formulas subsequently. 

Faster Percentage Calculation-

The easiest method to estimate percentages is to multiply figures first and agonize about the two decimal places later. Remember that a "percent" means a fraction out of 100, which means move the decimal two digits to the left.


20% of 70? 20 times 70 equalto 1400, so the answer is 14.
Notice how 70 percent of 20 are also 14.
If you need to calculate the percentage of a number, such as 72 or 29, then round up and down to the adjacent multiple (70 and 30 respectively) to get a quick approximation.

Faster Square Roots-

Everyone knows that the square root of 4 is 2, but what about the square root of 85?

Quick calculation approximately by:

Find the nearest square. In this case, the square root of 81 is 9. Determine the next adjacent square. In this case, the square root of 100 is 10.The square root of 85 is a value between 9 and 10. Since 85 is closer to 81, the actual value must be 9 point something.

The Rule of 115-

If twice your money sounds too wimpy and you wish to up the bet by tripling your money, then use the number 115 rather than to guess the number of years it will take your money to triple. For example, an investment at a 5% growth rate would take about 23 years to triple.


Multiplication of 11 with Any Number of 3 Digits-

“Let me explain this rule by taking examples
352*11 = 3--- (3+5) --- (5+2) ---2 = 3872. Means insert the sum of first and second digits, then sum of second and third digits between the two terminal digits of the number

213*11 = 2--- (2+1) --- (1+3) ---3 = 2343”

Here an extra case arises:

“Consider the following examples for that
329*11 = 3--- (3+2) +1--- (2+9-10) ---9 = 3619, Means, if sum of two digits of the number is greater than 10, then add 1 to previous digit and subtract 10 to the associated digit.

758*11 = 7+1--- (7+5-10) +1--- (5+8-10) ---8 = 8338”

To Calculate Reminder on Dividing The Number By 27 And 37-
Let me explain this rule by taking examples consider number 34568276, we have to calculate the reminder on diving this number by 27 and 37 respectively.

Make triplets as written below starting from unit’s place 34.....568....276
Now sum of all triplets = 34+568+276 = 878
Divide it by 27 we get reminder as 14
Divide it by 37 we get reminder as 27

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To Calculate Reminder on Dividing the Number by 3-

Method- first calculate the digit sum, then divide it by 3, the reminder in this case will be the required reminder.

Example: - 1342568

Let the number is as written above. Its digit sum = 29 = 11 = 2
So reminder will be 2
Square Of Numbers Near To 100-

Let me explain this rule by taking examples 96^2 -
First calculate 100-96, it is 4so 96^2 = (96-4) ----4^2 = 9216
Similarly 106^2 -

First calculate 106-100, it is 6, So 106^2 = (106+6) ----6^2 = 11236
Multiplication of Two Numbers That Differ By 6-

If the two numbers differ by 6 then their product is the square of their average minus 9.Let me explain this rule by taking examples

10*16 = 13^2 - 9 = 160
22*28 = 25^2 - 9 = 616

Multiplication of 99 With Any Number-

Let me explain this rule by taking examples
1. 46*99 = 46*(100-1) = 46*100-46 = 4600-46 = 4554.
2. 362*99 = 362*(100-1) = 36200-362 = 35838.

Subtracting from 1,000

Here’s a basic rule to subtract a large number from 1,000: Subtract every number except the last from 9 and subtract the final number from 10

For example:

1,000 – 556
Step 1: Subtract 5 from 9 = 4
Step 2: Subtract 5 from 9 = 4
Step 3: Subtract 6 from 10 = 4
The answer is 444.

Division tricks

Here’s a quick way to know when a number can be evenly divided by these certain numbers:
  • 10 if the number ends in 0
  • 9 when the digits are added together and the total is evenly divisible by 9
  • 8 if the last three digits are evenly divisible by 8 or are 000
  • 6 if it is an even number and when the digits are added together the answer is evenly divisible by 3
  • 5 if it ends in a 0 or 5
  • 4 if it ends in 00 or a two digit number that is evenly divisible by 4
  • 3 when the digits are added together and the result is evenly divisible by the number 3
  • 2 if it ends in 0, 2, 4, 6, or 8
Multiplying numbers that end in zero:

Multiplying numbers that end in zero is actually quite simple. It involves multiplying the other numbers together and then adding the zeros at the end. For instance, consider:

200 x 400
Step 1: Multiply the 2 times the 4
2 x 4 = 8
Step 2: Put all four of the zeros after the 8

200 x 400= 80,000
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Tips and tricks for mathematics
  • Carefully read the question, hints will be there for you to solve it.
  • Solve the question step by step which provides full marks and easy to recheck.
  • Make the presentation of your solution as clear & comprehensible as possible.
  • It is good prove your answer which provides extra benefit to you.
  • You must check your answer especially calculation entries.
  • Your calculation must be strong it saves you time.
  • Give time to the question according to marks.
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Students stop wasting your time and from now start your preparation by following the above given tricks, this will surely help you to crack the exam of mathematics subject. When you will practice daily then you can remember every formula in mathematics and this will increase your interest in this subject.

We all know… Practice Makes a Man Perfect So Why we don’t stop wasting our time and start now practicing this paper as much as you can which help you to remember formulas and will increase interest in Mathematics…

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