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Nurse Quiz Online

Nurse Quiz Online: To be a successful nurse, one needs to go through several nursing tests. The Nurse Quiz Online makes contender familiar with the types of questions he/she will face in examination. If you are also get ready for any nursing Online test then these free Nursing Student Quizzes and Ques and Ans will help you in polishing your preparation.

Nurse Quiz : Online Sample Tests for free!!!

If are also one of those who wish to crack the Nursing exam in first attempt and looking for Nurse Quiz Online then you must take the information given here on this page seriously. The Questions and Answers for Nursing exam Preparation given here will help you in preparing for your examination in best possible manner.

Mock test is the best way to check the ability and to perk up knowledge, so what are you waiting for? Go for it now and boost you nursing exam preparation to crack the exam. Dont worry about your score card. We the team of www.privatejobshub.in are providing answers too so that you can analyse your performance and prepare well for your exam.

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 Nurse Quiz Online

Question 1: Once A Medical Attendant Evaluates a Client’s Condition and Identifies Appropriate Nursing Diagnoses, A:

a)    Plan Is Developed For Nursing Care.
b)    Physical Assessment Begins.
c)    List Of Priorities Is Determined.
d)    Review Of The Assessment Is Conducted With Other Team Members.

Answer: A)

Question 2: Planning Is A Form Of Nursing Practices In Which:

a)    The Nurse Determines The Health Care Needed For The Client.
b)    The Physician Determines The Plan Of Care For The Client.
c)    Client-Centered Goals And Expected Outcomes Are Established.
d)    The Client Determines The Care Needed.

Answer: C)

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Question 3: Priorities Are Established To Help The Nurse Anticipate And Sequence Nursing Interventions When A Client Has Multiple Problems Or Alterations. Priorities are determined By the Client’s:

a)    Physician
b)    Non Emergent, Non-Life Threatening Needs
c)    Future Well-Being
d)    Urgency Of Problems

Answer: D)

Question 4: A Client’s Focused Objective Is a Particular and Measurable Behavior or Response That Reflects a Client’s:

a)    Desire For Specific Health Care Interventions
b)    Highest Possible Level of Wellness And Independence In Function.
c)    Physician’s Goal for the Specific Client.
d)    Response When Compared To another Client with A Like Problem.

Answer: B)

Question 5: For Clients To Take An Interest In Objective Setting, They Ought To Be:

a)    Alert And Have Some Degree Of Independence.
b)    Ambulatory and Mobile.
c)    Able To Speak And Write.
d)    Able To Read And Write.

Answer: A)

Question 6: The Nurse Writes An Expected Outcome Statement In Measurable Terms. An Example Is:
a)    Client Will Have Less Pain
b)    Client Will Be Pain Free.
c)    Client Will Report Pain Acuity Less Than 4 On A Scale Of 0-10
d)    Client Will Take Pain Medication Every 4 Hours Around The Clock

Answer: C)

Question 7: While Setting Up Realistic Goals, The Medical Caretaker:

a)    Bases The Goals on the Nurse’s Personal Knowledge.
b)    Knows The Resources Of The Health Care Facility, Family, And The Client.
c)    Must Have A Client Who Is Physically And Emotionally Stable.
d)    Must Have The Client’s Cooperation.

Answer: B)

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Question 8: Collaborative Interventions Are Therapies That Require:

a)    Physician and Nurse Interventions.
b)    Nurse and Client Interventions.
c)    Client and Physician Intervention.
d)    Multiple Health Care Professionals.

Answer: D)

Question 9: Well Formulated, Client-Centered Goals Should:

a)    Meet Immediate Client Needs.
b)    Include Preventative Health Care.
c)    Include Rehabilitation Needs.
d)    All Of The Above.

Answer: D)

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Question 10: The Planning Step Of The Nursing Process Includes:

a)    Assessing And Diagnosing
b)    Evaluating Goal Achievement
c)    Performing Nursing Actions And Documenting Them
d)    Setting Goals And Selecting Interventions

Answer: D)

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Question 11 The Richest Source Of Vit. C Is:

a)    Orange
b)    Lemon
c)    Papaya
d)    Amala

Answer: D)

Question 12 Either Of The Opinions_______ Praiseworthy.

a)    Is
b)    Are
c)    Were
d)    Has

Answer: A)

Question 13 The Most Well-Known Reason Of Blindness Is:

a)    Vit. A Deficiency
b)    Glaucoma
c)    Cataract
d)    Trachoma

Answer: C)

Question 14 Free From Micro-Organism Is:

a)    Sterile
b)    Healthy
c)    Dirty
d)    Clean

Answer: A)

Question 15 What Is The Sporophyte Of Fern Plant?

a)    Spores
b)    Fruit
c)    Seed
d)    Prothallus

Answer: A)

Question 16 The Bending Of Light When Passes From One Medium To Another Is Called:

a)    Diffraction
b)    Reflection
c)    Interference
d)    Refraction

Answer: D)

Question 17 If I Take the Bus, I'll get Late, _______?

a)    Isn't It
b)    Won't
c)    Is It
d)    Will I

Answer: B)

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Question 18 Which Sensation Does Not Reach The Thalamic Nuclei Before It Is Relayed To Cerebral Cortex?

a)    Vision
b)    Smell
c)    Hearing
d)    Taste

Answer: B)

Question 19 The Volume of Amniotic Fluid At Term Is

a)    100 To 200 Ml
b)    300 To 500 Ml
c)    50 To 100 Ml
d)    600 To 800 Ml

Answer: D)

Question 20 A Semiconductor Diode Is Used To

a)    Convert Dc To Ac
b)    Decrease Voltage
c)    Increase Voltage
d)    Convert Ac To Dc

Answer: D)

If are also one of those who wish to crack the Nursing exam in first attempt and looking for Nurse Quiz Online then you must take the information given here on this page seriously. The Questions and Answers for Nursing exam Preparation given here will help you in preparing for your examination in best possible manner.

Here in the above section of this page we have given 20 important Nurse Quiz Online Questions. Each question carries one mark. The each question of this test is designed by our experts to test your knowledge preparation and skills and help you to achive good marks in your examination.

So, start you preparation from today only by solving one Nurse Quiz Online on daily basis. We have provided many of the Nurse Mock Tests on our webpage i.e www.privatejobshub.in so visit there and solve more from there. For any query or suggestion you can write us in below box.

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