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Employment and Unemployment in India, Trends Effects & Situations 2012-2013


Employment and Unemployment in India 2012-2013-Next only to China, in terms of population, the Employment and Unemployment in India has always been a concern resulting in Poverty for many of the people living in India. The recent situation of 2012-2013 of Employment and Unemployment in India is also not apart from this.

In this section, we will try to throw some light on Employment trends in India and Effects of Unemployment in India 2012-2013.
NSSO (National Sample Survey Organisation) is the body responsible for conducting surveys since 1973 to find out situations of Employment and Unemployment in India. Seeing the result of the surveys, conducted by NSSO of the last 12 to 13 years, one can say that the declination of the agriculture is also one of the most important reasons for this problem leaving a growth rate of only about 2-2.5% per year, which is much less seeing the rising youth population of India. (Best Jobs in India)
The planning Commission of India has changed its policy from time to time seeing different scenarios of growth of India but relating GDP with given employment opportunities, has not come out with any flying colours for the government. (Student Success Strategy)
But still the Government of India has laid down certain planning’s to solve problem of Unemployment in India by giving necessary support for setting up business, reservations in government sectors etc.( Civil Services Exam Preparation Tips)
Seeing the present situations of 2012-2013 of employment trends in India and its effects, as the economic growth has gone down substantially in the last one year, one can only now hope that the conditions will now get better only with the openings of employment opportunities for youth as the GDP growth comes back with the new policies being entertained by the Government of India.
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