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Top 5 social networking sites for getting a job


 Social Networking sites as a Job finder- With the ever increasing popularity of social networking sites and the no. of hours spent by users on them, why not think of getting awareness about jobs and finding job opportunities through them.

Most of us usually find time for exploring social networking sites even in the busiest of schedules and if they are providing opportunities related to jobs on them, one should surely know, how to utilise them. Also the percentage of hiring through social networking sites has been on the upward side from the past few years as many hiring professionals of companies now use these sites to save their time and effort for doing recruitment for their company.

Her we provide you with the list of Top 5 Social networking sites for getting a job and the way to use them effectively for getting a job.

1.    LinkedIn- Building a powerful CV/Resume and using the job section on LinkedIn can help you for finding jobs in your dream companies as it automatically provides you with connection and vacancies in companies looking at your profile.

2.    Twitter- If you are a job seeker, then you must create a good profile on Twitter as recruiters on Twitter use keywords to find professionals. You can also provide links to your other profiles to add advantage so that recruiters find it easy to know more about you.

3.    Facebook- Joining groups where you can find professionals of company or sector you can be in is a way of getting in job opportunities on largest social networking site, Facebook in India. Besides it, Glassdoor is a new way on facebook that is designed for this purpose only.

4.    Tweetmyjobs- Tweetmyjobs has a great way of combining your facebook and twitter accounts and getting a large group of recruiters and job seekers at one place so that users get notified of highly targeted jobs.

5.    Craigslist- Craigslist provides new job listings everyday and is getting popular as a good tool for job searching. If you are still not there, go and sign up for a free account.

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