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Useful Memory Technique: 10 Tips to Improve Memory for Exam Preparation

Useful Memory Technique

Useful Memory Technique

Memory is the information book which we carry with us all around, though we cannot develop an extraordinary memory overnight but we can surely improve Useful Memory Technique. In today’s scenario the living style of people has been changed if we compare to the past years, it has general impact on everybody but the most affected are students. There really need to understand key elements which are affecting their memory and to help them we have presented here best 10 Tips to Improve Memory for Exam Preparation.

Students nowadays are facing problem while studying, they learn their work, crams it, and also prepare hard for the examination but when it comes to participate in exam the memory of students play drastic role. All their learning sometimes get vanished, the causes are unknown but relates to daily habits it might be due to less sleep, more intake of junk food, less attention or many more. All you need is to take care of daily schedule during the exam.

Useful Memory Technique

Students may scroll down the page to get rid of these problems as on the below section of this page we have given some key points and by going through it, you will really feel the change. The below given 10 Tips to Improve Memory for Exam Preparation is something that students follow to enhance their memory power. These tips can help improve memory and your sills to recall your learning made in past so must test these out by implementing it and see which one gave you best outcome.

10 Tips to Improve Memory for Exam Preparation

1) Be Attentive

When someone is explain you about anything that relates your study, create a picture for that in your mind and relate the works spoken by your tutor to it then writing it down, if possible. Use innovative ways for paying focus as you feel more reliable because every student has different ability of learning and implementing the things.

Some students repeat the information out loud and from given notes. While some right it again and again to to0 get it into, all of these method are correct but most affected method is to imagine the information in the form of story so that you can practically relate to it. So must pay attention when someone is giving you information because it is very difficult to store information when you have not understood it properly. 

2) Proper Intake of Nutrition

The eating habit of the aspirants really makes a big difference, students are more attracted to junk food which is not only harming their body but also reducing their ability of grasping things.  More and more intake of unhealthy food is reason for various spreading diseases such as migraine, stomach pain, headache, joint pains and sometimes it can cause Mild Traumatic Brain Injury. What we eat definitely affects our brain, eating an anti-inflammatory diet that is high in protein and Omega 3 really makes a difference. To overcome this issue student need to make a proper diet plan for themselves which includes Recipes that are proved to be best for Brain Health. There is a wide variety of recipes which can be beneficial for your brain health and your memory such as green vegetables, fruits, egg, milk and almonds.

3) Less sleep

Sleep is extremely a significant factor important which we never focus on, but trust me once you get its importance you will surely wonder. Students are advised to switch to their beds at the same time at night as that of when they wake up in the morning, well it is hard to implement but can try it during the exam days. Avoid using mobile phones, radio, TV before going to bed during the night. Sleep is very effective for memory methods and retention, without proper sleep student would not be able to learn properly or recollect their learning made in past. So for better preparation of exam have proper sleep.

4) Exercise

Most of the students get afraid of the name Exercise which is actually the simplest thing they can do for Useful Memory Technique. It is much easier than then they think as you need to follow the particular exercise techniques instead you just to pick other alternatives from your daily schedule. Use stairs instead and avoid taking the elevator. Enjoy bouncing ball whenever you are free, don’t stick to a single place for long hours, try to change your positions and places after every 20 minutes when you are sitting.

5) Group Study

Along with balance sleep, diet you also need balance life. Merge your daily with your study plan meet you friends as it’s important to have brain connections. Visit to your friends as you usually do and then discuss your study related problems, question each other as the connections you do with your friends about study are stronger and get into your mind for longer period. This is way to use your brain in variety of ways as much as possible, so this is the best part because students are always ready to meet and gossip with their friends.

6) Reduce Stress:

Most of the students take lots of stress which affects their health in very bad way thus it weakens their memory. There are various was to reduce stress level, first and foremost is make up  your mind that you are not going to take stress, when anyone take stress heart rate breathing of that person is affected due to it which not good at all. Students need to control their breath, whenever you feel that you are stress just take a deep breath hold it for 10 seconds then release it slowly in the air. Repeat this process five times to control your breath as well as control stress level in your body. Morning walks in garden or parks can be good idea to remove stress

7) Be Careful to choose Medicine

Sometimes the students are attacked by severe headaches either in the form of migraine or some other, then don’t have to act as a doctor for yourself and take pills of your choices. Always consult doctor if you have headache issues because there some heavy does medicines which can affect central nervous system which should not get affected any way. Only use the medicines which are prescribed by good doctors. Make sure that the medicines you are using are not creating problem to you and students can even follow some herbal remedies as they are more effective for brain issues.

8) Alcohol, Wine, Beer and Drugs

Alcohol, Wine, Beer and Drugs; all of these are as dangerous as people think, if anybody are addicted to use any of these, especially together it can result in losing their memory. Students who have had a form of disease or trauma to the brain they must specially get it mean that how worst these things are.  Students who are adult must understand the consequences of using these things but up to your choice that how you need to control your mind on this. If you really want to know the actual result surf the internet and read the death causes of youngster due to over intake of Alcohol, Wine, Beer and Drugs.

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9) Say No to Smoking

Nowadays even the movies in the cinema hall are giving serious warning that smoking in injurious to health. Had you ever seen an advertisement on encouraging smokes, no you haven’t, it obvious because our government has restricted this thing to demote the use smoke. People who have brain injury, the oxygen level in their brain is less and just think it is more less when someone smokes, hope by knowing these facts you can get complete idea that how harmful the smoking is for your brain

10) Caffeine

Caffeine is an element which is present in cold drinks coffee and many other beverages. Student often drink coffee during the exam to stay awake but sometimes it can cause adrenal exhaustion. So be ware while using the items containing Caffeine.

We have provided here the best alternative approaches for improving your memory. Hope the above given 10 Useful Memory Technique is helpful; to you for the preparation of exam, it’s up to the students how they are going to implement it for better change in themselves.


Here our expertise and hardworking team unit of privatejibshub.in has well asserted the Useful Memory Technique for the students to Improve Memory for Exam Preparation. If you have any query concerning Useful Memory Technique then you are free to ask us in the below given comment box, we will surely get back to you at the earliest.

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  1. sir, please tell me what i have to prepare for NMCCO exam, what is the books i should refer, how will be the exam pattern.. We all know about bank exams but this one we don't know how it will be like..

    So please help us with the above


  2. I usually forget my answers in the the exams !!!
    how could i improve it ???


    1. Hiii...
      Relax your mind while studying....take some break and then start studying...Do some activities in break time to refresh your mind.


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