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How to Reduce Negative Marking in Competitive Exams – How to Guess Correct Answer

How to Reduce Negative Marking in Competitive Exams

How to Reduce Negative Marking in Competitive Exams

Candidates always want to know How to Reduce Negative Marking in Competitive Exams because negative marking is the main reason behind their bad result. Negative marking is a type of marking where for every wrong attempt some marks will get deducted. It is now mostly common in competitive exams and other written exams too. We are providing the best tricks to reduce negative marking and How to guess correct answer so that contenders can get the best result.  Generally aspirants attempt all the questions (unknown also) and due to negative marking the result not comes in their favour. They choose the incorrect answers which directly affects their correct answers. So stop guessing the answers blindly, answer the question if you are 100% sure.

It is necessary for the candidates to minimize their negative marking while solving the paper as it decreases their score and affect their score card a lot. If you are not sure about the answer then leave it because guessing blindly answers will decrease your marks instead of increasing it. So be careful while attempting the paper and read all the instructions and rules which were written on the question paper.
How to Deal with Negative Marking

To stop reduction of marks in competitive exams we are providing some tricks and tips which help you to deal with negative marking. Some important instructions are given below, read it and apply it while attempting the paper. You can follow some tips to How to maximize your score in exam as given below:

Leave Doubtful Questions: If you get stuck in any particular question then don’t waste your time in solving it, Leave it and move to the other question. If you attempt a doubtful question and by chance the answer is not correct then 0.25 – 0.50 marks will be deducted. So it’s better to leave the doubtful questions instead of giving wrong answer.

Over confidence: There is a gap between confidence and overconfidence. It looks good to be confident at the time of examination. But don’t be overconfidence, sometimes students choose the answer without reading the questions carefully. Focus on the question and understand it then attempt the question. Don’t be in hurry just take your time and choose the correct answer.

Luck testing: This trick is commonly used by the unprepared aspirants during the examination. They test their luck and blindly choose the random answers without even reading the questions. This is not the right way to solve the question paper and these students often up by getting negative marks.

Don’t take stress: If a candidate is in stress then he can make mistakes in the easy questions. Stress can spoil everything and this will reduce the marks. So don’t take stress at the time of examination, try to remain calm and focus on the questions.

Avoid overwriting: This is the main cause of negative marking. Some students think that writing the answer in more words will give them more marks. This is not true; explain your answer in suitable words. Don’t write unnecessary information to make your answer lengthy. Try to write your answer neatly so that it looks attractive and this will give good marks to you.

Excitement: Some candidates get overexcited after reading the question paper and generally do silly mistakes because of the over confidence. They don’t read all the given options and try to complete the paper in less time. Due to this, they lose their marks and not get success in the results. So try to control your emotions and give time to all the questions respectively.

Keep practicing: keep practicing the important topics daily, for this you can solve previous year question papers and you can take help from your elders. Sample papers and models are also available in your nearest books store you can buy it from there. If you practice the important questions daily then the chances of negative marking in examination will decreases.

Don’t answer at last minute: It is not easy to attempt the questions at last minute; your answer will remain incomplete if the times up. Attempt the important and scoring questions first and try to solve the question paper on time. Avoid answering the questions at last minute as it creates the chances of negative marking.

Don’t choose 2 answers: In OMR sheet, you get 4-5 options and you have to choose only one option. Read the question carefully and then choose the correct answer. If you will select more than one option then you not get any mark for your answer. By doing it so, negative marks will be given to the candidate.

Read Answer sheet at last: After solving the complete paper, candidates should read their answer sheet once. By doing it so, if you have done some mistakes then you can correct it.  Give the last 10-15 minutes for reading the answer sheet. Everyone can do errors by mistake so it is very important to read the question paper and answer sheet before the time gets over.

7 Tips to Tackle Negative Marking in Exams

These are the basic and important tricks to tackle the negative marking, you just need to stay confident and think positive at the time of examination. Prepare the important topics well and take a look on these tricks which will surely helpful for you at the examination time:

1) The first and the most important thing is practice well, as all know that practice makes perfect.
2) Read the questions very carefully and those especially which have digits.
3) Don’t guess the answer, try to solve it.
4) Solve those questions first in which you are 100% sure.
5) Improve your speed by learning tricks rather than being panic at the 11th moment.
6) Read all the options well and then select your answer.
7) Do not stick to a particular question, jump to another one and try the left ones at last time with some freshness in your brain!

Want help in Preparation? Get Tips: Practice Which Helps In Preparation

Tips to Guess Correct Answer in MCQ

There are top 5 tips to guess correct answers in MCQ, students usually get confuse in objective type questions because all the given options were similar.
  • Steer away from the Highest and the Lowest
  • Gamble on One of the Two Options
  • No Negative Marking means you are in the Safe Zone
  • Finding out n-terms in Mathematics
  • Generalize Questions

Final words:

Do not worry about the negative marking, just prepare well and follow the instructions which are provided above. Concentrate on your studies and choose the correct answers at the time of examination and you can also read Power Technique to Double Your Score in Examination! to maximize your score. At last we wish to say all the very best to the aspirants who are going to be appear in the competitive examinations.

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