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Impressive Resume Format (Freshers/Experienced) CV Sample for Job Seekers


Impressive Resume Format

Impressive Resume Format: Resumes are the essential document for every job, as it is a mirror of your personality. A resume is a very first document which describes who and what you are. Most of us don’t know the Impressive Resume Format, so on this page, you will find the best way to prepare CV for both fresher well as Experienced.

A resume provides all the information about the employee, detailed statement of a job, Candidates education level, work experience, specialization, certifications etc. It can be difficult; to describe your life on a piece of paper, but the provided CV Sample will surely help Job Seekers in preparing their resume in a better way.

While making the resume, you should keep in mind that Resume made by you should represent your image as a true and honest person, mention only that information which are true, don’t mention those material which you do not have far to relate to.

Resumes are like a one’s life on paper; every single sentence leaves a lasting impression. Therefore, it is essential to prepare an Impressive resume for the best impression. So let’s talk about the Impressive Resume Formats.

Check This One:

Impressive Resume Format

There are some basic tips that can help you while writing an impressive resume:

Attractive Paper: Most employers want their employee to be perfect and creative in nature. So the color of paper should be White, off-white, pale shade or gray. Hand delivery resume should be printed or high-quality paper.

Well Printed Paper: When you prepare your resume, a resume should be well printed and printed by the computer, not a typewriter. Use standard font size, Text size should be 10-12 and heading size 14-16.

Use Consistency: Use typeface standard font size, bold, italic and capitalization. Use major heading and minor heading, text, and dates. Use line spacing, Tabs, and Indentation. Use bullets only in one style.

Perfect spacing: When you make a paragraph, used equal line spacing. Decide the number of pages according to the content of your resume. Don’t try to put everything on one page as it may become congested and difficult to read.

Length: When you prepare the resume, it should not be longer than two pages. Authors, Musicians, and researchers resume are longer because they use Books publications, presentations, and performances. An impressive resume is always according to your profile and mention all important points of information like skills and experience.

Format: Basically there are four types of resume formats. Functional format, Hybrid format, Reverse chronological format and Curriculum vitae. You can check the formats for your CV from the below section of this page!

Avoid some points: Avoid some points like salary. Do not mention your past salary. If they ask, tell them negotiable.

Recheck: Re-check your resume, make it sure that resume prepared by you does not contain any mistake.

Lets check some of the CV Sample to prepare resume in more better way!

Impressive Resume Format

IT Resume Format

                                                      Entry Level (For Fresher’s)               
Experience 0 to 3 Years

Middle Level
Experience 3 to 8 Years

Senior Level (For Experienced)
Experience 8 years and above

Web Designer CV Sample
Yu need to mention your experience yours technical as well as designing skills, you also need to mention the types of software you are familiar with.

Software Engineer Resume Format

Android Developer CV Sample

MBA Resume Format

Digital Marketing CV Sample

CA Resume Format

Lecturer CV Sample

The CV or Resume is not just a piece of paper but it shows the complete details about the person, so one should make a proper resume to make a good impression on employer. The above provided CV formats will help you in represent you in effective way. So check out the Impressive Resume Format and prepare your resume effectively and efficiently!

Check Resume Formats For Different Jobs


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