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How To Write Shorthand Fast & Neat – Speed building Tips Alphabet, Notes


How To Write Shorthand Fast & Neat

Note-taking is not just for the case of school and college but also lifetime. Check out here How To Write Shorthand Fast & Neat and also know Speed building Tips Alphabet or writing up Notes. Well, there are many shortcuts that you can take to get everything from lectures to meeting minutes to to-do lists. Before starting other things let’s know the exact Meaning of Shorthand, generally most of the individuals prefer to use shorthand for their convenience and Most of the students prefer short notes to perform well in the examination. It is an art of living for daily use which is for most of the people with great speed.
How To Write Shorthand Fast & Neat
Shorthand means to write in a quite short way with high speed and once you’ve learned the shorthand skills it will open so many doors of progress in your life.  Shorthand is essential to write transcription and it is mainly done in offices, Speech of politicians, to make short notes for help in examination or to learn long paragraph and essays.

How to Write In Shorthand Fast & Neat

Shorthand is also useful for researchers, journalist, reporters, and editors in news channels and also collage and school Students to make notes for exam purpose.  In fact while sending text messages, we also use shortcuts. It is a speed writing system so requires continuous practice;
  • So we are providing you some Speed building Tips to write Alphabet, Notes in Shorthand in a neat and fast way;
  • Firstly use Plain paper and pen to make short notes.
  • Below shortcuts for mostly used words as given, you need to develop.
  • Don’t feel stress it will affect your speed while writing in Shorthand...
  • Write accurately as well as you can read it later.
  • You need to increase your vocabulary. With good vocabulary your speed will increase as well.
  • Make practice to translate the newspaper or Magazines articles in shorthand as quickly as possible.
  • Keep positive attitude with the belief that you are doing better and better.
  • Every individual should practice shorthand as it has numerous advantages in getting neat and clean writing.
  • Once chosen the shorthand writing one should not be in hurry to learn or write fast as during practice and after getting experience only speed will come.
  • One should practice the technique daily so that there will be time to practice. Set an hour time daily rather than working hard for a few hours in a week’s time.
  • Choosing the pen or pencil is another tip for the shorthand writers as the pen used should flow freely on the page.
  • The pen used for writing should be handy and hassle free to the writers.
  • Cross-check before starting writing as leak of ink won’t be there anywhere.
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Speed building Tips Alphabet

Sample Shortcuts
At, About, Around
Number, Amount
Bigger, Greater, Increasing
Who, What, Where, Why, Where
Surprise, Shock
One To One
Too Good To Be Forgotten
Too Much Information

Use Symbols and Abbreviations, It’s just a matter of adding them to your workflow to speed things up. Use @ for at* for important, $ for money! = for not equal to, # for numbers, info for information, and so on. 
How To Write Shorthand Fast & Neat
Also, stick to universal symbols and abbreviations for easier recall:
  • ref = reference —> Not Confusing
  • w/o = without —> Not Confusing
  • nt = note-taking —> Confusing
Avoid using the same symbols for multiple items, For example:
  • Down arrow = Decrease, Download —> Not Confusing
  • Right arrow = Result, Transfer —> Confusing

List and Summarize

List things point-wise or outline them so that you may find it simpler, organized. So, break your notes down into a logical list of key ideas. Use bulleted and numbered lists to expand on them. Learn to identify in order that’s trivial at best and leave it out, Also, use # hash tags, @, and others to highlight important ones.

Use a Text Expander

If you want to shorten words then read them back in full, as you can use it to create numbers of shortened keywords and have them expand mechanically when you type them in a note-taking app.

Keep a Notepad Handy

Always be ready with a notebook or a notepad ready to go at all times, may be a sticky note also help you to remember things placed on your desktop. These things like notepad or sticky notes are easy accessible and super quick which is open and available 24/7…

Hope you find this article useful, for more queries or updates stay connected with us……

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