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Pharmacist Online Exam Demo, Online Quiz For Exam Preparation

Pharmacist Online Exam

Pharmacist Online Exam

Pharmacist Online Exam: Applicants who are preparing for Pharmacist Exam and looking for preparation material are need to go through this page. On this page we are providing you Pharmacist Online Exam Demo So that you can prepare well for your exam and crack your Pharmacist exam effectively and efficiently. We provided some frequently asked questions from old Question Papers Test of Pharmacist exam this Online Quiz for Exam Preparation helps you to understand time management and the exam pattern.

This Practice tests consist of twenty questions. Each question is formatted as multiple choices. Candidates who want to crack their pharmacist exams must practice pharmacist exam online test as it is provide below by our team members of www.privatejobshub.in. This is a great platform for students who are preparing for Pharmacist Exam.

Question 1 William procter is regarded as?

1.    Father of pharmacy
2.    Father of medicine
3.    Father of science
4.    Father of scientists

 Answer: 3.

Question 2 Father of chemotherapy is?

1.    Alexander fleming
2.    William harvey
3.    Paul erlich  
4.    Domagk

Answer: 3.

Question 3 X+Y =Z
X is called as marsh gas. Y is a strong acid.
Then Z undergoes free radical reactions and generates a new compound Z"

What is the nature of Z?

1.    Polar
2.    Non polar
3.    Amphoteric
4.    Acidic

Answer: 2.

Question 4 Ethics means?

1.    Rationalistic behaviour
2.    Normal behaviour  
3.    Illegal practice  
4.    Responsibility to do the right

Answer: 1.

Question 5 When a compound X attaches to the R.B.C and in the factory of body, the mills work and the outcomes are the decreased glucose level in the blood. What is X?

1.    Glucagon
2.    Vasopressin
3.    Insulin
4.    Glucorhein

Answer: 3.

Question 6 X is a compound. its structural features revealed that the moiety contains the cyclo pentano perhydro phenanthrene ring. it helps in glucose metabolism. the origin of X is from?

1.    Kidneys
2.    Liver
3.    Medulla
4.    Adrenal glands

Answer: 4.

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Question 7 Which was the sulphur derivative invented that gave a remarkable change in treatment of leprosy?

1.    Sulphanilamide
2.    Dapsone
3.    Sucralfate
4.    Sulfasalazine

Answer: 2.

Question 8 Which year did pharmacy exactly begin?

1.    1523 A.D
2.    1345 A.D
3.    100 B.C
4.    1526 B.C

Answer: 4.

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Question 9 What is exactly the abbreviation of IUPAC

1.    International union of pharmacy community  
2.    International union of pharmacy and associated centres
3.    International union of pure and applied chemicals
4.    International union of pharmacy administration and conductive practices

Answer: 3.

Question 10 The field of pharmacy that concerns with the lawful pratices and  judiciary approval of different pharmacy products is ?

1.    Phamacy administration
2.    Drug regulatory affairs
3.    Both
4.    Pharmacy practice

Answer 2.

Question 11 Which route of administration will give the highest blood concentration level in the shortest time.

1.    Sub-Lingual 
2.    Transdermal Patch 
3.    Intravenous 
4.    Vaporizer 

Answer 3.

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Question 12 Which of the following would a patient be prescribed an albuterol Inhaler for?

1.    Hypertension 
2.    Post Myocardial Infarction 
3.    Smoking Cessation 
4.    Asthma 

Answer 4.

Question 13 Which of the following insulins has the slowest onset time?

1.    UltraLente 
2.    Lente 
3.    NPH 
4.    Regular

Answer 1.

Question 14 ceftazidime belongs to.

1.    Third generation cephalosporin
2.    First generation cephalosporin
3.    Second generation cephalosporin
4.    None of the above

Answer: 1

Question 15 Select the level for half life of first order kinetic.

1.    0.54k
2.    0.693k
3.    1k
4.    692k

Answer: 2

Question 16 Digoxin toxicity causes

1.    Asthmatic
2.    Hepatic
3.    Renal failure
4.    Heart failure

Answer: C

Question 17 Crystalluria is the side effect associated with:

1.    Quinolones 
2.    Azoles
3.    Sulphonamides
4.    Taxol

Answer: 3

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Question 18 The Drugs and Cosmetic Act was passed in:

1.    1940
2.    1945
3.    1947
4.    1946

Answer: 1

Question 19 Which of the following is a female sex hormone?

1.    Stilbesterol
2.    Testosterone
3.    Estrogen
4.    Benzesterol

Answer: 3

Question 20 Chloroquine is a:

1.    4-Amino Quinoline
2.    Acridine
3.    Biguanide
4.    Pyrimidine

Answer: 1

Preparation Material

Keep in mind that these questions are designed to help you for practice of Pharmacist exams However; these are designed by the help of previous year question asked in exams but not the exact questions of previous years. Good Luck!! Hope you can crack your exam soon. For any query or help comment us on below box.

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