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FMS Previous Year Papers With Solutions Latest Model Paper Sample Papers


FMS Previous Year Papers With Solutions

Prepare from the Latest FMS Previous Year Papers With Solutions and crack out FMS Entrance Exam. FMS Model Paper will help the students in preparation. Candidates who are preparing for the Entrance exam must go through FMS Sample Papers in order to prepare well for Exam. Faculty of Management Studies conducts Entrance examination for those candidates who are seeking admission in MBA programs.
FMS Previous Year Papers With Solutions
Here on this we are unfolding FMS Model Paper Questions with their answers. These questions will provide you a great help to get idea about the paper format. Candidates can also download Faculty of Management Studies (FMS) Entrance exam Solved Sample Papers in PDF file with the help of direct link mention on this page.

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FMS Previous Year Papers With Solutions

FMS Sample Papers With Answers

Q1- Sentence Correction
I am tired as I am working since 7 O'clock in the morning.
A.    I was working
B.    I have been working
C.    I had been working
D.   I will be working
Ans- B

Q2- Narration Questions Answers
He said to me, "I am ready".
A.    He told to me that he is ready.
B.    He told me that he was ready.
C.    He told me that I am ready.
D.   He told me that I will ready

Q3- Spelling test - find correct spelling:
A.    Abbreviate
B.    Abreviate
C.    Abrrviate
D.   Abbreviat
Ans- A

A.    If you had seen
B.    yesterday's cricket I am sure you
C.    would have enjoyed seeing our team bat
D.   No Error
Ans- D

Q5- Synonym of ACCORD
A.            Confer
B.            Refusal
C.            Dissension
D.           Opposition
Ans- A

Q6- Antonym of AMENDING
A.    Alter
B.    Ameliorate
C.    Better
D.   Debase
Ans- D

Take a Test  Now

Q7- Simplify (212 * 212 + 312 * 312)
A.    132288
B.    142088
C.    142188
D.   142288
Ans- D

Q8- Six years ago, the ratio of the ages of Kunal and Sagar was 6:5, Four years hence, the ratio of their ages will be 11:10. What is Sagar age at present
A.            10 years
B.            16 years
C.            14 years
D.           12 years
Ans- B

Q9- Three candidates contested an election and received 1136, 7636 and 11628 votes respectively. What percentage of the total votes did the winning candidate got
A.    55%
B.    56%
C.    57%
D.   58%
Ans- C

Prepare From Here: Math Questions and Answers

Q10- A producer of tea blends two varieties of tea from two tea gardens one costing Rs 18 per kg and another Rs 20 per kg in the ratio 5 : 3. If he sells the blended variety at Rs 21 per kg, then his gain percent is
A.    12%
B.    13%
C.    14%
D.   15%
Ans- D

Q11- Three partners A,B and C shared the profit in a software business in the ratio 5:7:8. They had partnered for 14 months, 8 months and 7 months respectively. Find the ratio of their investments?
A.    19:49:64
B.    20:49:64
C.    20:49:65
D.   20:50:64
Ans- B

Q12- 10 women can complete a work in 7 days and 10 children take 14 days to complete the work. How many days will 5 women and 10 children take to complete the work?
A.    6 days
B.    7 days
C.    8 days
D.   9 days
Ans- B

Q13- A leak in the bottom of a tank can empty the full tank in 6 hours. An inlet pipe fills water at the rate of 4 litres a minute. When the tank is full, the inlet is opened and due to the leak the tank is empty in 8 hours. The capacity of the tank (in litres) is
A.    5780 litres
B.    5770 litres
C.    5760 litres
D.   5750 litres
Ans- C

Q14- Pointing towards a person in a photograph, Anjali said, "He is the only son of the father of my sister's brother." How that person is related to Anjali?
A.    Anjali Father
B.    Anjali Mother
C.    Anjali Brother
D.   Maternal Uncle
Ans- C

Q15- A, B, C and D play a game of cards. A says to B. "If I give you 8 cards, you will have as many as C has and I shall have 3 less than what C has. Also if I take 8 cards from C, I shall have twice as many as D has." If B and D together have 50 cards, how many cards have A got?
A.    35
B.    37
C.    38
D.   40
Ans- D

Q16- CUP : LIP :: BIRD : ?
A.    BUSH
Ans- D

Q17- Choose the word which is least like the other words.
A.    Deck
B.    Quay
C.    Stern
D.   Bow
Ans- B

Q18- In a certain code, MENTION is written as LNEITNO. How is PATTERN written in that code?
Ans- B

Q19- A man is facing north. He turns 45 degree in the clockwise direction and then another 180 degree in the same direction and then 45 degree in the anticlockwise direction. Find which direction he is facing now?
A.    North
B.    East
C.    West
D.   South
Ans- D

Q20- 6, 11, 21, 36, 56, ? …what will replace the question mark in the series ?
A.    75
B.    81
C.    85
D.   89
Ans- B

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