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How To Check Company Registered Or Not, Fake Or Not, Where To Find?


How To Check Company Registered Or Not

Since we know, fraud and scams are trend these days, there are so many firms and companies opening day by day. But, How To Check Company Registered Or Not? Or is there any way to know is (ABC) this company if Fake Or Not? Where To Find? Don’t go anywhere, for your convenience here we have discussed few guidelines to check that whether this Company is Registered or a Fake one!

How To Check Company Registered Or Not
Unfortunately, there is a bigger group of unemployed individuals these days and a lot of fake companies and consultancies are utilizing this fact to earn some money. A lot of us find ourselves in high spirits after seeing an interview call listed in our mails especially when one don’t have a present job. But many of the fake companies are sending these mails getting information from job portals about the candidates to get some money either through registration process or giving fake promise of sending air ticket for you.

So it is so important to check that the Company Registered or Not, Fake or Not. This section will tell you How to Check Company Registered or Not. You can check the details of it on Ministry of Corporate affairs where you just have to give company name, and no matches will be given if the company is not registered.

How To Check Company Registered Or Not?

Read thoroughly these all strategies, it’s useful! Since, there are so many ways to check if a company is genuine. 

Inquiry Company’s Official Site
  • Firstly, ensure that you must visit the company’s official website to check and verify all the personal possessions you heard about that company.
  • Look for a fair telephone numbers and address.
  • Looking up for a domain name and commercial email Id address are quite simple to get so try to obtain the correct contact numbers and address as this will be more trustworthy.
Look Up For The Organization’s Legal Web Pages.
  • All the justifiable companies basically have Terms and Conditions web page.
  • If you find it available, then read well being more careful to all the specified things that look cautious.
  • Also, verify that does they have any other official web page or links, such as; About Us, Contact Us, Privacy/other Policy, Disclaimer, Disclosures, etc.
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Payment/Deposit Mode
  • Payment modes are the most important factors to be considered.
  • As many associations can accept insecure modes of payment but it your duty to check if secure modes like, Paypal, Maestro Card, Moneybookers, etc are also available, and if not these then it can be a red flag.
  • So, be careful and Look for the modes of payment because knowledge of modes will allow you to get your money back in case of fake company.
Google Search the company
  • Don’t ever forget to browse ‘google.com’, search for the company and read their reviews, details, customer feedback, etc.
  • Because it’s possible to make a company’s appearance and status true in the market, but bad feedback are hard to hide.

Research About Company Site’s Registration Info
  • Just scan that that is…? And type the particular firm’s official site’s URL.
  • By doing so Google will help you by showing its geographic location, website registration details, expiration date, along with name, email, address, contact no.
  • About the person who actually registered the website, as this will be useful for future research
  • And in case you find the place/domain quite new or even expiring soon, then BEWARE, it must be a transient cover for a scam firm.
Find Out About Companies Only On ‘Authority Websites’
  • All the countries on the globe are having authority websites which runs by their government.
  • It helps consumers by keeping safe the database of registered companies with very important registration and other details about the firm.
  • Go ahead! Google to boost you knowledge by visiting the authority website of your own country, Indian authority website is stated below for your consistency:
  • India– Ministry of Corporate Affairs

Read  & Explore All About The Website
  • Make your habit of reading the company’s website for the ideas and all the goals that they have stated about on the web page.
  • If you found any spot on one particular thing at a time and the something contradicts it on other, then it may be a scam.
See Company’s Credit Report
  • Utilize any of the popular online tool to check company’s credit report.
  • It is necessary to be verified as this will let you know about company’s credit score, financial status, director structure, contact details and many other important details.

Lastly, Visit The Company
  • At last, if it is possible for you to visit and explore a particular organization then ensure that you don’t carry any of the original copies of certificates.
  • Because, if in case you have decided to sign for a big deal, firstly hire an advocate for your guidance as he/she  will help you by finding and verify all the documents and certificates of a firm wisely.
Where To Find Company is Registered or Not?

Step 1:   Please visit a particular site, for instance visit to ‘the Ministry of Corporate Affairs’ official site->

How To Check Company Registered Or Not
Step 2: Now, you need to enter ‘the Company name’ ->
Step 3: Here you’ll know that- If the company is not registered you will get a Pop-up Like as shown in below image;
Step 4:  If the company you searched for, if in case is registered then surely you will get information like;

1.    LLPIN/CIN/1A Ref No
2.    Company or LLP Name
3.    State
4.    Registration Date
            5. Company Status
How To Check Company Registered Or Not
Step 5:  Now, if you see information that is mentioned above about particular company is registered by Govt. of India.

Well, guys these were the top guidelines one needs to follow, to check is a particular Company is Registered/fake Or Not. Hope you guys enjoyed reading it,

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