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Reasoning Preparation Tips (Verbal/Non-Verbal/Logical) for Competitive Exams


Reasoning Preparation Tips

Reasoning Preparation Tips: In every competitive exam, reasoning plays an important role and students generally thing about what are the Reasoning Preparation Tips??? Here in this article, you can find out the strategies for the preparation of reasoning section.

For solving the reasoning section, you just need to use your presence of mind and some easy tricks. You can find out the preparation tips (Verbal/Non-Verbal/Logical) for the competitive exam form this single created page.

How can you crack the competitive exams?

This page can be beneficial for you if you are preparing for the competitive exams such as Bank, Railway, SSC, UPSC or any other competitive exams. There are many tricks and new methods about which you are unaware. Grab those tricks from the downwards section.

With the help of the Reasoning Preparation Tips given on this page created by the team of www.privatejobshub.in, you will definitely be able to qualify the competitive exams that we have mentioned above. Have a glance on this page!!!

Reasoning Preparation Tips

Tricks to solve reasoning questions for Competitive exams

From the give below pie chart, you can find out that the most important topics of the reasoning section namely Circular Arrangement, Linear Arrangement, Puzzles, Coding/Decoding, Inequalities, Blood Relations, and Directions are given in it.

So, if you prepare for the exam from the given topics there can be a possibility of attempting 80% of the reasoning section. With more and more practice, you can find out the tricks and thus your scores can boost up.

You can have a look on the important questions and learn some easy tricks for how can you solve the reasoning questions easily with a shorter period of time.

Circular Arrangement

In these types of questions, a certain group of people are made to sit in a circular table. For the same some clues are provided in the question and number of possibilities is also provided. This can lead us to arrive at the final arrangement.

Just look at the figure given below to clarify your doubt:
Reasoning Preparation Tips

Linear Arrangement
  • In these types of questions you are advised to begin with the direct information given in the clues like F and C sit opposite to each other.
  • You can make different figures for different cases.
  • Try to learn the basic terminologies that are used to solve the questions just like A sits three places to the right of B means A sits after leaving two seats on the right of B.
  • Make sure that you should work with the clues around you and try to narrow down the possible arrangements.
  • If you are non-confident with the arrangement you have done for the clues as this can help you a lot to spot out the error.


In puzzles type questions, a group of people or the objects are to be matched with their correct attribute. For the same, test takers provide some set of clues as that you can able to give the proper answer.

Tips to solve the puzzles:
  • You must start with the information that is provided to you to solve the questions.
  • The information that is provided to you can be tabularized which can help you in gaining better clarity.
  • You can narrow down the qualities of the people or objects with the help of the clues. Once the attributes are eliminated, you must not forget to strike off attributes/cases.
  • If you have any trouble in the same question, you should move to the other question and return to the set at a later stage.
  • In this topic of reasoning, questions are followed by conclusions and the students need to verify which conclusion follows from the given set of statements. These type of questions can be structured in the form of Coded Inequalities.
  • You have to use the set of rules to decode these given set of statements while the rest of procedure remains the similar.
Tips and Tricks to solve Inequalities:
  • First of you are required to decode the set of statements and the conclusions that are given in the question.
  • Try to associate as many variables as you can.
  • Look for the situations where you cannot follow these conclusions logically.
  • If the given conclusions logically follow the statements then it should be true in all the possible cases.

Blood Relations

Common technique to ask blood relation type questions are as follows:
  • Mixed Blood Relations: In these questions, students have to make the family hierarchical arrangement by using the clues that are given in the question.
  • Coded Blood Relations: in such questions, students are required to decode the given relations by using the rules and then decide upon a family tree.
Important Relations:

Mother’s/ Father’s Son –> Brother
Mother’s/ Father’s Daughter –> Sister
Father’s/Mother’s Brother –> Paternal/Maternal Uncle
Father’s/Mother’s Sister –> Paternal/Maternal aunt
Father’s/ Mother’s father –> Grandfather
Father’s/ Mother’s mother –> Grandmother
Brother’s/ Sister’s son –> Nephew
Brother’s/ Sister’s daughter –> Niece

In Laws:

Son’s wife –> Daughter in law
Daughter’s husband –> Son in law
Husband’s/ Wife’s father –> Father in law
Husband’s/ Wife’s mother –> Mother in law
Husband’s/ Wife’s brother –> Brother in law
Husband’s/ Wife’s sister –> Sister in law
Sister’s husband –> Brother in law

How To Prepare For Logical Aptitude Test ? 
  • The logical reasoning tests are designed to measure the ability of the contenders to draw the logical statement or arguments.
  • Candidates who are preparing for any of the competitive exam or entrance test like Bank, CAT, BITSAT, SSC etc. they need to have complete knowledge about logical reasoning. It is an important section to clear in exam.
  • Logical reasoning aptitude tests are timed. You should allow around 30 seconds for each test question. To master your logical aptitude test, you must be familiar with all the ins and outs of your spatial aptitude test.
  • Typically, you will have easier test questions at the beginning. The level of difficulty of the questions will increase as the test progresses.
  • There is only one correct answer
  • Aspirants may also take help from the online mock tests and previous year practice sets.
  • It is most important to make sure that you practice the right test questions for the aptitude test.
  • there are several types of spatial aptitude test questions, each designed to match a different level of difficulty and complexity, the right test questions are essential for an successful practice.
  • Do not waste your time on time consuming sites; don’t practice the generic spatial tests that are offered free on many websites, as they are likely to waste your time.

What Is A Logical Reasoning Test?

A logical reasoning test is a form of psychometric testing that is widely used by mutual employers to help candidates through their recruitment process.
Logical reasoning tests generally non-verbal content, need candidates to interpret and manipulate shapes, numbers and patterns. Sometimes logical reasoning tests are given a more definite name:
  • Inductive reasoning
  • Diagrammatic reasoning
  • Abstract reasoning
Contenders who are preparing for the logical reasoning they can take help from the reasoning books which are available in market at very low cost. Aspirants may also do their preparation with online tests and practice sets and Reasoning Preparation Tips given here.

Dear aspirants! Keep visiting our web portal time to time to get the preparation Books, study material and other latest exams details.


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