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Sub Inspector Online Quiz, Question Papers Test For Exam Preparation

Sub Inspector Online Quiz

Sub Inspector Online Quiz

Candidates, who are preparing for Sub Inspector exam conducted by the Staff selection commission (SSC) are informed that here we are providing you Sub Inspector Online Quiz So, that candidates can boost up their preparation as well as speed and crack their exam easily. We are providing some mostly asked questions from old Question Papers Test For Exam Preparation of Sub Inspector exam. Here, we provide you quizzes on English Language, Reasoning Ability & Quantitative Aptitude. Solve one Quiz everyday and crack your exam easily.

      Please Read The Instructions Before Taking Test
      Negative Marks Will Be There For Each Wrong Answer
      Use Your Time Effectively And Efficiently

Question 1 56% of 958 + 67% of 1008 =? % of 2000

a)    60.592
b)    47.622
c)    42.86
d)    91.455
e)    None of these

Answer: a)

Question 2 Legends say that he _________ from the ashes.

a)    Rised
b)    Risen
c)    Rose
d)    Was rose
e)    Will rose

Answer: c)

Question 3 An idiom and four possible meanings are given. Identify the meaning from the choices.
'Throw down the gauntlet'

a)    challenge
b)    start working
c)    show disappointment
d)    accept defeat

Answer: a)

Question 4   Going 50 m to the South of her house, Reena turns left and goes another 30m. Then, turning to the North, she goes 20m and then starts walking to her house back. In which direction is she walking now?

a)    East
b)    North-West
c)    North
d)    South-East
e)    None of these

Answer: b)

Question 5 The third proportional to 3 and 15 is a multiple of:

a)    2
b)    3
c)    7
d)    9
e)    11

Answer: b)

Question 6 ELFA, GLHA, ILJA, _____, MLNA

a)    OLPA 
b)    KLLA 
c)    KLMA 
d)    LLMA

Answer: b)

Directions: In the question given below one or more statement is/are followed by inferential conclusions. The conclusion which can be derived without supposing anything else i.e. without adding anything extra to the statement (s) is your answer

Question 7 State government imposes a monthly tax on the salary of all the employees.

a)    A regular collection, irrespective of the income slab, by the Central govt. is the income tax.
b)    The Central govt. should not collect any tax on income.
c)    Income tax should not vary according to the income slabs.
d)    Tax should be imposed only once on an individual.
e)    The State govt. should not impose any tax on income.

Answer: b)

Question 8 Of the five villages P, Q, R, S, T situated close to each other, P is west of Q, R is to the south of P, T is to the north of Q and S is to the east of T. Then R is in which direction with respect to S?
a)    North-West
b)    South-East
c)    South-West
d)    Data Inadequate
e)    None of these

Answer: c)

Question 9 What is the average of the following set of numbers?

112, 102, 133, 116 and 127

a)    108
b)    118
c)    128
d)    110
e)    None of these

Answer: b)

Preparation Material

Question 10   In an increasingly frightening scenario, another South East Asian flight has crashed _________________________________.

a)    Calling for investigations into lax air traffic control measures.
b)    Calling for a ban of all airlines operating out of the region.
c)    Prompting politicians to capitalize on the tragedy.
d)    Forcing people to re-evaluate travel arrangements on a need-to-need basis.

Answer: a)

Question 11 A ≥ B; X = B; O < X; D ≥ O

a)    B > D
b)    A ≥ X
c)    O = A

Answer: b)

Question 12 Two vessels A and B contain alcohol and water in the ratio 7:5 and 17:7 respectively. In what ratio should the mixtures from two vessels A and B be mixed to get a new mixture containing alcohol and water in the ratio 5:3?

a)    3:2
b)    2:1
c)    1:2
d)    3:4

Answer: b)

Question 13 A > B; B < C; A > T; S < A

a)    A < S
b)    T > S
c)    A = C

Answer: a)

Question 14 The 18% of a number is 59.04. What is 25% of that number?

a)    81.8
b)    82
c)    83.2
d)    82.3
e)    None of these

Answer: b)

Question 15 Take my advice and ___________ every day.

a)    Had breakfast
b)    Have breakfast
c)    Will have breakfast
d)    Have had breakfast
e)    Having to have breakfast

Answer: b)

Question 16 Which of the phrases (a), (b), (c) and (d) given below each statement should be placed in the blank space provided so as to make meaningful and grammatically correct sentence? If none of the options is appropriate, mark (e) i.e. ‘None of these’ as the answer.

The problem of Black money is rampant in India; it is nothing else but sheer greed that   ____________________________

a.    Creates black money.
b.    Delivers injustice.
c.    Makes money disappear from the country.
d.    Prompts people to stash away money in banks abroad.
e.    None of these

Answer: d)

Question 17 David invested certain amount in three different schemes A, B and C with the rate of interest 10% p.a., 12% p.a. and 15% p.a. respectively. If the total interest accrued in one year was Rs. 3200 and the amount invested in Scheme C was 150% of the amount invested in Scheme A and 240% of the amount invested in Scheme B, what was the amount invested in Scheme B?

a.    Rs. 5000
b.    Rs. 6500
c.    7500
d.    None of these
e.    Cannot be determined

Answer: a)

Question 18 (79.97 + 84.95 – 107.93 + 4.89) × 4.99 =?

a.    210
b.    310
c.    410
d.    510
e.    None of these

Answer: b)

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Directions:  In below compare the bold part of each sentence with expressions a, b, c and d. choose the correct expression which is an improvement upon the bold part:-

Question 19 She sent a word to me that she would be coming late.

a.    sent word     
b.    sent words    
c.    had sent a word      
d.    no improvement      
e.    None of these

Answer: a)

Question 20  666 × 66 × 6 =?

a.    263836
b.    236736
c.    263376
d.    266666
e.    None of these

Answer: e)

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We really hope that our Sub Inspector Online Quiz will help you in your preparation and you can crack your exam easily. We will soon update more mock papers. So, stay tuned with our web page of www.privatejobshub.in for any queries, you can write or comment us below. Our team will try to solve your queries and answer your question as soon as possible.

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